10 Best Massage Guns of 2020 Reviewed

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Massages are a regular part of a fitness enthusiast’s, professional athletesor a physiotherapist’s life and the introduction of the percussive massagers have become quite popular among them.

Massaging helps to get rid of muscle soreness, earlier people used foam rollers for massages and now the massage guns are considered as a more efficient option. The Handheld massager helps your body to get rid of stiff muscles, treat muscle tissues, soreness, etc. Another benefit with the massager is that it helps to stimulate the muscles and prepare it for activity.

Massage guns are considered to be the best tools for before and after work out relaxation and treatment. There are a variety of massage gun options available in the market, with varying features, technologies, affordability and so on. This of course makes it difficult to make the right choice.

At MuscleMaxim our focus is to help fitness enthusiast get the equipment and tools that help them stay fit and healthy. Here, we have reviewed and prepared a list of the 10 Best Massage Guns of 2020 that you can use to relax yourself and get relief from pain at home. We have considered all the important criteria to ensure you make the right choice and buy the right gadget.

1. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

4.7 out of 5.0 stars (6451 Reviews)

The Sonic Handheld Massage gun is one of the top quality percussive massagers in the market offered by LifePro, which helps to get rid of sore muscles and relief pain.

The Sonic Massager has a powerful motor that ensures effective deep penetration that gives complete relaxation and relief from pain. It helps to activate trigger points, enhances flexibility and mobility.

This percussive massager is extremely quiet and portable; this handheld massager can be used conveniently with one hand with a comfortable grip. It has Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a run time of 3-6 hours. It has a brushless motor which makes it very convenient, noiseless and effective to use. The vibrator switch is close to the index finger right where you grip.

With the Sonic Percussion Massager, you get 5 varied types of massage heads that have different implications and impacts. The massager has 5 different levels of intensity which can be adjusted from 20Hz to 45Hz, (with 1200-1800RPM), also the massager has a heavy duty frame that keeps it stable. It is extremely easy to use; you can follow the guide that you get with it. It has an LED featured panel with the on and off switch and the charging port of 16.8V for power source on top.


  • It has a strong frame material, with soft massager head.
  • Ergonomic design for convenient and comfortable gripping.
  • 5 Different massage heads to impact different areas.
  • 5 Adjustable levels of Vibrations to 20-45Hz at 1200-1800RPM.
  • Chargeable Port at the front end.
  • 1 Rechargeable Lithium ion battery.
  • Vibrator Trigger right at the grip under the index finger.
  • Battery capacity of 3-6hours.
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty.


  • This Massager is likewise very popular, but the life of the product can be questionable. Though it is backed by warranty.

The Sonic handheld massager is considered as the most versatile equipment that you can find on the internet. It is sturdy equipment with a hefty battery life of 6 hours long on full charge, which also makes it portable. If you are new to body building, you are very likely to have stiff muscles and cramps, having a massager with different heads shall be very helpful. This product can be bought at a great price of 100-120$.

2. Legiral High Intensity Professional Massager

4.7 out of 5.0 stars (6759 Reviews)

The Legiral Percussion Massager is one of the most uniquely and beautifully designed massager that you would love to have in your home.

It is one of the most effective personal massager for fitness enthusiasts, therapists and chiropractors, etc. It has a big 2500mAh Rechargeable Lithium battery that gives 6 hours of battery life when fully charged. Also as the percussion massager weights 4.1lbs, it is lightweight and you can carry it with you.

The Legiral massager has a very powerful brushless motor of 24V with quiet glide noise reduction tech that makes the noise very low. Also, you get 20 Adjustable speed modes that can be adjusted according to needs. It has 6 replaceable massage heads to target different muscle groups.The silicone handle offers better gripping and the 16mm deep massaging amplitude adds to the benefits.

It is very easy to use, you get a LED control that helps you to adjust the speed and vibration levels that makes the tool convenient to use.


  • Smooth Silicone handle to offer comfortable gripping.
  • 2500mAh Rechargeable battery, 6 hours of backup.
  • 20 Adjustable Speed and vibration levels.
  • 6 Replaceable massage heads.
  • 16mm Deep Amplitude for deep muscle penetration.
  • Lightweight, very easy to carry.


  • There are no cons of concerned. It is considered as the best percussion massager.

The Legiral Handheld massager has a unique design, which makes it very convenient and comfortable to use. You get a lightweight, strong and effective tool that gives the most impactful results. This massage can be used by both beginners and professionals, it is also recommended by therapists. You can buy this product at an affordable price range of 120-140$.

