10 Best Weight Bench of 2021 Reviewed

Weight Bench or Fitness Bench is one of the most important fitness equipment found in a gym.

People always give preference on buying the best power racks, best dumbbells or barbells, etc. But the importance of having a good weight bench is ignored by many.

Why having a weight bench is important? When you add a weight bench to your gym, you open up more options for workouts and add versatility to the exercises you do.Weight bench acts as a support while working out; it is used for exercises like bench presses, bicep curls, and abs exercises, etc.

There are different kinds of weight bench that you can choose from; this includes flat bench, adjustable setting bench or multi-function bench.Buying the right weight bench can have a huge impact on your work out results.

Of course, the type of weight bench you choose varies on factors like the space in your gym room, your budget, whether you are a beginner or professional body builder and so on.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 Best Weight Benches of 2021. The list consists of weight benches that fit your budget and support beginner training sessions to intense and rough training sessions.These weight benches suits best to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Please note: The price of the product mentioned here may differ from the price on-site. Please check there once before making any purchase.

1. Cap Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

This is one of the best and cheapest weight benches on our list.

This Cap Barbell weight bench can be adjusted to 4 different positions: upright, flat, incline and decline. This increases the versatility to the workouts that you can perform.

With strong foot placement, you are assured of safety and durability while working out on this platform.

The CAP barbell weight bench has an assembled weight of 30lbs, which makes it extremely portable. The sleek and compact design makes it easy to assemble and store.

Additional features include: Dumbbell holders that increase accessibility while working with weights, foam-covered and thickly padded seating and hand grips to offer comfort during workout. Along with this, it has a weight load capacity of 300lbs, which makes it the best option for beginners.

As mentioned above, it is the cheapest weight bench on our list, you can purchase it with a small budget of 99$.


  • Adjustable to 4 different positions.
  • Weighs only 26lbs, easily portable.
  • Sturdy footing makes it reliable
  • Foam-covered seating and handgrips, offer comfort.
  • Very Affordable.


  • Works best for individuals with an average height of 5’5” to 5’9”.
  • Cannot be used for heavyweight workouts, best for beginners.

There are of course many weight benches available in the market, but the features that you get with CAP barbell weight bench is difficult to find at such an affordable price.

This is the right weight bench to buy, if you are high on enthusiasm and have a limited budget!!!

2. Marcy Multi-Position Workout Utility Bench (SB-10115)

Marcy has been one of the most influential fitness equipment providers that is popular for its performance driver products.

The Marcy Multi-position utility bench is the ideal fitness equipment for your home gym. It is a high performing fitness equipment, which ensures comfortable and efficient bodybuilding.

The weight bench consists of sturdy powder coated steel, reinforced with high density upholstery. This prevents scratches and chipping, making it more durable.

Other features include: it can be adjusted to 6 different positions that offers versatility to the workouts you can do. Thick padding on the backrest and seat offer comfort while training. It has a weight load capacity of 400lbs, which makes it ideal for light weight exercises.

It is compact and easy to fold, thus can fit the smallest gym and stored easily when not in use.


  • 6 Different adjustable positions.
  • Comfortable Padding.
  • Compact and Folds Flat.
  • Versatile, can be used for a variety of exercises.
  • Weight load capacity of 400lbs.
  • Affordable.


  • Not Recommended for Heavy weight lifting.

This is the perfect home gym bench that you can use to train different parts of your body by performing different workouts, which ensure balanced muscle development. The compact design and foldable structure make it a space saving option and ideal purchase if you have a small gym. It is a very affordable weight bench, can be bought at 157.99$.

3. Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench(Upgraded Version)

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max weight bench is one of the most sturdy and durable weight bench on our list.

The upgraded version is recommended due to the increased width size of 2” for backrest and seat. With Strong powder-coated tubular steel frame design and a weight load capacity of 800lbs, you get a strong heavy-duty workout equipment.

It is an adjustable weight bench, which can be adjusted to incline, flat and decline positions for better workout results. The Independent backrest adjustment feature and 3 positions Adjustable Leg hold down option, adds flexibility and versatility to the workout equipment.


  • Weight Load Capacity of 800lbs.
  • Upgraded to 2” wider backrest and seat (backrest 12”W X 33”L and seat 15.3”W X 14.5”L).
  • Flexible and Versatile. Adjustable Backrest and adjustable leg hold down feature, offers smooth positioning.
  • Easily foldable for Storage.


