10 Best Elliptical Machine of 2020 Reviewed

Elliptical Machine

As far as cardio workouts are concerned, the Elliptical Machines are considered to be the most effective gym machine.

Elliptical Machine otherwise known as cross-trainer is a stationary machine used to perform climbing, walking and running exercises. It is preferred for low intensity cardio workouts that exerts less stress or pressure on your knee joints and helps to perform full-body workout.

Not only for rehabilitation but elliptical machines are also known to work best for fitness and resistance training. It is getting popular and it has become one of the most effective home gym equipment. For an elliptical machine, there are several options that you can look for, which make it difficult to make the right choice.

Here we have reviewed 10 Best Elliptical Machine of 2020 that you can add to your home gym. There are several factors like quality, features, durability, affordability and size that can help you to make a decision. We have prepared a list of Elliptical machines that best comply with the above criteria and are most suitable to have as a home gym.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the most stable and dynamic elliptical machine, which also is the top rated and the bestselling fitness equipment on our list.

Sunny Health & Fitness gives you the perfect home gym equipment for smooth and effective full body workout with least impact on your knees. It comprises of extra-large foot plates and dynamically large moving arms for full motion exercises. It consists of on-board stabilizers that help leveling the elliptical bike and keeping the motion even.

The machine has a compact stride of 11 inches, making it easier to use the machine even in small spaces. It has 8 levels of Magnetic resistance ensuring smooth and noiseless movement; its intensity can be adjusted with a micro-controller knob. It also has digital monitor with pulse sensor that keeps a track of your workout progress i.e. speed, time, distance, calories and monitors heart rate.

Other features included: Anti-slip handle bars that have integrated pulse sensors and large textured anti-slip footplates for comfort and safety. This sturdy equipment has a weight load capacity of 220lbs and comes with built-in wheels that make it convenient and portable.


  • Top Quality High Grade Steel Construction, assured durability.
  • 8 Levels of adjustable Magnetic Tension Resistance.
  • On-board Stabilizers for leveling of the elliptical bike.
  • Large moving arms with a stride of 11” inches.
  • Maximum User weight capacity of 220lbs.
  • Textured Anti-slip footplates for utmost comfort and stability.
  • Micro Digital Sensor display with hand pulse rate monitor for heart rate readings.
  • Transportation wheels, convenient and portable.
  • Compact in size, takes very little storage space.


  • None. It is the perfect elliptical machine for home gym.

Sunny Health & Fitness provides you with a worthy fitness equipment that is going to be with you for a long time. It is sturdy fitness equipment and an effective one, if you are looking for something that can withstand rigorous exercise routines. It is the most suitable and compact fitness equipment that can be bought at very affordable price range of 170-180$.

2. Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike-BRD2000

The Body Rider Elliptical Machine is 2-in-1 fitness equipment with a combination of Elliptical Trainer and an Exercise Bike that offers you the most effective exercise option.

This Elliptical machine functions as a regular elliptical that comprises of an exercise bike that comes with an adjustable seat.It allows you to perform high intensity resistance cardio exercises and build both upper body and lower body muscles.

The Sturdy equipment comprises of High Momentum Fan Blades that offer air resistance and the intensity can be increased using the tension knob. The stride length for the pedals is 1 Foot with the arms stride being 22 inches. It has a weight load capacity of 225lbs and the elliptical machine works in both forward and reverse direction.

Additional features include adjustable seat (can be adjustable both horizontally and vertically) to ensure user comfort. It has a digital monitor that runs on battery and displays your workout progresses. Also there are in-built transportation wheels that make the elliptical machine extremely portable.


  • You get a 2-in-1 elliptical trainer, combination of an Elliptical machine and an Exercise Bike.
  • High Momentum Fan blades offer Air Resistance with adjustable tension knob.
  • Digital Monitor that displays speed, time, distance, heart rate, etc.
  • Foot stride of 1foot and Arm’s length of 22inches.
  • Adjustable Seat, it can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, adding user comfort.
  • Built-in Transportation wheels, it increases portability.


  • Takes a little more space than regular elliptical machine.

The Body Rider Elliptical trainer BRD 2000 is considered as one of the most affordable fitness equipment. It is a very effective solution for individuals that are beginning to train that do not lack gym space and supports both standing and sitting workouts. You can get this extremely budget friendly machine at a price range of 380-410$.

3. Bowflex Max Trainer Series- M5 Series

Bowflex Max provides you with another combo elliptical machine that also acts as a stepper machine and becomes a great fitness workout.

