10 Best Leg Extension Machines of 2020 Reviewed

Leg Extension Machine

Once someone starts getting into shape, having a fitter and toned body becomes an addiction. The ultimate goal of spending hours sweating and exercising in the gym is to achieve well-toned muscles. Visiting a gym regularly might get difficult for many due to work and personal commitments. But, the best part about exercising is that you can do it anywhere, even in your bedroom at home.

Lower body workouts and leg days are indeed a pain, but we cannot deny the fact that the results are outstanding. One of the most effective ways for engaging your leg muscles and getting a tremendous impact is indulging with a leg extension machine.

Leg extension machine is a great equipment that targets quadriceps muscles in the legs. If you are looking to incorporate a Leg Extension machine into your home gym, then do go through the list of 10 Best Leg Extension machines, that we have reviewed for  you.

1. Valor Fitness CC-4 Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine

4.4 out of 5.0 stars (106 Reviews)

The Valor Fitness CC-4 leg extension machine has a solid steel construction and high-density, dual-layered vinyl padding that is designed specifically for intense workout sessions. It can hold up to 150lbs of weight, both 1″ inch standard sized and 2″ inches Olympic sized plates. It features a sundial adjuster that allows the users to adjust the range of motion.

In this machine, one can perform two different leg workouts, including leg extensions and leg curls. A steel peg at the frame’s left side allows the user to adjust the setting and change from leg extension to leg curls.

This leg extension and curl machine from Valor Fitness comes with 8 adjustable thigh support positions and 6 adjustable back support positions. The leg rollers have a firm yet comfortable foam layering that keeps the users in place and provides required comfort during the exercises.

Also, the handles located on either of the sides provide additional support to the user. This heavy-duty machine can conveniently hold 350lbs of user weight. The machine sizes around 35 x 35 x 40 and hence grabs comparatively less floor space at home.


  • A highly reliable, tough, and durable build-up
  • Long-lasting padding on seat as well as rollers
  • Weight holding capacity (150lbs plates + 350lbs user weight)
  • It can hold both standard-sized and Olympic sized plates
  • 8 adjustable thigh support positions and 6 adjustable back support positions
  • Comfortable grip handles on either side
  • It requires lesser floor space
  • Affordable


  • The weight plates need to be purchased separately.

The Valor Fitness CC-4 leg extension machine allows weights up to 150lbs and hence is an ideal pick for beginners and intermediates. It provides high-quality performance at an affordable price range and enough versatility than various other models in the range. Also, with its solid construction, it would last for longer years even with regular use.

2. Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity Leg Extension Machine

4.4 out of 5.0 stars (577 Reviews)

The Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL machine has a heavy-duty steel frame design, which boasts a considerable weight capacity of 850lbs. Its 7 levels adjustable independent backrest can be set anywhere from -15 degrees to +85 degrees angles. In contrast, the bench seat can be arranged within 3 angle adjustment positions, including 0, 8, and 15 degrees.

The easy saw tooth design allows the users to swiftly adjust the backrest and secure it for a safe workout experience. This XL capacity machine comes with a patent-pending seat design that stamp out the gap between the backrest and seat in any position or angle.

The 2000 Super Max XL high capacity machine has 4 foam coated rollers that can be adjusted to 3 positions for utmost versatility and convenience during your leg extension workouts. The leg lock-down can also be detached as per user requirements and comfort.

It comes with twist lock pins for securing leg lock-down into place. Its 2 inches foam seat and backrest layering with double-stitched vinyl cover ensure utmost user comfort during workouts. For backrest, it provides 2 width options during the assembly. With its foldable design and built-in wheels, it can be relocated or stored conveniently.


  • A heavy-duty, reliable, and stable build-up
  • Considerable weight capacity (850lbs)
  • 7 levels adjustable independent backrest
  • 3 angle seat adjustment positions
  • Sawtooth design for secure locking of the backrest
  • Foam coated rollers with 3 adjustable positions
  • No-gap designing between the seat and backrest, even at different angles.
  • High-density foam padding
  • Foldable design
  • Built-in wheels for easy relocation
  • It can be used with all the fitness reality power cages conveniently.
  • Highly affordable


  • No such cons reported

The Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity Leg Extension Machine is extremely affordable equipment that provides high value for money. It is a mid-level bench, neither too heavy nor too light but highly stable and durable for long life. If you are looking for numerous features and high-level adjustment in a leg extension machine, it is one of the most suitable picks. 

3. Marcy Impex Powder Coated Steel Leg Extension Machine with Adjustable Weight Bench

4.4 out of 5.0 stars (1244 Reviews)

The Marcy Impex leg extension machine is a solid powder-coated steel frame construction that ensures toughness and long-lasting durability. It can handle a maximum weight of up to 600lbs.

