15 Best Home Gym Machines of 2020 Reviewed – All in One Gym

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In general people visit gyms to work out on different machines for different exercises. But, it is often found that going to gym regularly is not always possible, this is where having a Home Gym Machine becomes very helpful. With the availability of Home Gym machine, you get the All-in-One fitness equipment that allows you to perform multiple exercises or workouts at home.

Home Gym machines have different workout stations that help you to perform lifting exercises, resistance exercises, strength based exercises, etc. The work stations also vary based on upper body and lower body exercises, which makes it a completely versatile fitness equipment. This can include bench presses, pulley station, LAT pull down stations, curl station, rowing station, etc.

For buying Home Gym machines, there are a number of options that you can choose from. They vary based on the features, built quality, multiple workout stations and durability. To make things easier for you, we have reviewed and prepared a list of 15 Best Home Gym machines of 2020 that would be the most suitable for you, let’s take a look.

1. Bowflex Home Gym Series PR1000

4.5 out of 5.0 stars (2796 Reviews)

Bowflex PR1000 provides you with a perfect Home Gym station to perform a variety of resistance exercises, with the unique Power Rod resistance design.

It is a versatile machine built with Power Resistant Rods that offers a resistance of around 220 pounds. There are multiple pulley systems that help to adjust the angle of workout and alter the impact of the resistance training workouts.

It has an ergonomically designed frame structure with an adjustable weight bench, which rests on a rowing machine rail. The bench can be used to perform different bench press routines, i.e. inclined, neutral and decline presses. It converts into a rowing machine by removing the backseat and you can perform intense aerobic rowing exercises conveniently.

It also has a leg developer station with 4 foam rolls for convenient and smooth leg workouts with the help of the Power Resistance Rods. The Base of this home gym machine is designed for perfect stability with sturdy footpads to protect the floor. This home gym machine is compact and foldable, which makes it very easy to store, taking less storage space. Also it has a built in media rack to put on your mobile devices to add convenience during workouts.


  • Sturdy and strong compact fitness equipment.
  • Experience weight lifting and resistance exercises with Exclusive Power Resistance Rods.
  • Multiple Swivel Pulley system to adjust intensity and angles of resistance workouts.
  • Extremely versatile, can be used for bench press exercises, rowing exercises, leg extensions, etc.
  • Adjustable weight bench.
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 300pounds.
  • The base of the seat is connected to a rowing machine rail to supports rowing exercises.
  • Leg exercise station with 4 Foam Rollers.
  • Stable base design.


  • Users might experience slight wobble during exercises, thus, it is recommended for lightweight users.

The Bowflex PR100 is sturdy and versatile fitness equipment that takes care of your daily workout needs. Home gym machines are best fit for individuals that have less gym space; this home gym is exclusively compact and fits perfectly even in a small gym space. The Bowflex offers you a series of home gym machines with varying features that you can choose form. You can purchase the Bowflex PR1000 at a great price of 500-550$.

2. Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym Station- MWM990

4.3 out of 5.0 stars (980 Reviews)

Marcy provides you with a compact and effective home gym station to develop and workout major muscle groups and workout at home.

This home gym station is constructed with a heavy duty steel tubing material that makes the gym station stable and provides the durability. It is exclusively equipped with 150-pound weights stacks hidden behind guard rods, which can be adjusted as per requirements. The weight stacks are connected with the high/low pulleys and cable systems to workout smoothly.

This Marcy MWM-990 provides you with the option to perform a variety of exercises with the multiple workout stations. You get a chest press station to perform exercises like chest press, bench press, etc. in the most convenient way. You have a Lat bar connected to the upper pulley to perform Lat pull down exercises. You have the leg developer station that has attached lower cable to perform leg raises and curls exercises, with an Ankle strap attachment.

Other features include:  Weight stack safety lock with a security code, this helps to lock the weights securely and prevent unauthorized usage of the machine. Foam padding on chess press station to ensure comfort during fly exercises. You also get an Adjustable preacher curl pad that helps you perform curl exercises, which can be adjusted, removed or added using a Knob.