You get a low impact elliptical machine that also has a built-in stepper machine to perform stepping exercises. It is a high resistance machine with 16 levels of adjustable air resistance, best for cardio workouts and resistance training. There are 8 pre-installed workout programs that help you with your training regimes. It has a user weight load capacity of 300lbs; thus, it can be used by different users.

It has the unique Max’s Burn Rate Display feature with interactive backlit display, which shows the calories burned per minute and helps set workout target. There is a digital monitor that keeps a track of your workout progress. It has textured, anti-slip and compact footplate that fit the users perfectly and ensure safety during workout.

Another feature that you get with this Elliptical Machine is the exclusive Max Trainer App that helps you set targets and train with professionals online. It can work on both Android and iOS devices.


  • 2-in-1 Elliptical and Stepper Machine.
  • Unique Max’s Calorie burn rate display.
  • Digital Monitor with Interactive backlit display with 8 in-built workout programs.
  • 16 levels of Air Resistance with an adjustable tension knob.
  • User Weight Load Capacity of 300lbs.
  • Exclusive Max Trainer App, train with professionals online and keep a track of your fitness goals.
  • Textured and compact Foot Plates for comfort and safety during workout.
  • Additional Features, Water bottle holder, Bluetooth compatibility.


  • Assembling can be tricky, also it is recommended for light weight users.

The BowFlex Max Trainer brings you the most effective fitness equipment that helps you to perform cardio and resistance exercises at your convenience. You also get the exclusive Max trainer App that allows you to train and compete with professionals. Bowflex Series has different variation of Elliptical machines with different features, the M5 series can be purchased at the price range of 2500-2700$ and you can also look for other versions in the series.

4. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Proform provides you with an exclusive hybrid trainer that is a 2-in-1 combo machine. It comprises of an elliptical machine and a recumbent bike to support resistant training.

This dual functionality machine works with an Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel that works on SMR or Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, allowing smoother and noise-less workout. You get an iFit membership with the machine that makes working out more fun. It has 16 levels of adjustable Digital Resistance, which can be adjusted by the trainer during training sessions.

The Elliptical machine has a 15 inch wide stretch that engages more muscles. It also has an adjustable cushioned seat that allows users to workout comfortably. It has a weight load capacity of 350lbs, making it accessible for heavy weight exercises as well. A digital LCD display to keep a track of your workout progress.

Other features include a water bottle holder for workout convenience, handle grip sensors to calculate pulse rate. It has an in-built sound system that complies with the iFit trainer app and allows you to enjoy your workout. Adjustable pedals that add comfort to the users and the transportation wheels make the elliptical machine very portable.


  • 2-in-1 Hybrid Equipment with a combo of Elliptical machine and recumbent bike.
  • 15 inches wide stride.
  • 16 levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance with an Inertia Enhanced Flywheel.
  • Weight load capacity of 350lbs.
  • Handle Grip Pulse Sensors.
  • Free 30 Days iFit membership, you can train with the professionals.
  • In-built Sound System to enjoy workout.
  • Adjustable Pedals and Adjustable cushioned seat for utmost comfort during workout.


  • It is not recommended for professional or competitive bodybuilder, only for lightweight users.
  • Extra care during the assembly is needed, to ensure proper stability of the machine.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is one of the most suitable fitness equipment that you can use to workout at home. The Dual Functionality and easy to use feature and the iFit membership make it great equipment for beginner individuals looking for the perfect fitness equipment. You can buy this product at a great price range of 470-550$.

5. Body Max Dual Fitness Trainer

Body Max offers you 2-in-1 multi-functional fitness equipment that features the patented elliptical motion design to support workout at home.

It is an elliptical trainer and a stationary exercise bike that allows performing cardio and full body exercises at home. The Body Max BRM3671 is sturdy fitness equipment with a Heavy Duty Steel tubing frame design that ensures durability. The machine works on advanced silent magnetic resistance that ensure smooth and noiseless workouts.

It has an Adjustable seat with foam padded cushioning that can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Two ergonomically designed handle bars that have long strides of 14inches that supports full range of motion; while the machine has a weight load capacity of 250lbs.The machine comes with 10+ pre-set workout programs and customizable programs that add to workout versatility.

Other features includes: A LCD digital monitor that displays the workout progresses, strong and sturdy base, large textured footplates that ensure comfort and safety of the user.


  • 2-in-1 dual functional trainer, elliptical machine and exercise bike.
  • Heavy Duty Steel tubing construction, assured durability.
  • 2 Way Adjustable Seat design, can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  • Two long ergonomically designed handle bar for convenience and comfort.
  • LCD display monitor, for customizing workouts and recording workout data.
  • Textured Foot pedals for safety of the user.
  • Strong and sturdy base for proper stability.
  • 10 pre-set workout programs with manual customization feature.


