10 Best Leg Press Machines of 2020 Reviewed

Fitness and strength are essential for our body, however, it’s the lower body that must be toned and strengthened significantly. Legs carry our entire bodyweight and structure; hence, enhancing their strength and stability is crucial for every fitness enthusiast. Leg press exercises are ideal ways to build and polish the key leg muscles while being healthy and fit.

Leg press machine at commercial gyms is one heavy-duty equipment. However, with the growing trend of home/ garage gyms, brands are now also dealing in leg press machines that are ideal for bringing home as well. Price range, machine weight, durability, performance, convenient portability, easy-to-use interface are some essential factors that are looked while purchasing heavy-duty strengthening machines for home gyms.

Now with hundreds of options out there, getting one perfect pick for your home gym addition can become a tricky task for many. Therefore, we have shortlisted the top 10 best leg press machines considering their performance, build-up, flexibility, and price.

1. Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press

leg press machine

5.0 out of 5.0 stars (3 Reviews)

The Body-Solid LVLP is a commercial-grade Horizontal Leg Press machine exclusively designed for leg press exercises only. It targets all your leg muscles while providing a natural and free weight resistance. It comes with a direct drive press system, ensuring an effective, smooth, and intense workout by providing accurate weight resistance.

The large pivoting footplate maintains the correct foot position and supports a natural range of motion through the entire leg press workout. The fully adjustable back support lets the users customize the seat for proper body alignment. Moreover, the thick foam coating at the back remains comfortable while resting for utmost user support.

This Body-Solid leg press machine is made up of a 2 x 3 inches thick, 11-gauge steel frame, which provides the entire unit with high strength and stability. Its powder-coated metallic silver finish keeps the unit scratch and corrosion-free even with years of usage. The machine can accommodate 2″ inches Olympic-sized weight plates with the maximum resistance power of 525lbs. Body-solid provides a lifetime guarantee for every part of this unit.


  • 24 inches extra wide footplate
  • Direct drive press system
  • Adjustable back support with a comfortable coating
  • Heavy-duty commercial quality builds up, which ensures strength, stability, and durability
  • Anti-scratch and corrosive coating
  • Weight plate storage pegs on either side
  • Edge guard at all four foot for floor protection
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Does not makes much noise


  • Expensive
  • Increased weight resistance could have justified the performance and price.
  • The installation process may take time and extra efforts

The Body-Solid LVLP horizontal press machine stands at the top in terms of quality and construction. It is designed to be more secure than various other leg press machines where the weight is over the users’ body. It is suitable for users of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

2. Bodycraft F660 Leg Press/Hip Sled Machine

4.8 out of 5.0 stars (14 Reviews)

The Bodycraft F660 Leg Press and Hip Sled machine is an excellent unit for both Leg Press and Hack Squat exercises. A fully adjustable footplate which can be positioned for 5 different angles and any required position. It can also be folded flat during Hack Squats for providing enough space to the users.

The adjustable shoulder pads come with high-rate bearings and a wide range of adjustments so that it can fit well for users of all sizes. It can get compact enough as well then most of the other leg press machines in the range. This unit allows the users to perform multiple lower body exercises, including hack squats, leg presses, donkey squats, calf raise, and more.

With its industrial-grade linear bearings, the machine will never fall flat and work smoothly for extended years. It has a significant build-up with heavy gauge steel usage that makes it stand out at best, even then various high-end leg press machines. With high-density comfortable foam padding all over the required zones, it minimizes the pressure on inactive body areas, making it identically comfortable to use. It can accommodate Olympic-sized weight plates and have a maximum resistance power of up to 1000lbs.


  • It offers multiple usages within one single unit.
  • Fully adjustable and flat-folding footplates
  • Adjustable shoulder pads to fit users of all heights
  • Can be set with ease, compact enough than various other machines.
  • Suitable for multiple lower body workouts
  • Industrial-grade liner bearings for long, uninterrupted, and comfortable usage
  • Difficult to wear out the commercial quality build-up
  • Impressive resistance power of up to 1000lbs
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Most massive Leg Press machine, hence the assembling or relocating process can get too tiresome.

The Bodycraft F660 Leg Press and Hip Sled machine is an outstanding unit in quality and resistance power. The engineering behind its construction makes it almost impossible for it to wear and tear even after extended usage years. With 1000lbs of resistance, it is an ideal pick for athletes and professional fitness experts.  