  • Strong and Sturdy fitness machine.
  • Ergonomically designed to offer comfort and stability.
  • 150 Pounds Weight stacks hidden behind the Guard Rods with safety lock feature.
  • You can perform 50+exercises at the comfort of your home.
  • Foam padded grips on chest press station and leg developer.
  • Cable Pulley System with High Tensile Strength.
  • Dual Action Arm Press station.
  • Adjustable Preacher Curl pad, which can be added or removed as per needs.
  • User Weight load capacity of 300lbs.


  • It is a big home gym machine with different stations that need proper assembling before using. Assembling is time taking.

The Marcy MWM-990 home gym station is considered as one of the toughest and strong fitness equipment that you can add to your home gym. Considered as one of the best Marcy product, this home gym machine is the perfect home gym solution. This product can be purchased at a price range of 800-900$. You have different versions to choose from, considering this is the best.

3. Marcy Training Home Gym System- MD-9010G

4.4 out of 5.0 stars (734 Reviews)

The Marcy MD-9010G is a complete home gym station that offers commercial grade workout options at home.The Marcy MD-9010G is a combination of some of the most versatile workout stations; it is a package of resistance training, strength building and lifting workouts.

It is constructed with reinforced heavy duty steel frame and durable powder coating finish. It has a cable and pulley system with a high tensile strength of 2000lbs, which is extremely durable.This multi-functional Home Gym station consists of different weight lifting system that helps you to perform different exercises.

You get a smith machine that makes it easier for beginners to perform lifting exercises by maintaining the correct posture. Dual Action Arm press station with comfortable padding that helps to perform different chest and arms exercises. It also features a dual action leg developer station with soft and comfortable foam padded adjustable weight bench that also has a preacher curl pad.

Additional features included in the home gym is a Footplate to support rowing exercises, 6 weight plate posts that increases stability and keeps the weight plates safe. There are different accessories that you get with Marcy 9010G, it includes Lat bar, ankle strap, v-bar, triceps rope, pulley cable handles. It has a maximum weight bar capacity of 300lbs and maximum user weight bench capacity of 600lbs.


  • Heavy duty steel frame with reinforcedrivets and durable powder coated finish and linear bearings.
  • High Tensile cable strength of 2000lbs.
  • Adjustable Weight bench with Preacher curl pad and 6 foam roller pads and weight capacity of 600lbs.
  • Smith machine with a user weight capacity of 300lbs.
  • Dual Action Chest Press Station and Dual action leg developer station.
  • Pivoting Footplates for seated rowing exercises.
  • Bunch of Accessories that offers more than 150 exercise options.


  • There are no Cons. It is a home gym station with a wide space that is very easy and convenient to use.

Marcy 9010G is a strong and big home gym station that takes care of all your workout needs with multiple workout stations. For individuals looking for the complete home gym equipment for strength building, resistance workouts and lifting workouts, this is the best choice. You can purchase this product at a price range of 3500-3700$.

4. Total Gym APEX G3 Indoor Home Workout

4.7 out of 5.0 stars (472 Reviews)

The Total Gym APEX G3 is versatile fitness equipment with a unique two-rail design that makes workout a more fun experience.

It has a unique ergonomically designed glide board with a resting pad. It is constructed with a commercial grade quality steel frame with the auto-lock height adjustment feature to increase or decrease the intensity. The APEX G3 provides you with 8 levels of inclined resistance that allows you to perform more than 70 full body workout routines.

This home gym machine has a wide and thick foam resting pad to offer comfort during workout. It comes with a user weight capacity of 300lbs making it accessible for different users. You can perform resistance based workout and weightlifting workouts supported by your bodyweight using it.

There are accessories such as cable pulley system that support curls and rowing exercises, you have wing handles to support multiple body movement, squat stands, dip bars, leg pull up accessory, which all together support multiple upper body and lower body workouts.


  • Unique and Ergonomically designed fitness equipment.
  • Supports more than 70 upper body and lower body workouts.
  • Built with commercial grade quality steel with auto height adjustment feature.
  • Wide foam padded glide board on two sliding rails.
  • Lot of accessories and attachments, cable pulley mechanism, squat stand, wing attachment, etc.
  • It has a maximum user weight capacity of 300lbs.
  • 8 different adjustable resistance options.
  • Exclusive 1 year warranty.