3. Flyby F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

4.6 out of 5.0 stars (5512 Reviews)

The Flyby F1Pro is an extremely lightweight deep tissue massager that is very easy to use and effective for relaxation and treating muscle pain.

The Flyby F1Pro is quality industrial-grade equipment and it weighs only 1.8 pounds. It has a very compact design that is easy to hold and very convenient to use. Use of Quiet Brushless Motor with a Silent Tech Noise Reduction technology, you get a tool that makes a very low noise.

This percussion massager has a rechargeable 26V battery that offers a battery backup of 4+hours when fully charged. It is a cordless tool with 3 levels of varying speed from 1800-3200RPM with deep amplitude of 10mm. You also get 6 customizable attachments to experience professional massages at home.


  • An industrial grade quality material.
  • Extremely light weight, weighs only 1.8lbs.
  • Quiet motor with Silent Tech Noise Reduction.
  • Brushless motor produces very low sound.
  • 26V Rechargeable Battery, with 4hours of backup.
  • 3 speed levels can be adjusted from 1800-3200RPM.
  • 10m deep massaging, presses through your muscles.
  • 6 different types of attachments for professional experience.


  • There is a lot of bright light right at the place where you have the switch it can be annoying, though it is not a concern.

The Flyby F1Pro is considered as the best percussion massager, not only because it is light weight but it is also an effective tool that allows you to get a professional massaging experience at home. If you are looking for a massaging tool that is cost efficient, this is the right choice. You can get this product at an affordable price of 80-100$.

4. TaoTronics Professional Muscle Massager Gun

4.8 out of 5.0 stars (4663 Reviews)

The Taotronics Massage gun is the most effective tool to get rid of pain, muscle stiffness and soreness. It is recommended for fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, even for individuals living a sedentary lifestyle and dealing with muscle pain.

With Taotronics, you get extra-long lasting battery, which is up to 10hours long. Along with this, it also has an additional feature of auto shut-off; the machine gets switched off after 15 minutes of continuous usage to prevent overheating. This massage gun is powered by 6 batteries of 2600mAh each, which gives it a long standby time.

This percussion massage consists of a 24V high torque brushless motor with commercial grade bearing, assures durability. You are assured of silent massaging with very low sound up to 40-50db, making it easier to use in an office or work places as well.

It has 10 Adjustable speed settings to increase the strokes from 1400 to 3200RPM. The machine reaches to 12mm deep to ensure deep tissue massages and give more effective results. Also, it has 6 specialized massage heads to target specific massage groups for quick relief and better results.


  • 6 Rechargeable Battery of 2600mAh each.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery backup.
  • Auto shut-off feature, activates after 15mins of continuous usage to prevent overheating.
  • 6 Specialized Massage heads.
  • 24V high torque brushless motor with top quality bearing, ensures low noise i.e. 40-50db.
  • 10 Adjustable Speed settings, to increase the stroke from 1400-3200RPM.


  • It is comparatively expensive than other available product with same features, the unique shut off feature is a stand out.

With TaoTronics, you get a product that is long lasting, it means, not only you can use it for daily massages, but you can also travel with it. For individuals that are looking for a durable and long lasting percussion massager and budget is not a concern, they would definitely love it. You can get this product at a good price range of 110-140$.

5. Mebak Percussion Deep Tissue Massager

4.8 out of 5.0 stars (3006 Reviews)

Mebak is one of the most reputable fitness equipment manufacturers that provides you with the best massager gun and assures you of accurate percussion massages.

The Mebak massager has a 2600mAh Lithium battery that gives a battery backup of up to 2-3 hours on full charge, which of course vary on the intensity of use. It can be charged using a standard power source of 100V-240V. It has a LCD that displays the power; it massages with 12mm deep amplitude to offer more impact.

This percussion massager is effective to relieve muscle pain and soreness with 7 replaceable head attachments. It has a high torque motor and it is extremely quiet with noise as low as 40-50DBs. The massager has 5 adjustable speed settings that can be adjusted, form 640-3200RPM to target different muscle groups. Also, the massage gun is lightweight that weighs only 2.1lbs.


  • The Percussion Massager has a 2600mAh Lithium battery with a backup of 2-3hours.
  • 5 Adjustable speed settings to adjust the RPM from 640-3200.
  • 7 Replaceable head attachments.
  • 12mm deep tissue muscle percussions.
  • Automatically shuts off after 10mins of continuous usage.
  • It is lightweight, weighs only 2.1lbs.


  • There are individuals that might consider this a little heavy comparatively, especially annoying for individuals with smaller fingers.

