8 Best Tips to Get Ripped Quickly

Getting ripped is considered as a luxury by a lot of people!!!

It is believed that in order to get lean muscles and a ripped body an individual has to give a lot of time and effort, spend a lot of energy and do immense hard work.

This is true to some extent, but getting ripped becomes easier with these few simple steps, having little knowledge and the right discipline.

1. Measure your body composition

You have to know your body composition, to keep a track and ensure you are moving in the right direction.
This includes monitoring the fats, muscles and water content in the body. If you are looking to get ripped your main focus should be on fats and muscles.

If the fat content in the body is very high, it simply means you are eating more calories than you actually burn daily. This simply means you have to reduce the calories that you consume or start burning more.

Now here the concern is, as you look to cut calories it is possible that your body might react to it. The fact that your body gets low on calorie it might counteract it with loss in muscle mass.

Muscle Maxim note: Reducing the calorie content is not the proper way of getting ripped, so we do not recommend it. Instead make sure that you get the desired amount of calories from sources that also provide you with other essential macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Now, as you hit the gym, you will have the needed energy to work out and burn more fats, which is the right path towards getting ripped.

Thus, monitoring the body composition here is essential to ensure you get shredded or ripped but without losing lean muscle mass. Therefore, weight loss planning is important.

2. Prepare a nutritious meal for you

As you begin your journey towards being ripped, the next thing that you need to do is to find out what you need to eat.

The diet you prepared should consist of enough calories, provide you with the needed protein, decent amount of good fats and other essential macronutrients to help your body grow, get ripped and gain overall strength.

Your meal should contain whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. It should be a constant to your diet. Not only they help you to get the essential nutrients but are free from any kind of chemical preservatives that are difficult to digest by the body or break down food for energy.

Prepare a list of food that you will eat. It allows you to keep a track of your calories, proteins and other nutrients. This shall also ensure you eat healthy food only.

Tip– A proper nutritious meal shall contain 15% proteins (meat, fish and eggs), 45% complex carbohydrate (cereals, beans and potatoes), 10% simple carbohydrates (milk and fruits) and 30% fats (butter, meat (for animal fats) and salmon).

3. Calculate the calories you consume

Keep a check on your diet, this is important to ensure that you do not consume more calories than you burn daily.

This can be best done by calculating the calories that you consume with every meal.

As you look to get ripped, it is essential that you count your daily calorie intake, as it shall help you to understand how much work out is needed to burn excess fats. But, you will have to ensure you consume other nutrients and preserve lean muscle simultaneously.

Your focus should be on burning more calories than you get through what you eat. This shall help you to get leaner, without losing muscle mass.

Likewise, if you join the gym and your daily consumption before was 1900 calories, it will have to be increased by 300-400 calories. This will compensate for the calories that you burn in the gym and also help you to sustain your current weight.

The main focus here is to preserve lean mass and drop fat.

Tip- An average person consumes 1800-2500 calories per day (depending on factors). If you are overweight, your calorie consumption is high. You will have to start cutting calories, but keep it slow and keep monitoring it, to prevent energy loss. (1)

4. Adding more protein to your diet

If you want to get ripped quickly, it is important that you have a good digestion.

Consuming a high protein diet helps you to burn more calories while digestion, as compared to what is burned while digesting fats.

Moreover, protein is known to increase satiety, meaning it keeps you full for longer time. Thus, having a good protein diet is likely very helpful for fat loss.

Also, as you exercise and do heavy workouts in gym, you are going to need those proteins for repair and muscle building. This does make it important for you to maintain a steady protein diet to prevent any muscle loss.

The right way to get ripped involves eating high protein diet, burning more calories and eating less fat. Protein sources like meat, eggs and nuts are recommended. You can also look to add protein shakes to get the daily protein needs.

Tip- On an average a person should consume 0.8gms of protein per kg of body weight daily. (2)

5. Reduce the carbohydrates consumption

If you are looking to get leaned then you will have to reduce the amount of carbs you eat regularly.
Having a high carb diet means you are going to accumulate more amounts of fats. But you also need to understand that dropping the carb content straightaway from your meal might also lead you to lose weight quickly.

Understand that carb consumption is important, if we avoid it completely, our body shall look to burn protein for energy, which is a problem. This might further lead to reducing muscle mass as well.

Therefore, it becomes important that you consume carbs in the right amount and not slash it completely. Also, make sure that you get your carbs from the right sources too. Fresh vegetables form the best source of carbs.

Tip- For adults the daily carbohydrate intake should be around 45% of your total meal, i.e. 200-300g per day. (3)

6. Keep a check on your Fat consumption

Remember if you want to get ripped, you cannot avoid fats completely. Yes, fat loss is important but you must focus on consuming dietary fats, which act as an alternative fuel to the body.
This shall reduce your hunger and carbohydrate cravings as well, thus reducing the sugar consumption.

Also studies suggest that there are hormones that play an essential role in muscle building, such as testosterone. Here, fats play an essential role to create these hormones and balance out other functions in the body.

The fats that you consume should be healthy and clean. Use of olive oil, eating avocados and fresh nuts can be the best source for good fats.

Tip- Estimated percentage of good fats in a meal is around 35% of the calorie consumption. This means for a person consuming 1500-2000 calories per day, around 400-700 calories should come from dietary fats.

7. Keep hydrating yourself

How can drinking water help you to get ripped?It is likely the most ignored factor of getting ripped.

Water is definitely an essential source of energy and it also plays an important role in the growth and functioning of the body. Water content is essential for each cell present in the body.

Water forms additional weight in your body. Understand, if your body gets less water, it starts storing it, which results in adding weight. Having fluids in your body can still keep you bloated, even though you don’t have enough fats.

Thus, when you keep hydrating yourself on a constant basis, the body does not feel the need to store water or hold on to it. This shall allow you to get leaner and ripped effectively.

Tip- The recommended daily intake of water is 8 glass of water daily. (4)

8. Focusing on exercises or workouts

When you exercise to get ripped, your main focus is to get rid of the excess weight from your body. Being precise, your focus is to get rid of the fats.

Keeping in mind the average fat that must be present in a body is around 10-12%, which is okay. If you have more than this, you need to hit the gym to get ripped.

Focus on lifting heavy weights or doing high intensity training at least thrice a week. You can look for isolation exercises to get rid of fats in particular areas and work on your muscles as well.
Exercises that you can do without going to the gym but still be effective are, squats, push up, burpees, crunches and so on.

The more you train, the more calories you will burn and this shall simultaneously reduce the fat too. With exercise, we do not mean simply targeting the abs, but focus on exercises that have the impact on the whole body.

Also remember there are different exercises, routines and techniques that are found to be effective for everyone, so look for them. Add both cardiovascular and resistant training to your exercise routines to get ripped quickly and get the best results.

Tip-Exercises that you should focus on

• Squats
• Push ups
• Dips
• Crunches
• Burpees

Remember getting ripped is not very difficult, when done in the right way. Burn more calories and improve your metabolism, this shall help you to lose fat and get ripped. When you combine your dieting with the right workouts you are surely to get desired results.

Here we have summarized the best ways for you to get ripped.

1. Know your body composition well.
2. Make sure you eat meals full with all kinds of vitamins and nutrients.
3. Keep a check on your calorie consumption.
4. Eat a high protein diet.
5. Maintain the carbohydrate content in your daily intake.
6. Focus on eating dietary fats or unsaturated fats.
7. Drink water regularly and keep yourself hydrated.
8. Focus on exercises that help you to get ripped.