9 Best Lat Pulldown Machines of 2020

Fitness enthusiasts who are keen on strengthening their upper body muscles i.e. back, shoulders and arms area would have definitely come across various Lat Pulldown machines.

A Lat pulldown machine is equipment used for strengthening the upper body muscles, especially the back torso area. It also improves the stamina and stability of the core and lower back muscles with regular workout. These machines let you perform multiple workouts including seated row, triceps pulldown, upright cable row, reverse close/ wide grip/ behind the neck Lat pulldown, high cable crunch and a lot more.

Now considering the development of home gyms and garage gyms, various well-known brands in the competition are currently in the race of commercializing Lat pulldown machines for home-usage. With the demands arising, there are a vast number of options available both in the market and e-commerce platforms. If you too are looking for a Lat Pulldown machine for your home gym, then this comprehensive guide for 10 Best Lat Pulldown Machines of 2020 will help you choose the one that is true to performance and price both.

1. XMark XM-7618 Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown Machine

4.8 out of 5.0 stars (229 Reviews)

The XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown machine features low & high pulley station and low row cable usage all in one equipment. It offers multiple exercise options, including Lat pulldowns, low row, triceps presses, shrugs, and bicep curls that target multiple upper body muscles.

Both the Lat pulldown and low row bar have texturized rubber hand grips that ensure no-slip and sweat absorbent operation. The pulley wheels have ball bearings that provide smooth and noise-free functions even during intense workout sessions. It comes with nylon-coated aircraft quality cables with 2200 pounds tensile strength which offers a maximum load capacity of up to 400lbs.

This heavy-duty LAT pulldown machine is built with an 11-gauge steel 2” X 3” mainframe and a baked scratch-resistant powder coat finish. The bolted on, anti-skid rubberized feet at the bottom provide it with the needed stability. Its foldable wide seat is covered with an extra-thick 3-inch sweat and tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl layer that ensures utmost user comfort during workout.

The thigh pads as well have oversized 4.33 inches vinyl covering. The machine is equipped with 14″ chrome-plated Olympic adaptor sleeves which allow the users to use both Olympic sized and Standard sized weight plates.


  • Supports multiple pulley exercises
  • Anti-skid rubberized hand grips on both low bar and pull bar
  • Bar support for both high and low pulley cable
  • Rubberized feet for stability
  • Maximum load capacity 400lbs (200lbs user weight + 200lbs weight plate).
  • 14-inch Olympic weight adaptor sleeves can use both Olympic and Standard sized plates.
  • Solid, steel frame builds up with scratch resistance finish.
  • Thick comfortable coating on seat and thigh pads, for comfort.
  • Adjustable thigh rollers
  • Smooth and noise-free operations


  • Assembling the machine is tiresome and tricky

The XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown machine is an excellent pick for those who are looking to purchase heavy-duty pulldown equipment. It has a solid build-up that would last your lifetime even with regular and intense usage. And with 400lbs weight resistance power, it is ideal for users of all fitness level.

2. Body-Solid Powerline PLM180X LAT and Low Row Cable Pull Down Machine

4.1 out of 5.0 stars (143 Reviews)

The Body-Solid Powerline PLM180X LAT pulldown machine has a light grdded powder coated 14 gauge substantial steel frame build-up that ensures durability and stability for lifelong. The machine weighs only 69lbs and hence is easy to move or relocate.

It has rubberized feet on both sides keeps the machine away from wobbling and keeps it from sliding even on hard floors. With size around 48 x 25 x 80 inches, it requires minimal floor space in your home gym. Its dual position 8″ foam rollers can be adjusted for two different positions which hold users securely for an intense workout session.

The Powerline PLM180X LAT pulldown machine suits well for seated rows, curls, triceps pulldown, upright rows and multiple upper body workouts. It is designed for 1″ inch Standard sized weight plates and can support weight up to 250lbs. Though for using Olympic weight plates, an adaptor requires to be incorporated beforehand. On the height front, it is well suitable for users up to 6’4 feet.


  • Suitable for multiple upper body workouts
  • Reliable, stable, and long-lasting build-up
  • Lightweight machine, easy to move or relocate
  • Rubberized feet for increased stability.
  • Requires minimum floor space
  • Weight resistance capacity up to 250lbs
  • Adaptor sleeves included for 1″ inch Standard sized weight plates.
  • Suitable for users of height up to 6’4 feet
  • Affordable, value for money


  • The seat is not adjustable.
  • Adaptor sleeves for Olympic weight plates need to be purchased separately.