Mebak Percussion massager is an effective tool that is recommended for both fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. If you are looking for a handy fitness tool that can help you get relieved from pain and soreness at home, this is the right tool. You can get this massager at a price range of 110-150$.

6. HypericeHypervolt Massage Gun

3.5 out of 5.0 stars (3 Reviews)

The Hyperice provides you with unique percussion massaging device that works effectively and efficiently to treat stiff and sore muscles and helps relax your body.

The Hypervolt Massage Gun comprises of patented Quiet Glide Technology that ensures perfect combination of power, performance and features. This technology keeps the tool extremely quiet while using it.

It is a Cordless Massager with a 2400mAh Rechargeable Lithium battery that gives a battery backup of up to 3hours on full charge. You get 3 variations of speed settings that can range up to 3200RPM and 5 different massager heads that allow you to customize the massager according to your needs and to comply with different body parts.

It is ergonomically designed for comfortable gripping and very lightweight, as it weighs only 2.5lbs. You can carry it with you and get a professional experience every time you need relaxation.


  • Ergonomically designed massage tool for perfect gripping.
  • Patented Quiet Glide technology.
  • 2400mAh battery, which gives 3hours of backup.
  • 3 Adjustable Speed settings.
  • 5 Different massage heads, to comply with different body parts.


  • Price can be a concern, but its features are considerably valuable.

The Hyperbolt percussion massager is one of the most popular massage guns that you can buy. It is especially recommended as because there are many professionals that use it on a regular basis. If you are looking for a sleek and effective massage tool, this is the right choice. You can purchase this product at a price range of 270-320$.

7. MaxKare Percussion Massage Gun

4.7 out of 5.0 stars (1850 Reviews)

MaxKare offers you a top quality massage percussion gun that works best for pain relief and soreness. It not only can be used by fitness enthusiasts but also by individuals living a sedentary lifestyle.

This Massage gun has a huge battery life, with 6 extra-large rechargeablebatteries with a capacity of 2200mAh each. With the availability of fast charging technology, this massage gun can be charged in 3 hours. While with the lowest setting you get a standby of 20hrs, with the highest setting it gives a backup of 7.5 hours. Also, it has an auto shut-down feature that activates after 10mins of continuous usage to save energy and prevent overheating, making it very efficient.

The MaxKare massage gun consists of a 26V high-torque brushless motor to ensure deep tissue massages in a noiseless manner that emits sound ranging from 35db to 55db. You get a 10mm amplitude deep massage by applying a force of 30lbs and use it in the perfect way.

You get 5 Speed/Vibration levels to increase the strokes from 1200RPM to 3300RPM making it the best tool for pre-workout warm up and post workout relaxation. Also, MaxKare provides you with 3 pre-set modes for specialized massages and you have 6 different massage heads that target different muscle groups for specialized therapy.


  • Huge battery life with 7.5hours to 20hours, varying according to the intensity settings.
  • 5 Adjustable levels of Speed/Vibration that ranges from 1200-3300RPM.
  • 3 Pre-set modes of warm up, muscle relaxation and deep tissue massage.
  • Use of Fast Charging Technology, takes 3 hours to full charge.
  • 6 Rechargeable Batteries with a capacity of 2200mAh each.
  • High Torque, Noiseless, Brushless Motor with a sound as low as 35-55dbs.
  • 6 Massage heads for different body parts.


  • It is considered to be comparatively heavier, as there are more batteries attached. But keep in mind you get more battery life.

The MaxKare Percussion massager is considered as the best fitness equipment for professionals, fitness enthusiasts and also for individuals that live a sedentary lifestyle. For individuals that want to have a multi-purpose tool that help you to relax at a go, you would love to have this. You can get this product at a very affordable price range of 90-100$.

8. VYBE Percussion Massage Gun- Pro Model

4.7 out of 5.0 stars (1556 Reviews)

VYBE percussion massager is one of the most versatile massagers that help you with relaxation and muscle recovery with different range of motions.

The VYBE Pro Model Provides you with a top quality machine with 9 different speeds/vibrations. This makes the stroke range of the massager from 1800-3400RPMs. The VYBE Pro Model has a unique ergonomic compact design, with a silicone grip that makes using the machine very convenient. It is a powerful massager that is extremely quiet, convenient and effective.

A benefit with this percussion massager is that you get 8 interchangeable massage heads, 3 metal heads and 5 plastic heads that help relaxing different muscle groups. The massager has an in-built battery that gives a 3hours backup on full charge. With the VYBE Pro Model, you get a massager with over 30lbs pressure and 12mm percussion deep massage that works very effectively.