The leg extension and curl rollers have a thick foam layer with vinyl covering and a solid powder-coated finish. The foam coating is soft on the skin but substantial enough for intensifying the workout. The machine lets the users add standard or Olympic weight plates to the leg developer for escalating multiple lower body workouts for adding versatility.

Another noticeable feature of this fitness equipment is its adjustable weight bench. The bench’s backrest pad can be adjusted to 6 different positions for adding versatility to your workout routine. With the saw-tooth design, one can incline or decline the back-pad’s positions and lock it securely. The bench is layered with top quality foam coating, which provides utmost comfort to the users. Moreover, for easy relocation and movability, it comes with in-built transportation wheels and handle.


  • Solid steel frame with powder coating for long-lasting durability
  • Thick and high-quality foam coating on the weight bench and rollers
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 600lbs
  • Allows both standard weight and Olympic plates
  • Adjustable weight bench with 6 inclines, decline, and flat positions
  • Sawtooth design for secured locking of the adjustments
  • Built-in wheels, handles, and less machine weight (51lbs) for easy movability
  • Foldable design
  • Highly affordable


  • No padding on caps and bolts might cause slight discomfort
  • Its leg extensions do not have a locking mechanism
  • Not suitable for significantly oversized users and athletes

The Marcy Impex workout machine is an ideal pick for beginners and intermediates. It is ideal for both leg extension and curls workouts. With an adjustable weight machine, built-in wheels and handles, it provides maximum functionality at a very affordable price.  

4. Body-Solid GCEC340 Cam Series Leg Extension Machine

4.4 out of 5.0 stars (160 Reviews)

The Body-Solid GCEC340 leg extension machine has a heavy-duty 7-gauge steel frame that supports the entire equipment very well and can fit users of all sizes. It can handle plate loads up to 400 lbs, and additional user weights up to 200 lbs.

The rollers are layered with soft, strong, and durable Dis-affirm foam padding that ensures user comfort and helps to maintain proper form. The foam padding is designed for long term intense workout usage and also can be wiped clean with ease. The distance between the top seat pad and the rollers is about 16 inches.

This leg extension machine has a pop-up pin design that can be repositioned for quad and hamstring isolations with a quick movement and smooth range. For leg extension exercises, the pin can be pulled and lower the lifting arm (quadriceps muscles). The pin can be drawn for leg curl exercises and then raised for a comfortable raising arm position (glutes and hamstrings). The seat and backrest are spacious enough to fit users of any size. The machine sizes 49 x 42 x 37 inches and thus takes less floor space.


  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting build-up
  • It can handle a maximum weight of up to 600 lbs (400 plates + 200 user weight)
  • It functions as both leg extension and curling exercises.
  • Its large seat supports all body positions comfortably.
  • Requires less floor space
  • Good quality foam padding on all the rollers
  • Pin pop-up design for quick movement and versatility
  • Value for price
  • Suitable for users of height up to 6’4 feet


  • Quite expensive
  • Difficult to assemble
  • It weighs about 105 lbs, and hence moving or relocating it can be slightly tiresome.

The Body-Solid GCEC340 leg extension machine is one of the reliable constructed machines in the range that is suitable for users of all shapes and sizes. It is ideal for both leg extension and curl exercises and hence is a perfect pick for those who are looking for a piece of 2-in-1 equipment.

5. XMark Rotary Leg Extension and Curl Machine XM-7615

4.6 out of 5.0 stars (138 Reviews)

The XMark Rotary XM-7615 is an 11-gauge steel mainframe constructed heavy-duty Leg Extension and Curl Machine. It comes with a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish that keeps it new despite years of usage. Its Ultra thick 3″ Duracraft cushioning with double stitched tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl cover adds utmost comfort for the user and enhances durability.

The machine sizes around 40.6 x 38.6 x 11 inches and thus takes fairly less floor space at your home. It has a rear weight post that ensures extra stability. With a 14″ chrome Olympic adapter sleeve, it allows to store both Standard and Olympic weight plates. The handlebars at sides have rubber-coated moulded finger grips that provide a firm and non-slip grip.

This leg extension equipment has various adjustment options that add intensity during workouts and provide versatility to the users. Its thigh pads come with 12 vertically adjustable positions, whereas the press arm offers 20 adjustment positions to fit users with different leg sizes. Also, the backrest is fully adjustable for incline and decline positions. All the three rollers are Oversized 4.33″ vinyl-covered for added user comfort.


  • Heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame construction
  • It takes considerably less floor space
  • Allows both Olympic and standard sized plates
  • Molded finger grip on the handlebars
  • 12 vertically adjustable positions for thigh pads
  • 20 adjustable positions for press arm routines.
  • Fully adjustable backrest.
  • Oversized vinyl covering on all three rollers
  • Suitable for users of different shapes and sizes.
  • Wear thick resistance coating on seat, backrest, and rollers


  • It weighs around 136lbs and can be challenging to move or relocate for many.

The XMark Rotary Leg Extension and Curl Machine are simple and easy to use equipment that delivers performance, quality, and durability quite well. It offers versatile usage and helps in developing quadriceps and hamstrings. Another great add-on is that it requires less floor space and can even be located in a small room at your home.

6. Body-Solid DLEC-SF Pro Clubline Dual Leg Extension and Curl Machine

0.0 out of 5.0 stars (No Customer reviews yet)

The Body-Solid DLEC-SF Pro Clubline has an 11-gauge 2.375″ x 4.625″ oval tubing curved frame construction with sleek, powder-coated tubing that makes it a superior commercial quality leg extension machine.

Its bio-mechanically accurate pivot design helps the user to maintain correct body posture for utterly natural hamstring development. Its DuraFirm back pad minimizes lower back strain to almost zero and can be adjusted to fit users of any shape and size. The backrest can be adjusted to 12 different positions, whereas the leg rollers can be adjusted to 7 positions for leg extension and curl exercises.

This commercial quality leg extension machine comes with a 210 lbs weight stack and a 310 lbs weight stack option. Its elliptical cam ensures smoothness for the user’s arc of movement, whereas it provides shifting resistance with a full range of motion. The footpads can be adjusted through the pop-pin to support during a workout and ensure a secured user experience. All the angles of this equipment are ergonomically designed for a significant workout experience.


  • A heavy-duty commercial quality build-up
  • Robust, stable, and durable fitness equipment
  • It is designed for maintaining correct body posture during workouts.
  • Adjustable backrest with 12 different positions
  • Adjustable leg rollers for 7 different positions
  • It has 210 lbs weight stack with a 310 lbs weight stack as an option.
  • Ergonomically for an effective workout and utmost user comfort
  • Suitable for users of all sizes
  • Suitable for users of all fitness level


  • Commercial quality builds up with 53 x 43 x 66 inches dimensions hence require considerable floor space.
  • Weighs 509lbs hence require much workforce in order to move or relocate
  • Expensive

Body-Solid DLEC-SF Pro Clubline Dual Leg Extension and Curl Machine is an ideal pick for both commercial and home gym uses. With various adjustment positions and ergonomically designed angles, it can fit well for users of different sizes and fitness levels very swiftly.

7. Body-Solid Powerline PLCE165X Leg Extension Machine

4.0 out of 5.0 stars (54 Reviews)

Body-Solid Powerline PLCE165X leg extension machine is a reliable and efficient lower body strength equipment build for a safe and effective workout. It provides hold-down grips for stability and support on the back pads and thigh pads while protecting joints from any stress. The rollers have a thick foam coating that makes it comfortable and reliable during exercise.

It is designed for both upright and prone leg extensions and curls. It has a one-inch plate post for holding standard sized plates. Also, it allows the user to incorporate an adapter sleeve for 2 inches Olympic plates.

The sides of this Powerline PLCE165X machine comes with easy to hold anti-slip grip handles, which adds-in convenience while performing leg extensions and prone during leg curls. With this machine, one can build and perform knee rehab, lower hamstrings curls, quads, and quadriceps. The equipment measures 62 X 25 X 27 and weighs around 44 lbs, which adds in high stability during workouts.


  • A good build, non-wobbly, and reliable construction.
  • Angled bench design for comfortable hamstring curls
  • The machine weighs only 44 lbs; hence it is easy to move or relocate
  • Its comprehensive platform keeps the user safe during workouts.
  • It can be used for both upright and seated leg exercises.
  • Allows standard-sized weight plates
  • Easy to assemble


  • It does not come with adapter sleeves for Olympic plates and has to be added separately.

The Powerline PLCE165X Leg Extension Machine from Body-Solid is an ideal pick for beginners and intermediates. It is also a suitable choice for those who are looking for an Angled bench designed leg extension machine at an affordable price.

8. TDS Pro Leg Curl Extension Unit

4.6 out of 5.0 stars (6 Reviews)

The TDS Pro leg curl extension unit has a substantial 100% lead pewter build-up that provides the entire machine firmness and assured stability. It is equipped with bush bearings that promote easy and frictionless operation and ensures no noise while in use.

Its wide seat provides good enough space even for users of enormous size. The seat and backrest have a thick foam layering and leather coating that provides a comfortable user experience and ensures longevity of the machine. Furthermore, the backrest is thoughtfully aligned for proper body alignment.