The Powerline PLM180X LAT pulldown machine is one of the most straightforward and lightweight machines in the entire range. This well-build; great performing machine is an affordable choice for your home gym. It is an ideal pick for both beginners and intermediate level fitness enthusiasts.

3. Vanswe Lat Pulldown Low Row Cable Pull Down Machine

4.5 out of 5.0 stars (259 Reviews)

The Vanswe LAT Pulldown machine is a strong and sturdy 2″ x 2″ steel tube frame that is built for prolonged usage. The Aircraft quality rubberized cables ensure harder and faster motions and years of tough operations without getting damaged.

Its Lat pulldown extra-wide bar (39 inches) comes with rubberized grip for a firm and non-slip gripping. With high-quality ball-bearing pulleys and nylon bushings, the machine ensures smoother and noise-free operations even during intense workout sessions. It is equipped with extra 2-inch adaptor sleeves that can hold both Olympic and Standard sized weight plates. The machine can handle maximum weight up to 250lbs.

This LAT pulldown machine has a high-density well-padded seat which can easily get adjusted (up or down) using the knob. The foam coated thigh pads come with 4 points adjustment option, which makes it suitable to fit for users of every size. It comes with a low row pulley as well that provides the users with versatile usage options. The machine sizes around 46.8 x 24.2 x 76 inches and thus takes minimal floor space in your home gym.


  • A reliable and durable build-up
  • Its Aircraft quality rubberized cables provide extended usage.
  • Wide 39 inches pull down bar with firm hold grip.
  • Extra free 2″ adaptor sleeves
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft foam roller with 4 adjustable points
  • Can resist both Olympic and Standard sized plates
  • Anti-skid rubberized feet
  • Adjustable seat
  • Weight resistance up to 250lbs
  • Highly affordable and value for money.


  • No such cons reported.

The Vanswe LAT Pulldown machine is highly affordable equipment and thus an ideal pick for users who are under a strict budget. With great functionality and high performance, it provides the users with a regular gym like experience right at their home. It is suitable for users of all sizes and fitness levels.

4. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Olympic LAT Pull Down Machine

4.0 out of 5.0 stars (98 Reviews)

The Fitness Reality X-Class Light LAT pull down machine is a substantial steel constructed frame that provides the user with strength and stability while training. It works well when attached to a compatible Fitness reality rack.

It has a 2″ x 2″ Chrome plated attachment post that glides in and fits well with the cage while providing the user with a piece of robust workout equipment. The machine includes a comprehensive 44 inches LAT pull down bar and a 20 inches low row bar which let the user perform multiple upper workouts all within one single equipment. Both the bars (detachable) have a high-density thick foam coating with texturized hand grips that keeps it from slipping or skidding even during intense workout sessions.

This high-quality LAT pulldown machine from Fitness Reality has a 7-inches storage peg that can get used for both Standard sized (1″ inch) and Olympic sized (2″ inches) weight plates. A 2″ inches Olympic Adapter Sleeves is also included in the machine. It can handle up to 360lbs maximum plate weight. It has 2 footrests that ensure stability while using this equipment with a Fitness Reality utility bench. This LAT pulldown machine sizes 46 L x 44 W x 81 H inches and weighs 45lbs which makes moving it and relocating an easy and effortless task.


  • Stable build up, no shaking or wobbling
  • Wide enough pulldown and low row bars
  • Comfortable non-slip grip on both the bar handles
  • Compatible with both Standard sized and Olympic sized weight plates
  • 7″ inches storage peg and a 2″ inches sperate Olympic adapter sleeve
  • Can handle maximum plate weight up to 360lbs.
  • The machine weight only 45lbs hence is easy to move and relocate
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Effortless assembling


  • It is not a free-standing machine and requires to get attached with a Fitness Reality rack.

This Fitness Reality LAT Pulldown machine is designed for Fitness Reality compatible rack. It could be your preferable pick if you already own the rack and want to bring home a LAT machine. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable models that ensure quality performance and benefits. 

5. Akonza Home Workout Lat Pulldown Machine

4.3 out of 5.0 stars (110 Reviews)

The Akonza Lat Pulldown Machine has a real rigid heavy gauge steel construction that is made to provide stability and long-lasting usage. With the sealed ball bearing pulley and high-quality nylon blushing, it ensures smooth and noise-free operations throughout. 