  • There are no wheels, it is a stationary machine. Moving it from one place to another becomes difficult along with storage.

The Body Max Trainer is a good combination of cardio and resistance fitness equipment. Designed for sturdy, stability and workout versatility, this becomes the most effective fitness equipment. If you have a personal gym space, where you do not need to move the machine very often, it is the best option. You can purchase this product at a very affordable price of 250-350$.

6. Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer

Plasma Fit elliptical machine is one of the sturdiest elliptical bike that helps you to workout effectively and engage all major muscle groups.

This elliptical machine has a Sturdy Steel tubing construction frame that ensures durability and a wide base that keeps the equipment stable. It has soft handle grips and extra-large textured foot pedals with a stride length of 13.5 inches and width of 6 inches, which adds support and comfort to the user.

The machine has an 11 inch long foot stride whereas a 21 inch arms extension to offer a full range of motion. There is a belt tension mechanism that offers resistance during training; it can be adjusted using the tension knob to intensify the resistance. Along with this, it has an LCD monitor display set up with pulse rate sensor on the handles that records the workout progresses and it is a battery operated system.


  • Dual Elliptical Trainer, combination of elliptical bike and machine.
  • Sturdy Steel Tubing Frame construction with assured durability.
  • It has a Wide Base for better stability.
  • User Weight load capacity of 250lbs.
  • 11” foot stride and 21” Arms Extension.
  • Tension knob to adjust resistance, it has a belt resistance system.
  • 1 LCD display monitor with pulse rate sensor on handle bars.


  • Slight wobble during workout, it is only recommended for lightweight users that want to perform full body exercises at home.

The Plasma Fit Elliptical trainer is an effective full body workout machine that helps you to burn calories, build muscles and gain strength with ease. It is considered as the best resistance training machine for quality resistance training at home. If you are light weight and looking for the sturdy equipment that you can work out on regularly, this is the best choice. This fitness equipment can be purchased at a very affordable rate of 150-200$.

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Machine-SF-E3912

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 is another exclusive elliptical machine under this brand that works effectively for full body workout.

This machine is made with Heavy Duty steel with an efficient programmable magnetic resistance that helps you to perform workouts effectively. The magnetic wheel ensures smooth functioning during workout by working in sync with the flywheel and belt drive mechanism, which also has electric motor.It has a wide 15.5” wide stride length that extends to ensure full range of option. You get 24 different pre-set and manual workout programs that you can choose from to build strength.

The elliptical machine consists of two long arm handle bars with attached oversized textured foot plates that ensure comfortable gripping, stability and safety during workout. With a wide base and sturdy frame, this fitness equipment offers a user weight capacity of 330lbs.

Other features included in the machine are a Backlit LCD monitor display to keep a track of your workout progress. Handle bars with pulse rate generator, floor stabilizers and transportation wheels that make this fitness equipment very desirable.


  • Sturdy and Strong Steel built frame construction.
  • 330lbs user weight capacity.
  • Programmable Magnetic Resistance with internal flywheel and belt-drive mechanism.
  • Backlit Display that displays and records your workout progresses.
  • 15.5 inch wide stride length.
  • Extra-large Non-Slip Foot Pedals.
  • Device and bottle holder.
  • Foot Stabilizers for the stability of the fitness equipment.
  • Transportation Wheels that make the machine Portable.


  • Not recommended for heavy weight users, screws get squeaky after rigorous use with time.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 is decent fitness equipment that comprises of top quality features and is very effective home gym equipment. For an individual that has a small gym space and wants something that is compact and sturdy, this elliptical machine is the best choice. You can buy this product at a good price of 450-490$.

8. Body Rider Body Flex Sports Elliptical Exercise Machine

The Body Rider Flex Elliptical Machine is one of the most smooth and efficient fitness equipment that you would like to have at home.

The Body Rider BR1830 is strong and sturdy fitness equipment that is perfect for cardio as well as resistance workout routines. This elliptical machine has dual-action handle arms that work as the best support for upper body and lower body workouts.

It comprises of quiet chain-driven fan wheel that keeps the workout smooth, noiseless and effective. The faster you pedal the more is the resistance as it works based on air resistance; it also has a belt-tension knob that gives the option for adjusting the resistance levels.

Apart from this, you get a sleek LCD display that shows your workout progresses, including calories burned, time, distance, speed, etc. It has transportation wheels that allow moving the Elliptical machine, making it more convenient to use.