3. XMark Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine XM-7616

4.8 out of 5.0 stars (14 Reviews)

The XMark XM-7616 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine is one of the safest units to have at home than most of the other similar ones. It comes with 4 adjustable settings on the backrest and footboard that let the users set it for natural pressing motion and a suitable angle as per their height. The leg press is attached with non-slip feet for increased stability and preventing the floor from getting damaged, making it highly suited to place on your home floor.

The padded dual shoulder braces are designed with the required amount of cushioning, making it comfortable for your shoulders while bearing higher weight pressure. The back pad and headrest are designed with ultra-thick 3″ inches Duracraft split cushioning and tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl that ensures comfort for the users and, at the same time, can withstand years of regular usage.

This XMark leg press machine has an 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ and 2″ x 2″ steel mainframe construction that ensures high strength and stability for high resistance training. The scratch-resistant powder coated finish keeps it new and shiny even after prolonged usages. It offers a highly sufficient weight resistance power of up to 1000lbs.


  • Reliable, stable, and strengthened construction
  • 4 adjustable settings on backrest and footboard
  • It ensures a natural pressing motion making it comfortable and safe for the user’s body
  • One of the safest of all the units
  • Ultra-thick challenging to wear and tear seat and backrest covering
  • Scratch-resistive coating
  • Great resistance power of up to 1000bs
  • Easy to operate
  • Anti-slip foot guard ensure stability and safety for your home floor.


  • No such cons reported yet

The XMark XM-7616 Leg Press machine is ergonomically designed for safe and comfortable use both at a home gym and a commercial gym. With excellent resistance power and high flexibility (functional), it provides the user with the required results. Moreover, it is an affordable pick and offers excellent value for money.

4. FORCE USA Monster Ultimate 45 Degrees Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo Machine

4.5 out of 5.0 stars (25 Reviews)

The FORCE USA monster 45 degrees leg press machine is a 4-in-1 unit that serves the purpose for leg press, forward thirst, hack squat, and calf raise exercises quite well. Its 5 safety-lock positions and 5 racking positions provide immense flexibility than various other models in the range. The 60″ “H x 66” “W x 94” “L mainframe makes it a suitable unit even for users up to 7 feet tall. Though with this size and 463lbs machine weight, it would require considerable floor in a home gym.

With its oversized adjustable footplate, users can adjust their body posture to emphasize specific leg muscles.The 5 safety lock positions provide enhanced safety and ensure that the mechanism fits well for users of all shapes and sizes. It is made up of a 2″x4″ powder-coated laser-cut steel mainframe that provides enough strength, stability, and safety to the users. It offers resistance power up to a maximum of 1000lbs.

An adjustable safety catch has been provided beneath the seat for increased user safety. The machine has 4 plate storage pegs on either side and some extra plate holders below the sled for handling extreme weight. Lastly, the 45-degree angle provides maximum effectiveness for leg press and other multiple lower body exercises.


  • Easily convertible design
  • Various adjustable features like footplate, safety lockout, and racking positions
  • It provides users with the utmost safety and security
  • Extreme quality build-up
  • Powerful and long-lasting equipment
  • Smooth operations with minimized noise
  • Impressive resistance up to 1000lbs
  • Easily suitable for users up to 7 feet
  • 4 plate storage pegs with extra holders beneath the sled
  • The Band pegs allow adding some extra resistance


  • It is huge and extremely heavy, hence is tiresome to relocate or even move
  • Its weight can damage your home floor, hence advisable to have a floor protectant layer, increases cost.

The FORCE USA Monster leg press machine is a cornerstone equipment designed for professional trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes. It is the best suitable option for both commercial and home gym. Users looking for a leg press machine that is ideal for extreme height (about 7 feet) must go for it.

5. TDS 4-Way Hip Sled Leg Press Machine

4.5 out of 5.0 stars (63 Reviews)

The TDS 4-way strength-building unit is designed for leg press, hack squat, forward thrust, and calf raise exercises. It is durable and can withstand intense workout sessions and heavy usage for long-lasting years. The adjustable leg raise design allows the user to perform leg raise exercise at three different angles (30, 40, and 45 degrees) and provides an effective workout angle for calf raises.

The deluxe shoulder padding adds to utmost user comfort while performing squats. In contrast, the non-skid seat and backrest coating help the users to stay in position even during sweat.This entire leg press unit, including the weight wheels, is crafted from heavy-duty solid steel tubing that adds to the strength and provides it with increased stability.

It is equipped with 8 side thrust wheels that guarantee smoother operations and flawless movement. It provides a weight resistance power of up to 1000lbs. The diamond-plate designed foot platform keep your position in check and prevents your feet from slipping off anytime.