The machine feature both high and low pulley bars. Where the Lat pulldown bar is about 41 inches, the low bar is approximately 18 inches long. Both of the handlebars are equipped with comprehensive and non-slippery comfortable handle grip that keeps your hold firm even during an intense workout session. It lets you perform multiple upper body workouts including Lat pulldowns, bicep curls, seated rows, triceps press downs, shoulder pulley and more.

The Akonza Lat Pulldown Machine can be customized as per user requirement. The padded seat can be adjusted to different heights using a knob whereas the thigh roller blocks can be adjusted to 4 different levels to secure your thighs at a place during the workout. The machine is equipped with weight posts that can accommodate Standard sized weight plates easily. Meanwhile, by incorporating Olympic grade adaptor sleeves, one can accommodate Olympic sized weight plates as well. It can handle maximum weight up to 395 lbs.


  • Sturdy, durable and robust construction
  • Wide enough pulley bars with comfortable non-slip grips
  • Height adjustable seat and roller block
  • Can accommodate standard sized and Olympic sized weight plates both
  • It can handle 395lbs of impressive maximum weight.
  • It is suitable for users up to 6’2 feet easily.
  • The machine weighs only 64lbs and hence is easy to move and relocate
  • Highly affordable, value for money


  • The assembling process takes time.
  • Olympic adaptor sleeve needs to be purchased separately.

This Lat pulldown machine is a piece of entry-level equipment suitable for users of all sizes and fitness level. The machine can handle impressive weight up to 395lbs, which supports intense workout session. An excellent quality build-up, superior performance, and versatility within such an affordable price range is a steal for your home gym.

6. KINGC Home Heavy-Duty LAT Pulldown Fitness Machine

4.3 out of 5.0 stars (3 Reviews)

The KINGC Heavy-duty Latpulldown machine has a thick and reliable steel frame with anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant powder coating that ensures long-lasting and durable usage. The non-slip foot covers 4 ends and guarantees it better stability and maximum leverage.

With both Lat pulldown bar and low row bar, it supports multiple upper body workouts that target all over your chest, arm, and shoulder muscles. Both the bar handles are equipped with a comfortable non-slippery holding grip. The sealed ball bearing pulley operation ensures noise-free and smoother workout sessions.

This affordable Lat pulldown machine can accommodate both Olympic sized (2 inches) and Standard sized (1 inch) weight plates. Both its seat and leg roller comes with a height adjustable mechanism so that it can fit well for users of all sizes and keep the thighs locked for a better position during the Lat pulldown workout. It can handle maximum weight up to 395lbs, which is suitable for most of the exercise and fitness level requirements.


  • Stable and robust construction
  • High-quality build-up with scratch and corrosion-resistant coating for long-lasting durability
  • Comfortable, non-slippery grip on handlebars
  • Sealed ball-bearing pulley for smooth and noise-free operations
  • It can accommodate both Olympic and Standard sized weight plates.
  • Adjustable seat and leg rollers
  • Appreciable weight resistance capacity up to maximum 395lbs
  • Highly affordable, value for money
  • Easy and quick assembling


  • Its height might not fit enough for people of 6’1 feet and above.

The KINGC Heavy-duty Lat pulldown machine is one of the most affordable and under budget equipment that provides better weight resistance than various other models in the market. It is an ideal pick for users of height up to 6 feet. The machine suits well for intermediate and athlete level fitness enthusiasts.

7. Element Fitness Xenon Selectorize Series Lat Pulldown Machine

5.0 out of 5.0 stars (2 Reviews)

The Element Fitness Xenon Selectorize Series Latpulldown machine is the high-end commercial quality fitness equipment that can be used in a home gym as well.

It is built with superior quality steel frame; the USA made military grade cables and commercial-grade weight stacks which makes it extremely robust, stable and considerably durable. For seamless transitions, the No-cable-change design adds in an improved effect. Its Lat pulldown bar is equipped with a comfortable thick foam layering throughout for easy and non-slip hand grip.

This Lat pulldown machine already comes with weight stacks (250lbs); hence one does not need to incorporate weight plates every time. Its seat has a good quality leather stitched quoting that last for long years even after excessive usage. The foam coated leg rollers can be positioned as per user comfort so that one can lock their position well for a secure pulldown workout experience. The machine is explicitly a LAT pulldown equipment hence there’s no low bar included with it. The entire unit weighs around 450lbs.