  • Ergonomically designed Percussion massager.
  • Strong and durable tool with a protective silicon cover that assures perfect gripping.
  • Built-in Battery with a 3hour backup capacity.
  • Lightweight Gadget.
  • 9 Adjustable levels of Speeds/Vibrations to take the stroke range form 1800-3400RPM.
  • 8 Massage Heads i.e. 3 Metal Heads and 5 Plastic Heads.
  • 30lbs pressure with 12mm Amplitude Deep percussion massage.


  • It is found to be a fairly expensive product, considering that there are different versions available at comparatively lesser price. But you need to consider that you get features worth the value.

The VYBE percussion massager is tool that gives you a professional experience. You have different massage heads that makes massaging more effective; you can relieve knots, pain and soreness in the most convenient way. If you are looking for a sturdy gadget this is the right choice. You can get this product at a price range of 180-200$.

9. CHIROGUN Deep Tissue Massager Gun

4.7 out of 5.0 stars (1500 Reviews)

The CHIROGUN Massager provides you with an exclusive premium quality massager that offers you with a variety of massaging features that make this massage gun a very effective one.

The CHIROGUN massager gun is ergonomically designed for comfortable gripping and to offer convenience. This is an extremely versatile massager gun; it has the highest amount of attachments that you can find in a massager gun. It has 15 massage heads and 2 Bonus Massage balls that help torelax different muscle groups, can be used for full body massaging experience.

Another benefit with the CHIROGUN is that it has 30 Adjustable Speed levels that can increase the strokes up to 3200RPM; this makes it more convenient to use the massager at required amplitude.

This Massager Gun comprises of a built-in 2550mAh rechargeable battery that has a power backup of 6hours. It is made with fast charging technology and comprises of 25.2V adapter that ensures it charges quickly. The use of latest silent technology ensures that the massage gun creates noise as low as possible making sure; it doesn’t increase more than 60Db. The machine is delivered to you in a compact case which makes it easy to carry.


  • Strong and comfortable piece of equipment.
  • Extremely versatile, 15 Massage heads and 2 Bonus Massage balls.
  • 30 Adjustable Speed Levels, which can be increased to 3200RPM.
  • 2550mAh battery, which gives a lasting battery life of up to 6 hours.
  • Extremely easy to replace the attachment and convenient to use.
  • You get an Instruction Manual that helps you to use the machine.


  • You get different attachments with the product, but it seems the durability of the attachments can be a concern.

The CHIROGUN massager is a premium quality tool with a variety of massaging options that makes massaging a lot more fun. If you are looking for a budget friendly compact percussion massager that you can carry with you, this is the right choice. You can buy this product at a price range of 90-100$.

10. Cholas Handheld Body Deep Muscle Massager

4.6 out of 5.0 stars (1329 Reviews)

Cholas offer you with a top quality deep body massager that is considered to be the best solution to get relief from muscle pain and soreness.

This is a powerful handheld massager consisting of a top quality motor that offers a stroke range of up to 4800RPM. A benefit with this massager is that you get an ultra-strong Heat Dissipation feature that ensures, you can use the machine without stopping, unlike other versions that get overheated and crash.

Use of top grade moulds keeps the massage heads and the equipment tightly connected ensuring stability and smooth sliding. Also, the quality of motor reduces the noise to as low as 35db, which is extremely comforting.

You get 6 interchangeable massage heads, which is very easy to use. It features 30 adjustable speed intensity levels allowing the user to change the speed from 400 to 4800RPM. It consists of 2400mAh Lithium battery that gives it a huge 6 hours capacity on one charge. It also has an LED indicator to let you know about depleting power.


  • Lightweight, it weighs 2.5lbs only.
  • High quality moulds, to keep the tool stable.
  • 6 different massage heads.
  • 30 adjustable speed intensity levels.
  • Heat Dissipation feature, allows it to run continuously without overheating or crashing.
  • 2400mAh battery that gives 6 hours of backup on one charge.
  • High quality motor that gives a range of 400-4800RPM.
  • Noiseless, emits sound as low as 35DB.


  • None.

With Cholas Deep percussion massager, you get a lightweight, efficient and effective tool. The long lasting battery capacity and the noiseless feature allow it to be used anytime and anywhere you want. You can get this feature filled massager at an affordable price of 50-60$.

Here we complete our review for the 10 best Massage Guns of 2020. We have considered the best features and quality that you would like to have in your gadget. Get rid of stiff muscles, soreness and pain, by getting the right Massage Gun Today!!!