  • The home gym machine itself is considered to be heavy, moving it regularly can be a concern. But it is the best if you have a permanent space for it.

The Total Gym APEX G3 is one of the most effective and versatile indoor fitness equipment you can have to work out at home in the most pleasant way. It is considered to be heavy, so for individuals that can afford a permanent gym space for the machine, this can be great fitness equipment. You can purchase this at an average price of 350-400$.

5. Home Gym Weider 214lb

3.5 out of 5.0 stars (354 Reviews)

With the home gym weider machine you get a club grade fitness equipment that works as the perfect equipment for full body workout.

It is a versatile machine that competes with the major home gym machines, in terms of quality, efficiency and effectiveness. The machine is made with a heavy duty steel frame with a durable and stable design. It comprises of weight stacks loaded with 81lbs of weights, while the cable pulley mechanism offers a resistance of 210lbs.

The machine is divided into different workout stations: it has dual action chest arms press station to perform fly exercises and chest press exercises. It has a detachable preacher curl pad and leg developer station to perform leg raises and curl exercises, to target calf muscles and triceps respectively. It has a cable pulley system with high tensile strength that also connect to thelat bar and ankle strap to add versatility.

There are different accessories that make this machine worthwhile; you get 4 foam roller pads on the leg developer station. Thick foam pads on the chest press machine for utmost comfort. Thick and soft vinyl seats that make it more comfortable for the user.


  • Dual Action Arms Press.
  • User Weight capacity of 300lbs.
  • Thick and Soft Vinyl padding.
  • Ankle strap and Lat pull down bar, add workout versatility.
  • Cable and Pulley station with high tensile strength.
  • It features 6 workout stations.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The machine is considered comparatively smaller, so for individuals that are more than the average height of 5’10ft might not find this very effective.

The Home Gym Weider is considered as a compact and efficient home gym machine that can fit in a small gym. For individuals that are beginning their fitness regime and want to have a machine that helps them with different workouts, this is the right choice. You can buy this machine at an average price of 330-380$.

6. Sporzon Home Gym System

2.9 out of 5.0 stars (228 Reviews)

*The bad ratings are mostly for late delivery of the product. But we have found the product is good in terms of quality and usefulness. The position is given based on it’s price affordability and available features for a home gym.

Sporzon offers you Olympic grade fitness equipment that works as the most effective home gym machine. You get a versatile machine to perform strength based training, lifting exercises and resistance training.

The Sporzon home gym system is manufactured using high quality steel, which makes the machine extremely strong and durable. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 400pounds. It comprises of cable and pulley mechanism, where the cable comprises of nylon coated aircraft material that offers a high tensile strength of 1000pounds.

This machine comprises of a total of 12 pulleys (high and low) attached to cables that ensure smooth functioning during different workouts. It has dual press chess station that has two different handle grips to add versatility to chest press routines. You get a lat pull down station with a Wide-Grip Olympic bar and an Olympic grade row bar attachment to workout major muscle groups. With 125 pound vinyl weight stack, the machine has the capacity to offer 330pounds of weight resistance.

The machine consists of thick foam padding on the preacher pad, back rest and seat. Thick foam grips on the handle bars and the leg developer rollers for comfort and convenience. The bars are detachable; other rowing attachments can also be used. The design of the machine keeps it stable and the foot pads used ensure safety of the floor.


  • Heavy duty, top quality steel construction.
  • Max user weight capacity of 400pounds.
  • 125lbs weight stack, can offer a maximum resistance of 330lbs.
  • Nylon coated aircraft cable with high tensile strength of 1000lbs.
  • 12 High and Low pulleys used to offer smooth functioning of the machine.
  • Compact and light weight machine, considerably stable.


  • The Machine has a complex mechanism, with pulley and cable, assembly is going to be time taking.

The Sporzon Home gym is versatile fitness equipment, which is compact, convenient and lightweight. This fitness equipment is considered as the best option for both beginners and professionals. You can buy this product at a price range of 400-500$.