  • Smooth and Flexible workout machine.
  • It has a Chain-Driven Fan based air resistance mechanism, smooth and noiseless.
  • Belt Tension Knob to adjust the resistance levels.
  • Dual Motion handle bars to support both upper body and lower body workouts.
  • LCD display that shows your workout progress, speed, time, distance and calories.
  • Transportation Wheels, makes it portable and convenient to use.
  • Takes very little space.


  • Assembling the elliptical machine is tough and time taking. Also you need to make sure everything is fixed perfectly before you jump on it to train.

The Body Rider Elliptical machine is great fitness equipment and recommended for both beginners and professionals that want to have a great workout experience. Keep in mind elliptical machines have very low impact on your knees, so if you are looking for something to work on your fitness, this is the right purchase. You can get this product at an affordable price of 230-320$.

9. Fitness Reality Magnetic Elliptical Trainer- E5500XL

Fitness Reality provides you with commercial grade elliptical trainer that you can use at home and build upper body and lower body muscles.

The Fitness Reality-E5500XL is a compact machine. This Elliptical machine comprises of a double transmission system that has 2 flywheels and 2 belt drive system that gives the elliptical machine a smooth motion design. It has a large foot pedal with 18 inches wide strength for full body motion to train comfortably. This machine has a user weight capacity of 270lbs best for the lightweight users.

The elliptical machine has 24 adjustable levels of magnetic tension resistance. You get 21 pre-set workout programs with the machine that makes workout more challenging.  The handle bar grips have pulse sensors that monitor heart rate and a Backlit LCD computer that records speed, time, calories burned, etc.

Other features include large pedals for comfortable and secured footing, extended stabilizers for better stability and water bottle holder for convenience during workout. The machine also has transportation wheels that make it easy for you to move the machine to the desired place for workout.


  • Sturdy and Strong frame build up with a very durable 3 piece cranking system.
  • 18 inches long stride length.
  • 24 levels of Magnetic Tension Resistance.
  • Dual action handles, with pulse rate sensor.
  • Large stride pedal for comfortable and safe footing.
  • Extended Leg Stabilizers that offers better stability.
  • 2 Flywheels and 2 belts drive tension system.
  • Water device holder for workout convenience.


  • There are no major cons, but as it is recommended for lightweight users, heavyweight users might experience wobbling.

The Fitness Reality Magnetic Elliptical is top quality fitness equipment that is best suitable for home gym equipment. If you are looking for a compact elliptical machine that takes less gym space, offers impactful exercise options, this is the right choice. You can purchase this product at a great price of 350-400$.

10. Nautilus Elliptical Trainer Series-E616

The Nautilus E616 is one of the sturdy and strong fitness equipment that works as the best fitness equipment for both beginners and professionals.

The E616 elliptical machine has a unique and effective design, with a user weight capacity of 300 pounds. It has 25 adjustable levels of magnetic brake resistance; it ensures noiseless, smooth, frictionless functioning. The Nautilus Elliptical machine also features an incline ramp adjustment feature that adds to resistance levels to exercise routines making the equipment more effective.

It has a large flywheel mechanism that ensures smooth functioning of the elliptical trainer. With 20inches long stride distance, this machine is the best option for full motion exercises. There are 29 built-in workout programs that help you to perform challenging workouts.

Other features include 2 LCD display (records workout data) with a rack that makes it easier to see the display even while using a mobile device. It has a USB charging port for a power source, a water bottle holder, built-in fan and speakers. You also have the Nautilus Fitness App that keeps a track of the progress online as well.


  • It is strong and sturdy fitness equipment.
  • 20 inches wide foot stride.
  • A unique feature, motorized inclined ramp adjustment to add more resistance.
  • User Weight capacity of 300lbs.
  • It has a large flywheel mechanism, smooth and quiet workout.
  • 25 levels of adjustable magnetic tension resistance.
  • Built in fan and speakers.
  • 2 LCD display with a rack or device holder.
  • Foot pads to offer more stability and transportation wheels for easy relocation of the machine.


  • None of concerns. But you might find the elliptical machine a bit heavy considering there is a large flywheel.

The Nautilus E616 machine is considered as mid-duty fitness equipment that is considered as the most cost efficient elliptical machine that is filled with features. If you want fitness equipment that makes workout very convenient and effective, this Nautilus elliptical trainer is the best option. You can purchase this product at a price of 1750-1800$. It is a great combination of features and quality and value for your money.

Here we complete the review for the 10 Best Elliptical Machines of 2020; we have included some of the best elliptical machines and combination of elliptical trainers that form the perfect home gym machine. Elliptical machine is the best fitness equipment that works effectively for full body workout. Make sure you get the right elliptical trainer for your home gym by going through the list. Get your Elliptical Machine Today!!!