  • Extremely robust and stable crafting
  • 3 adjustment angles on the platform
  • 8 smooth-moving wheels
  • Weight storage pegs on either side
  • Resistance power up to 1000lbs
  • contoured shoulder padding for increased user comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable, value for money
  • Anti-slip diamond shaped foot platform
  • Smooth and flawless operations
  • Safety locks included
  • Suitable for users of all heights


  • The footplate could have been a little wider

TDS 4-Way Hip Sled Leg Press Machine is a multi-utility pick that supports users for multiple lower body exercises. It is suitable for users of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. It can be your ideal pick if you are looking for a leg press unit that does not require much floor space.

6. TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press

4.5 out of 5.0 stars (21 Reviews)

The TDS Premier Vertical leg press machine is designed to focus on quads, glutes, and hamstrings using maximum force. It comes with an extra-wide footplate that provides required space to users of all foot sizes and keeps them comfortable enough for a safe workout. Its press mechanism with the heavy-duty sturdy rollers makes the movement smoother and flawless for every single usage. It has both Standard (for 1″ inch weight plates) and Olympic (for 2″ inch weight plates) weight bars. It provides the users with a maximum resistance power of 1000lbs.  

The entire unit is crafted with heavy gauge steel tubing and is mounted upon eight heavy-duty steel rollers. It is equipped with safety stoppers on either side that ensures maximum safety, especially within a vertical leg press designed unit. The stoppers can be set at various positions so that users can press as deep as they require within an utmost secured process.

The backrest is layered with a deluxe 3-inches thick stitched padding and is positioned at a slightly declined angle, which provides the users with an ideal position.


  • Heavy-duty builds up
  • Robust, reliable, and long-lasting construction
  • Safety rollers for a secured workout experience.
  • Extra-wide foot plate/platform
  • Large and comfortable backrest
  • Smooth rollers
  • It can accommodate both Standard sizes and Olympic sized weight plates (5* 100lbs on either side)
  • Weight resistance power up to 1000lbs
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Assembling instruction is not very clear and helpful.
  • Vertical leg press machines can be a bit noisy.

The TDS Premier Vertical leg press machine has a more straightforward leg press mechanism than various other models in the range. It is one very efficient unit that is designed for more intense and heavy workouts. It is suitable for users of all sizes and fitness levels.

7. Valor Fitness Vertical Leg Press Machine

4.6 out of 5.0 stars (23 Reviews)

The Valor Fitness vertical leg press machine is a superior product for your home gym setup. It is equipped with a solid steel hammer tone footplate that provides you with a better foot grip and keeps you from slipping off. The neck and body pad are double layered with high-density vinyl padding that can withstand intense stress and provide users with maximum comfort. The neck is ergonomically designed to fit well at your neck curve and minimize any stress or discomfort. Simultaneously, the backrest is well designed and declined to flow well with the natural spinal curve.

With 4 pin locks near the base, users can adjust the positioning as per their leg size and comfort. There are hand grips on each side to provide increased support with each leg press. The entire unit is constructed with a 2″ inches x 2″ inches solid steel frame that ensures strength and stability. It can hold up to 500lbs weight plates, both Olympic sized (2″ inches) and the Standard sized (1 inch) ones. The machine has 3 weight storage pegs; however, the adaptor sleeves need to be incorporated separately for Olympic size weight plates.


  • Ergonomically designed neck and backrest for maximized comfort and minimized stress
  • Solid steel hammer tone footplate
  • 4 pin lock system to accommodate users of various height
  • It can accommodate both Standard sized and Olympic sized weight plates
  • Reliable and stable steel frame construction
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Comfortable handle grips


  • Very thin footplate, however, if worked out while wearing actual cross-training shoes and adequate posture, the size of footplate would not harm
  • Some users might require to add a footplate separately

The Valor Fitness vertical leg press machine is an ideal unit for beginners and intermediates. It provides the users with a maximum resistance of 500lbs, suitable for home gym leg press equipment. The USP of this unit is its ergonomically designed back and neck rest, which is one of the best qualities of various other expensive models.

8. Powertec Fitness Leg Press Machines

4.4 out of 5.0 stars (50 Reviews)

The Powertec Fitness 45 Degree Angled leg press masterpiece for home gym setup. It has a heavy-duty steel construction that ensures maximum strength and stability forthe entire unit and keeps it intact at its place.