7. Marcy Multi-functional Home Gym Station MWM-988

4.4 out of 5.0 stars (940 Reviews)

Marcy offers you with a variety multi-functional home gym station that can be the best assistance at home to train effectively and get best results.

The Marcy MWM-988 home gym is made up of 14 gauge heavy-duty steel tube frame and vinyl coating that ensures the machine is strong, sturdy and durable. The machine comprises of a total weight stack of 150lbs that is hidden behind the guard rods, which also helps to keep the equipment stable.

It consists of a Multi-functional Arm press station with two settings for vertical butterfly press and chest press. The dual functionality of the Arm, allows you to perform individual workouts, by switching between press swings. There are two Pulley stations, one for the Lat pull down exercises and one at the leg developer station to perform leg raises and curl exercises.

You have an adjustable preacher curl pad that can be used to perform curl exercises with weights. It has a stable design with foam rollers on leg developer, foam padding on the chest press station and handle grips on the bar that makes it comfortable for the user.


  • Compact, sturdy and strong equipment.
  • Made with 14- gauge heavy duty steel tubing frame.
  • 150pound vinyl coated weight stack.
  • Double pulley station for Lat pull down and curl exercises.
  • Adjustable preacher curl pad.
  • Dual Action Press Arms station.
  • User Weight capacity of 300lbs.


  • It is comparatively smaller than other available options in the range, it is recommended for users up to 5’10ft.

This is another Marcy home gym machine that fits perfectly to a compact gym room. It is most suitable for beginners looking for versatile fitness equipment, filled with features and assured quality. You can purchase this product at a great price of 1150-1300$.

8. Body-Solid Strength Tech EXM2500S Home Gym

4.2 out of 5.0 stars (121 Reviews)

The Body-Solid EXM2500S is one of the bestselling home gym equipment with a unique design that makes training more competitive and effective.

This machine is constructed with a 12- gauge heavy duty steel frame with the powder coated finish that ensures ultimate strength and durability. It has extra thick DuraFirm pads that ensure utmost comfort to the user with least strain on the lower back. It has 210lbs of weight stack of 10lbs each. It comprises of a cable and pulley system with military grade steel aircraft cables covered with nylon sheath that have high tensile strength of 2200lbs.

A unique feature of the Body Solid EXM2500S home gym machine is that it has a separate Fly press station and Chest press station with its own seat. There are three pulleys with high, mid and low systems that add versatility to the workout routines that you can perform on the machine. There are 6 different workout stations that allow you to perform chest press, lat pull down, leg raise, curls, fly press, multiple rowing exercises, etc.


  • Sturdy, strong and Durable Fitness equipment.
  • 12- Gauge heavy duty top quality steel frame with powder coated finish.
  • Thick and Durable Disaffirm Pads.
  • 210lbs weight stack with 10lbs each.
  • Separate Chest press station and Fly press station.
  • 6 different workout stations.
  • High, Medium and Low Pulley Systems to add workout versatility.
  • 2200 high tensile steel aircraft cables.


  • It is hefty fitness equipment, considerably heavy, difficult to move and assemble considering there are different workout stations.

The Body Solid EXM2500S offers you a versatile fitness that allows you to perform rigorous workout routines. This is one of the sturdiest fitness equipment and you get a lifetime warranty on everything, which makes it great equipment. You can get this feature filled fitness equipment at a good price of 1400-1500$.

9. Gold’s Gym GGSY29013 XRS 55 Home Gym System

3.7 out of 5.0 stars (104 Reviews)

The Gold Home Gym machine is one of the sturdiest and versatile fitness equipment that works as the best home workout option.

It is constructed with heavy duty industrial grade steel material, ergonomically designed to offer utmost durability and complete stability. This home gym station consists of multiple workout stations including, fly press station/chest press station, Lat pull down station, leg developer station with preacher curl pad that allows you to perform more than 50 exercises.

The Gold’s Home Gym consists of 125lbs vinyl weight stack that offers a weight resistance up to 300lbs, making it the best home gym equipment. It comprises of a cable and pulley mechanism with high tensile strength. 4 Foam padded leg developer with height adjustable vinyl seat for comfort of the user.

