6 Best Exercises to Get Ripped Fast

If you want to get lean and ripped there are two important things that you need to keep in mind; Eating Good and Training Well.

First you have to prepare a meal full of all the essential nutrients and less fats. Once you have this sorted, you have to prepare a good training routine that helps you to get ripped.

As individuals want to get ripped with proper training, there are things that they will have to consider: The best exercises to do, the best routine to follow, what cardiovascular exercises they need to do and how much time should they give for recovery.

This of course varies from one person to another, as what works for one individual might not work for another. Now the concern arises, what should you do in order to ensure it works effectively for you, is there any specific routine that you can follow.

Every person that wants to lose fats follows a different set of training methods. But there are certain training methods, exercises and techniques that work effectively for every individual irrespective of what training it received in the past.

Training with heavy weights or resistance training is likely the most effective method for weight loss and gives quick results.

Here we have the 6 best exercises to get ripped that you can add to your resistance training:

1. Squats

It is one of the most effective exercises among all. Squats impact a majority of the large muscle groups in the body, giving more importance to the core and large lower body muscles.

As you exercise to build more muscle mass, the fat burning capacity of the body too increases. Squats are considered to be best at it.

There are different versions of squats that one can add to its training routine, which ensures impact on targeted muscles. Likewise, you can use front squat that impacts the quadriceps (frontal thigh muscles) and the back squat that impacts the gluteal and hamstrings (lower thigh muscles).

The effectiveness of the squats can be increased by adding weights such as dumbbells, barbells, or you can simply perform it with bodyweight. Varying the width of the stance during squats shall also determine which muscles get worked more.

How to perform a squat: You simply need to stand with a stance of little more than your shoulder-width. Go down from here bending your knees, till your thighs become parallel to the floor and then rise up again,keeping your back straight. It is important to keep the form right and doing it with intensity. Adding weight is recommended.

Performing 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps per set, with a 20 seconds gap between sets shall give the best results.

2. Deadlifts

It is one of the most effective compound exercises for individuals that work on different muscle groups. It includes the hamstrings, lower back, the shoulder girdles also come into play and it largely impacts the core too. Therefore, it is considered as the best exercise to build muscle mass or lose fat to get ripped.

It is recommended to start with a weight that you are comfortable with and not go for heavy weights at the first go, keep the weights reasonable. This is essential as you don’t want to get injured as you perform the exercise.

How to perform a deadlift: Get a barbell with the weight you are comfortable with, stand close to the barbell with your shin close to the bar, grab the bar at a position just outside your feet at equal distance both side.

As you lift the weights drive the force from the legs first and go up, keeping your back straight while going up and the final movement includes lower back to stand straight and then going back to the original posture to complete one rep.

Recommendation: Perform 2-3 sets of at least 8-10 reps each with a 30 second rest between sets to get the best results. Perform this exercise with the weights that you are comfortable with and go higher as you train.

3. Bench Presses

The bench press is another effective exercise that you can do to add more muscles and get ripped, which targets your pectorals (chests). Similar to squats, you can opt for different versions of bench presses too that help you to target different areas of your chest.

Three most common versions of bench presses are: Flat bench that targets the center of the chest, inclined bench to target upper chest (or upper pectorals) and a declined bench that targets lower chest (or lower pectorals).

Moreover you also have the option of using either the barbells or the dumbbells, keeping in mind that barbells give you more stability and dumbbells are difficult to control.

How to perform a bench press: Lie down flat on a bench, with your legs on the floor and grab a barbell with a weight that you are comfortable with; grab it at an equal distance.

As you begin the exercise push the weight up till your arms get straighten and then lower it again to get back to the original position.

Remember the reps have to be explosive. Be explosive when you lower down and be slow when you push up.

Pick a weight you are comfortable with to begin, perform 3 sets of 7-8 reps each. Bring up more weight and perform explosive reps by reducing the rest time to get best results.

4. Pull ups

Pull ups are considered to be the best exercise for having a strong back. It especially works for the latissimus dorsi muscles and does recruit every part of your back.

The exercises increase muscle tension and helps muscle gain in parts of your shoulder, latissimus dorsi, getting lower to your waist and lower back as well. You can achieve it by going through different variations of pull ups.

You can do pull ups with using your own body weight, using assisted machines or add weights such as plates with a chain on a weight belt or use a dumbbell between your knees. You can also look for different grips while you perform the workout, such as wide grip, close grip. You can focus on half reps; it shall impact more to the biceps, complete pull ups and sternum pull ups (till your sternum touches the bar).

How to perform pull ups: Hold up to the pull up bar hang yourself with your arms straight and pull up till your sternum touches the bar or your head rises above the bar and then lower back again to complete one rep.

Pull ups are already tough, even as you try to lift your own body weight, so train and get stronger to perform these. You can add up weight as you move further.

Performing 3 sets of  10 reps each with a 30 sec  rest between two sets shall work effectively.

5. Dips

Dips are likely the best exercise that you can do to have strong and ripped triceps.

For the individuals that are new to this exercise can work with bench dips, simply keep their hands on the bench, feet on the floor and perform the dip.  As you move further you can use dip bars.

People also use weights when they perform the dips, as they get better at it, to increase the impact and effectiveness of the exercise.

If you want your triceps to be impacted the most, you must perform the dip with the body straight up and down. Likewise,  if you want to give more emphasis on the upper body you can tilt your body and allow the pectorals (chest muscles) to work more.

Moreover doing the dips will also enable you to gain strength for bench presses and other similar exercises.

How to perform dips: Grab the dip bar and with your legs slightly bent, go lower till your elbows get at an angle of 900 push up again with the help your arms and legs to get back to the starting posture.

Dips do help you to gain a lot of strength, it is recommended to do 2-3 sets of 10 reps each with minimum rest between sets to get best results.

6. Barbell row

When it comes to strength,  your lower body should be as strong as your upper body. Our back is rightfully the biggest upper body muscle group; it includes the complete trapezius area, deltoids and so on.

Doing the barbell rows can be an effective workout for the back, which can be done after bench presses. You can also work on different variations of rows, such as reverse bent row, dumbbell rows and so on.

One can look to work on different types of grip to determine which muscles get more emphasis with the exercise. Palms can be facing away from the body (pronated grip) or towards the body (supinated grip) and it depends on the grip, which group of muscles you are targeting.

Having a wider grip shall lay more emphasis on latissimus dorsi (waist or lower back) muscles or you can have a normal grip to target rhomboids (upper back muscles).

How to perform barbell row: Pick a barbell with a weight that you are comfortable with, bent over the barbell, chin up, back straight, grab the barbell with a pronated grip, pull up till your elbows are at an angle of 900. Bring the barbell close to the chest and lower again to complete one rep, without putting the barbell down perform as many reps as you can.

It is recommended that you must perform this exercise with a weight that you are comfortable with to avoid any injury. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each with a 30 sec  set rest. The exercise must be explosive to get best results.

If you want to get ripped, you will have to plan a routine or training program to follow; it shall include the above mentioned resistance training exercises.

For beginners, it is recommended that you go for at least three workout days per week. This will help you to work out every body part once a week and also ensure you give enough time for rest and recovery.

As you look to get ripped, it becomes very essential that you focus on your meals, ensuring that you are getting all kinds of nutrition. Once you have your diet sorted, you can look towards training to burn the fats out and get ripped!!!