The TDS Pro leg curl extension machine comes with an adjustable and detachable curl roller so that one can make enough room for leg extension exercises. Its pull-pin feature allow switching between leg curl to leg extension exercises swiftly. With the rotary range-of-motion adjustment, it enables various start positions for the users. The machine can resist 600lbs of weight plates (6 of 100lbs each) both Standard (1 inch) and Olympic sized (2 inches) ones.


  • Reliable, stable, and long-lasting build-up
  • Wide enough seat for users of all shapes and sizes
  • Adjustable and detachable curl roller
  • Allows both Olympic and Standard sized weight plates
  • Weight resistance up to 600lbs
  • Comfortable seat with adjustable height positions
  • Affordable, value for money
  • Requires less floor space
  • The pin bearing ensures smooth movements.


  • As per users, the assembly takes a lot of time.

The TDS Pro leg curl extension machine with its vast seat can fit well for users of any shapes and sizes. For fitness enthusiast who is looking for a machine that can fit for height up to 6’2 feet, this particular product is an ideal pick. Moreover, the curl roller is detachable, which let the user create more room for a comfortable leg extension workout.

9. Deltech Fitness Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine

4.6 out of 5.0 stars (47 Reviews)

The Deltech Fitness Leg Extension and curl machine are built with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tubing frame and powder coating finish which provides it robustness and durability and at the same time keeps it from catching rust and corrosion.

It has a broad base that provides safety, stability, and confidence during workout. Its extra-wide and extra-long flat bench has a high-density foam coating and top-grade vinyl covering that is sweat resistant, easy to clean and wear and tear resistant. With comfortable grip handles on both sides, it provides the user with comfort control during workouts.

This leg extension machines come with fully adjustable leg extension and curl pads so that it can fit well for users of every shapes and size. All 4 rollers are coated with thick foam that ensures utmost user comfort during the workout sessions. The machine has a weight capacity of up to 650lbs. It has plates pegs for both Olympic sized and standard sized plates. It is sized 53 x 26 x 36 inches hence does require minimal floor space. A weight plates storage peg has been incorporated at the back of the machine as well.


  • A reliable, good quality build-up frame.
  • Broad base for stability and safety during workouts
  • High-density sweat resistant foam coating on the seat
  • Extra-wide and long bench
  • Suitable for users of all shapes and sizes
  • Fully adjustable leg extension and curl pads
  • Weight resistance capacity up to 650 lbs
  • Can be used with both standard-sized and Olympic sized plates
  • Weight storage peg at the back
  • Highly affordable


  • Limited leg extension range

The Deltech Fitness Leg Extension and curl machine is a piece of very affordable equipment that provides utmost value for the price. The machine is suitable for users of all fitness level, shapes and sizes.

10. Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench with Leg Extension

4.2 out of 5.0 stars (309 Reviews)

The Weider XRS 20 Olympic leg extension machine is highly valuable equipment that features leg and curls extension, independent squat rack, and a preacher pad.

This heavy-duty, reliable steel-framed machine allows the user to perform multiple workouts using the same equipment. Its backrest comes with 6 adjustable positions which can be securely locked behind with a bar.

The bench is designed to handle maximum weight up to 610lbs (310lbs user weight and 300lbs weight plates). The Preacher Curl Pad has an adjustable and detachable mechanism which makes enough room for comfortable leg extension workouts.

This multi-utility leg extension machine can hold both Olympic sized and Standard sized plates conveniently. Its independent Olympic grade squat rack can be used or detached as per user’s convenience and requirement. The preacher curl pad with curl York attachment let the users train their biceps. Also, when done, the curl York attachment can be detached for making room for comfortable leg extension and curl exercises.


  • Heavy-duty build up with assured stability and durability.
  • Multiple and versatile workout options in one equipment.
  • Weight resistance capacity up to 610lbs
  • Allows both Olympic sized and standard sized plates
  • Removable Preacher Curl Pad & Curl Yoke attachment
  • Adjustable backrest with 6 positions
  • Independent Olympic squat rack
  • Highly affordable
  • Value for money


  • No such cons reported

The Weider XRS 20 Olympic leg extension machine is one of the best workout equipment under $200. It provides versatile usages in a highly affordable price. Moreover, with immense adjustable options, users can create independent space for every workout dedicatedly. It is suitable for the user of all fitness levels, shapes, and sizes.

Choosing a suitable leg extension machine is a hefty task, especially when there are plenty of options available in the market. Also, when investing a considerable amount, one must be sure of every aspect of the equipment. Hence, we have prepared the list of 10 Best Leg Extension Machine above that has some of the top-performing models. Also, we have tried to incorporate equipment for every budget range so that one can make the right choice.