Additional accessories that make the product versatile include a lat bar, strap with handle bar, removable preacher pad, row plate for rowing exercises. The weight stack is hidden behind the guided rods that also add stability to the fitness equipment.


  • Heavy duty industrial grade fitness equipment.
  • 125lbs weight stack that offers 300lbs of resistance.
  • Multiple workout stations.
  • Adjustable Preacher pad.
  • Vinyl set with height adjustable feature.
  • 4 foam leg developers and foam grip on the pull up bar.
  • Cable Pulley system with high tensile strength.


  • It is difficult to assemble as there are different workout stations and cable pulley system that need to be fixed properly.

The Gold’s home gym station is very likely to become your favourite gym partner. It is compact fitness equipment that takes very little space, making it accessible for users with limited gym space. You can purchase this product at a great price range of 750-850$.

10. Marcy Multi-functional Home Gym Machine SM-4033

4.5 out of 5.0 stars (62 Reviews)

The Marcy Multi-functional SM-4033 is another popular home gym machine that takes care of all your workout needs. It is a huge machine with multiple workout stations and accessories that makes workout smooth and effective.

The Marcy SM-4033 is made with heavy duty commercial grade steel that ensures durability and stability to the fitness equipment. It is an All-in-one workout station with a combination of some of the best strength building and resistance training options. You get a Smith machine, Multi-grip pull up bar, Squat Rack, Chest Press machine and a bunch of accessories that makes workout very effective.

The machine comprises of a cable and pulley mechanism with high tensile strength that support multiple cable crossover exercises and rowing exercises. You also get an adjustable utility bench with a leg developer station and an adjustable back pad and seat; it has an attached preacher curl for different kind of curls, bench press and leg raise exercises.

You get a multi-grip pull up bar that allows you to perform different chin up and pull up exercises with different grips. You also get different attachments with the machine that can be attached with the cables to workout accordingly. You get 6 weight plate storage posts for secured weight plate storage. You have a landmine attachment to perform lifting exercises; you have different kind of grip attachments that you can use to perform rowing exercises, pulling exercises, etc.


  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Steel Frame.
  • Adjustable Utility Bench with transportation wheels and preacher curl pad.
  • Study, durable and stable fitness equipment.
  • Cables with high tensile strength of 2000lbs.
  • Multi-Workout stations, smith cage, multi-grip pull up bar, chest press station, etc.
  • 6 Weight plate storage posts.
  • Secured Rowing Footplates for comfortable rowing exercises.


  • Although it is a huge machine with multiple workout station and quality features, it is considerably expensive.

Marcy Multi-Functional is sturdy fitness equipment with the most effective combination of workout stations. With Marcy SM-4033 you get to enjoy multiple workouts at home, it is a huge machine, thus having proper space is needed to install this machine. This product considerably expensive, it can be bought at 3500-4000$.

11. BalanceFrom Home Gym System Workout Station

3.1 out of 5.0 stars (57 Reviews)

BalanceFrom is the perfect gym station that one can have at home; it is an effective and efficient way of working out with a unique combination of workout stations.

The BalancefromEquipment is made from heavy duty high quality steel that is designed to offer a maximum user weight capacity of 400lbs and total weight capacity of 1000lbs. This ensures durability of the product and keeps the equipment stable during workout. It has a cable pulley mechanism comprising of Nylon coated aircraft quality material that has a high tensile strength of 1000lbs.

There are combinations of 12 pulleys that ensure smooth functioning of the machine connected to different workout stations and train various muscle groups. You get a wide variety of workout options: it has a chest press station with different grips with vinyl seating and a preacher curl pad and leg developer attachment. You have a separate incline pad for abs exercises; it also has a separate dip station and push up station. You also get a wide grip Olympic grade LAT pull down attachment, you get a Lat bar and Row bar with foam grips.

The machine consists of 145lbs vinyl weight stack that offers a weight resistance of 380lbs. The leg developer stations have soft foam coverings that ensure comfort of the users.


  • It has a heavy duty top quality steel frame construction.
  • User weight capacity of 400lbs and total weight capacity of 1000lbs.
  • Vinyl Weight stacks of 145lbs that offers a weight resistance of 380lbs.
  • Separate dip stations with incline pad rest and elbow rest.
  • Foam roller leg developers.
  • Olympic grade Lat pull bar and low row bar.
  • 12 pulley mechanism for smooth motion.
  • Nylon coated aircraft quality cables with high tensile strength of 1000lbs.