  • High-end commercial quality build-up.
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant coating
  • Sleek black carbon design for an ultra-smart overall look
  • Weight stacks incorporated up to 250lbs.
  • Adjustable leg rollers.
  • Lifetime warranty on everything/ part if the machine is not used commercially
  • Being a commercial-quality machine, it still requires space as much as a home Lat pulldown machine.


  • Does not have a low row bar
  • The machine weighs around 450lbs and hence is extremely difficult to move.
  • Tiresome assembling

The Element Fitness Xenon Lat pulldown machine is extreme quality equipment suitable for an intermediate and expert level fitness enthusiast. The machine already has weight stacks included; hence one does not need to buy and attach them separately every time. It is an ideal pick for those who are looking for a commercial quality machine for home use.

8. TDS Super Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine

2.7 out of 5.0 stars (2 Reviews)

The TDS Super Lat Pull Down machine is a versatile piece of equipment that supports both bicep curls, seated rows, Lat pulldowns, and multiple upper body workouts. Its 2″ x 4″ x 1/8″ steel tube base ensures strength and stability even during intense workout sessions.

A unique dual guide rod system and sealed balled bearings provide an uninterrupted smooth and stable performance and noise-free operations.This Lat pulldown machine has a thickly padded height adjustable seat with 5 adjustment points. The leg rollers can adjust as well to fit nicely to the user’s thigh and lock them securely for Lat pulldowns.

The machine can accommodate both Olympic sized and standard sized weight plates. It has an incredible weight resistance power and can hold up to a maximum of 800lbs. With no slippery heavy-duty end caps at the base, the machine stays firm and non-wobbly throughout the workout session.


  • Designed for stability and secureness even during intense workout sessions
  • Reliable and long-lasting build-up
  • Unique design for smooth, stable, and noise-free operations
  • Adjustable seat and leg rollers
  • It can resist both Olympic sized and Standard sized weight plates.
  • Excellent weight resistance power up to 800lbs
  • Base caps for keeping the equipment from slipping or sliding over the floor
  • Suitable for people of height up to 6’2 feet


  • The machine weighs around 180lbs; hence moving and relocating can be tricky for some users.
  • The build quality could have been a little better for this price range.

The TDS Super LAT pulldown machine is an incredible strength training machine with 800lbs resistance power. This level of resistance can take your home training to an intensified level. It is an ideal pick for professional trainers and athletes looking for a LAT pulldown machine at an affordable price.

9. Forearm Trainer, Tricep Workout Wall-Mounted Lat Pulldown Machine

0.0 out of 5.0 stars (No Reviews Yet)

The Forearm trainer, wall-mounted Lat pulldown machine is unique in various senses than other models in this list.

It is made up of heavy-duty, durable steel, chrome and nylon coated ropes. It comes in an unassembled condition, and one can screw up the wall mount attachment anywhere in their gym space and make maximum use of the equipment. Its high strength nylon rope and upgraded steel load pin are strengthened enough to handle maximum resistance up to 600lbs. On the other hand, the silent cable wheels ensure noise-free and smooth experience even during an intense workout session.

This Wall-mounted Lat pulldown machine is suitable for both pulldown and lifts exercises. One can perform multiple upper body exercises including LAT pulldowns; triceps pull down, latitude pull down, biceps curl, line, fly and various others to strengthen your core and improve flexibility. The pulldown and lift handlebar have an EVA quoting that ensures a comfortable non-slip grip and hand fatigue minimization.


  • Good quality, long-lasting build quality
  • High strength nylon quoted rope with maximum 600lbs resistance.
  • Suitable for both Lat pull down and pull up exercises.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to relocate
  • Easy and quick assembling process
  • Requires minimal space in the room
  • Smooth and noise-free operations
  • Comfortable non-slip handle grip
  • Suitable for users of up to 6’3 feet


  • No such cons reported

This Forearm trainer Lat pulldown machine is incredible in all fronts, including performance, quality, functionality, space-saving design, and value for money. With 600lbs weight resistance capacity, it allows the user for an intense strength training session. It is an ideal pick for users of all shapes, sizes, and fitness level.

While compiling this list of 10 Best Lat Pulldown Machines, we came across hundreds of models from various well-known and local brands. After going through each of them, we have tried to incorporate the Best 10 LatPulldown Machines in our list that is ideal for an affordable and effective strength training session at home.Considering a Latpulldown machine, strength, functionality, and performance play in a significant role and hence the above list have a compilation of all these.Go thought it and make sure you get your fitness equipment today.