The backrest can be positioned at 3 different angles to fit users of all sizes. Its wide backrest and seat are layered with thick leather coating that can withstand years of prolonged usage. It utilizes a roller driven mechanism with bearing-driven, nylon-reinforced wheels that ensures smooth and flawless operations with every single use.

This leg press unit is equipped with a wide diamond high tensile strength foot platform that provides enough space to keep the foot comfortably. It has dual safety catches on either side that ensures user security at the control of your hands. It can accommodate Olympic-sized weight plates (4 weight horns) easily and has a weight resistance power of up to 1000lbs.


  • A heavy-duty frame that ensures strength and stability
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Wide and adjustable diamond footplate
  • Unique roller system for smoother operations
  • It provides a great range of motion.
  • Weight resistance power of up to 1000lbs
  • Safe levers for better control on each of the side
  • Easy to operate.
  • Ultra-thick and well-stitched coating on seat and backrest
  • Affordable


  • No such cons reported

The Powertec Fitness leg press machine is well-designed equipment that provides an excellent range of motions and ensures smoother operations. The unit is highly adjustable and can be customized to fit users of all sizes. Moreover, with 1000lbs resistance power, it serves well for all fitness levels.

9. Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

4.1 out of 5.0 stars (18 Reviews)

The Titan leg press machine provides 2-in-1 function in one single unit. It is an ideal equipment for leg press and hack squat (4 different variants) exercises. It is designed for users of all shapes and sizes, be it beginners or athletes. The safety handles on either side of its seat provides the user with easy and quick control regardless of their position.

The footplate offers considerable space for the users to maintain a safe grip so that their foot does not slide off despite the leg press’s intensity or speed. Both its footplate and backrest come with an easy folding mechanism.The entire leg press frame is crafted from heavy-duty steel that provides strength and stability while maintaining the form even with years of prolonged usage.

It is designed to accommodate Olympic sized weight plates and offer a total weight resistance of up to 875lbs. Two additional weight storage pegs have been incorporated as well at the lower end of the machine. The backrest can be declined to three different angles for suiting users’ requirements and comfort.


  • Suitable for leg press and 4 different variants of hack squat exercises
  • Safety handles for quick and easy control
  • Can fit for users of all sizes and fitness levels
  • Firm grip footplate, moderately sized but fits well
  • Foldable footplate and backrest
  • A heavy-duty, long-lasting build-up
  • Stable and robust unit
  • Weight resistance power of up to 875lbs
  • 3 decline angle positions on the backrest


  • Assembling instruction is unclear and confusing

The Titan leg press machine is a moderately priced unit that provides enough flexibility to accommodate users of all sizes and fitness levels. With the maximum weight resistance power of 875lbs, it serves well for professional usages as well. However, with very fair pricing that justifies performance and functionality, it is an ideal pick for your home gym.

10. TDS Fitness Mini Leg Press Machine

3.8 out of 5.0 stars (24 Reviews)

The TDS Fitness Mini leg press machine has a solid steel frame construction that ensures the entire unit’s strength and stability (even with maximum weights loaded). The grey and black powder coating finish protects it from scraping and wearing out and extends its durability for long years.

It offers three-leg press positions that can be adjusted as per user requirement and comfort. The backrest can also get inclined/ declined into various angles so that it fits well to the users of different sizes and fitness levels. Both of the adjustment features provide more for an intensified workout session.This unit is mounted upon 8 rollers for improved motion.

The maximum resistance power this leg press machine provides is up to 600lbs, which is an average level mainly used at home gyms. Its 32″ x 16″ inches diamond steel plate gives enough room to maintain a safe and comfortable position. Whereas the diamond texture keeps the user’s foot from getting slipped even during heavy workout sessions.


  • Sturdy, robust, and long-lasting build-up
  • Fits well for users of height up to 6’3 feet
  • Various adjustable positions and angles
  • Comfortable seat and backrest
  • Weight resistance of up to 600lbs
  • Safe and comfortable footplate grip
  • Affordable, value for money


  • No weight storage pegs

The TDS Fitness Mini leg press machine is an affordable option for beginners and an intermediate fitness level. It is compact compared to commercial-sized leg press and can be an ideal pick for your home gym addition.

This was a complete review guide for the 10 Best Leg Press Machines of 2020. It includes some best combinations that are ideal for Leg press and hip sled exercise, whereas some focus upon strengthening multiple leg muscles. The list above has a mix of both commercial quality and home usage leg press machines at affordable budget. Make sure you go for the right unit that suits your fitness requirement and is good enough to have as your home gym and buy your Leg Press Machine today!!!