  • None of concern, but of course the assembly of the machine is going to take time. There are different workout stations, cables and pulley systems that need to be fixed perfectly.

The BalanceFrom home gym fitness equipment is the most suitable gym machine that allows working out in a more professional way. You get commercial grade equipment at home; it is a huge machine, but a great combination of workout stations that reduces the need for separate fitness equipment. You can get this product at a good price range of 750-850$.

12. Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym-P2X

3.7 out of 5.0 stars (17 Reviews)

The Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym is considered as comprehensive full body workout equipment to have at home. This Powerline machine is versatile and dynamic fitness equipment for effective workout results.

The Body-Solid P2X is exclusively engineered fitness equipment that offers a wide range of movements that can be used by users of different size. This is top quality fitness equipment with brushed steel finish and comprises of an oval tubing frame. You have ergonomically designed equipment with a chest press and functional training arm machine. The chest press machine has 3 different grips for workout.

The fitness equipment comprises of fixed functional pulleys that allows different workouts. You get adjustable seat and back pads that ensures comfort of the user. It comprises of heavy 160 alloy weight stacks for resistance during workout, which can be upgraded to 210lbs.

You also get a standard Lat pullup bar and a low row bar to add versatility during workout. It also combines a leg developer station to perform leg raises workouts. The pivoting cable handles and pulley system keeps the machine smooth and stable. The total weight of the product is 391lbs.


  • Club Grade fitness equipment, strong, sturdy and durable.
  • Brushed steel finish with an Oval tubing frame design.
  • Dynamic and Functional Chest press machine.
  • A combination of Lat Pull down bar and low Row bar that adds versatility.
  • Adjustable seat and backrest pad for user comfort.
  • The machine weighs 385lbs only.
  • It comprises of 160lbs alloy weight stack, which can be upgraded to 210lbs.
  • You get a frame warranty for 10years.


  • Durability of the equipment has been a concerned for many users, but the warranty offered by the manufacturer adds to the benefits.

The Body-Solid Powerline P2X home gym station is majorly a chest press station that also comprises of a variety of workout stations. It is compact fitness equipment with an ergonomically design structure that takes little space and ensures comfort of the users. You can get this product at a price of 1900-2000$.

13. Body-Solid Bi-Angular G10B Home Gym

3.7 out of 5.0 stars (6 Reviews)

This Body Solid Home Gym station is one of the unique fitness equipment that offers a variety of workout options. It helps us to work out in the most efficient way and get the best results.

The Body-Solid G10B workout station has a unique design and it comprises of 6 different workout stations that make it extremely versatile fitness equipment. You get a Rowing station, Leg developer and curl station, Pec Fly station, chest press station with different grips, Standard Lat pull down bar and smooth multi-directional resistance station. Each of these workout stations combine to allow you to perform 50+ unique exercises.

The Bi-Angular technology used in the press arms station that allow you to perform natural range of motion while applying resistance from two directions; this increases the muscle interaction and resistance by 25 percent. The SmoothGlide bearing system with self-aligned leg cuffs ensure full range of motion in a safe manner with multi-joint and multi-plane movement patterns.

This home gym consists of 210lbs weight stack which are machine drilled for specification and covered under a stack shroud for more safety.  Use of extra thick DuraFirm backrest and seat pads add durability to the product and ensure comfort of the user.


  • Bi-Angular Arms Press technology, increase range of motions.
  • Increase the muscle interaction by 25%.
  • 6 different workout stations.
  • Separate seats for leg raises/curls exercises and chest press exercises.
  • It includes 210lbs of weight stack which are covered by a weight stack shroud.
  • Use of SmoothGlide bearing system guides you through the workout.
  • DuraFirm Back and Seat pads ensure durability and comfort.
  • You get a Body-Solid Lifetime In-Home Warranty on the machine.


  • There are no cons for concerned, but the design of the home gym does take comparatively more space than other home gyms in the market.

The Body-Solid Bi-Angular Home gym is one of the unique home gym equipment that increases the effectiveness of the workout by 25%. This product needs you to have space, thus, if you have a gym room to fit this multi-purposes equipment, it is a great choice. The product boasts a lifetime warranty and the product costs you 4000-4300$.

14. MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo

5.0 out of 5.0 stars (4 Reviews)

MiM offers you with an All-in-One combo machine that is a combination of functional trainer and smith machine cage. It is considered as one of the most versatile fitness equipment to have at home.

This MiM 1001 Jumbo is commercial grade fitness equipment designed for rigorous daily workout routines. It is a huge machine, which is strong, tough and durable and offers you with a lifetime warranty. This is a multi-functional machine comprising of different workout stations, this includes Smith Machine, Power Cage, Leg Press station, Dip station, adjustable utility bench and leg extension, etc.

The machine comprises of multiple cables and pulley system with high tensile strength and durability. You have a chrome finish solid weight rod, copper coated cables, the lengths are adjustable to offer resistance and chrome plated weight posts for plate storage, different types of bar storage options. It is complete home gym equipment with an adjustable weight bench that adds versatility to the workout options.

There are different accessories added to the machine that includes V handle, strap handle, ankle strap, pulldown rope, push up bar, multiple grips, leg press attachments and so on. The machine is extremely huge with a user weight capacity of 800lbs, whereas the weight of the machine itself is 680lbs. This home gym has everything that you need, all setup in one big machine.


  • Heavy duty, commercial grade fitness equipment, suitable for daily rigorous use.
  • User weight capacity of 800lbs.
  • Strong, sturdy and durable.
  • Multiple Workout Stations offer versatile workout experience.
  • You get a bunch of cable pulley accessories.
  • High tensile cable strength.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The machine is delivered to you unassembled, considering that there are different workout stations and combinations of multiple pulleys and cable mechanism, assembly is going to be time taking.

The MiM is one of the popular fitness equipment manufacturers that you can find. The fact that it has different workout stations does make it a big home gym but reduces the need to have separate machines for different workouts. This product is expensive it can be purchased at 5500-6000$.

15. MIM USA 4-in-1 Multifunctional Home Gym Machine

0.0 out of 5.0 stars (No Customer Reviews Yet)

MIM presents you with the multifunctional fitness equipment that fits as the perfect home gym equipment, second product under the same manufacturer. This is complete home gym equipment that ensures effective upper body and lower body workouts with convenience.

This MIM home gym machine comprises of chrome plated steel mainframe design with 4 sided welded frames that provide stability and durability to the machine. You get an adjustable seat feature with the equipment that ensures smooth functioning during workout and helps maintain correct posture.

This is a compact machine that takes very less space, yet it is very comfortable for the user and gives effective results. The easy foldable design of the machine makes it more convenient to use and store. The maximum user weight capacity of the machine is 300lbs, while the leg developer station can carry 100lbs of maximum weight.

It is a versatile equipment and combination of 4-in-1 workout stations. This includes Bench press station, Dual Action Chest press station, Lat pull up bar and leg developer station. You also get a cable pulley mechanism with high tensile strength that offers a resistance of 300lbs.


  • 4-in-1 Workouts station, extremely versatile.
  • Adjustable weight bench, with thick padded back and seat for comfort.
  • Compact and foldable design, takes less space when assembled and can be stored with ease.
  • Top quality Chrome plated steel mainframe welded from 4 sides, enhances stability and durability.
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 300lbs.


  • The only con with the product is you do not get weight stacks, means you have to buy free weights separately.

This MIM product is considered as one of the best fitness equipment for individuals that lack big gym space. The compact and foldable design of the equipment makes it easy to use and store. Also, as it is backed by MIM trust and reliability, you are assured of a durable and quality product. It can be bought a price range of 1100-1200$.

Here we complete our review for the 15 best Home Gym Machines of 2020 that you can have as your gym partner. A majority of the products on our list support full body workout and can be used for resistance training, strength building and power lifting workouts. Choosing the right Homey Gym Equipment is essential if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses on buying different fitness equipment. Hopefully, this review helps you to get the right product, Get your Home Gym machine today!!!