  • Slight wiggle with heavyweight lifting.
  • Cushion is of 1.75”, which is comparatively less.

The Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench is unique on its own. Strong and sturdy built quality, the adjustable feature, and the easy-to-store option give it an edge over other weight benches at the price range of 149$.

4. PASYOU Adjustable Weight Bench

PASYOU adjustable weight bench is made up with heavy duty steel construction, works best for weight lifting exercises and intense workout sessions.

Combined with premium quality heavy-duty thickened steel and unique triangular design, this weight bench becomes the ideal fitness equipment. It has a weight load capacity of 500lbs and is consistently stable.

It has an ergonomic design, which allows it to have 7 different back positions to offer versatility during workout. The backrest and seat have high-density foam padding, which ensures comfort and security while doing full-body workout. Additional leg cushion adds to the comfort for foot during workouts.

It has an easy foldable and compact design, ensures ample usage of your storage space. You only need to pull the safety plug and the bench folds down to fit under your bed.


  • 7 Easy Adjustable Positions, gives versatility.
  • Comfortable and stable Design.
  • Easy to store, very portable.
  • Non-slip rubber foot cover, for better stability.
  • Heavy-duty Steel construction- Weight load capacity of 500lbs.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not recommended for heavy weight workouts, with barbells.

If you are looking for compact and efficient weight bench for home gym and you have small storage space, this is the right option. At an budget of 99.99$, you get an excellent weight bench to perform effective upper body and lower body exercises, dumbbell workouts and several body weight exercises with ease.

5. FLYBIRD Weight Bench, Adjustable Strength Training Bench

FLYBIRD is one of the biggest manufacturers and designers of fitness equipment and specialize in building top quality weight benches.

FLYBIRD weight bench is a sturdy and durable weight bench, which is very reliable for intense workout sessions. It is made with top quality commercial thickness steel and goes through hundreds of weight test to ensure safety while working out.

The heavy duty commercial steel and the unique triangular frame design make it strong and durable. This weight bench has an incredible weight load capacity of 620lbs and effective for intense weight lifting exercises.

Additional Features include: It has an adjustable feature of 7 back positions and 3 seat positions to support full body workout. The FAST Adjustment feature with automatic lock makes it easy to adjust simply by pulling the FAST BOLT and adjusting it to the position you find most suitable. It locks automatically (you do not need a wrench to tighten the bolt), which ensures completely safety.

Lastly, to offer you with comfort, FLYBIRD weight bench backrest and seat consists of leather filled with 2” of soft foam.

The above mentioned features make it the best weight bench for a budget of 180-200$.


  • It has Multiple Adjustable Features (7 back positions and 3 seat positions).
  • Made with Heavy Duty commercial Steel, the best build quality.
  • Foldable bench with compact design, portable and easily stored.
  • Weight load capacity of 620lbs.
  • Comfortable Padding.
  • Easy Adjustment with Automatic FAST BOLT lock.
  • Value for money.


  • There are no cons with the product, but concerns about the seat height been more than average.

The FLYBIRD Adjustable weight bench is rightfully one of the best weight benches you can buy in 2021. With around 20 years of experience in the fitness equipment industry, FLYBIRD gives you value for your money and a product worth your needs.

6. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series

Next, we bring you the top line weight bench of the Bowflex SelectTech adjustable bench series, the Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench.

This weight bench is built with heavy duty commercial quality steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. The solid steel frame and its design ensure proper stability. Moreover, the weight bench has a maximum weight load capacity of 600lbs

The BowflexStowable Bench can be adjusted to 6 different angles starting from -20°(decline), 0° (flat) up to 90° (upright), this increase its versatility for workouts. Additionally, it has removable leg hold down attachment, which supports during decline exercises.

Another feature that makes this weight bench unique is, it is foldable and has wheel at the end making it stowable. Thus, can be stored with ease and takes very less space when not in use.


  • Adjustable to 6 Different angles or positions.
  • Sturdy and Durable Frame. Best quality weight bench made by heavy duty commercial steel.
  • Easy to move. Availability of wheel makes it stowable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable padding.


  • Price is slightly higher, but you get the quality assurance by Bowflex.
  • Gap between seat and backrest is a little more than the standard weight benches.

Bowflex has been one of the prominent fitness equipment providers in the world.  With the BowflexStowable weight bench, you get the value for what you pay with assured quality. This weight bench can be bought with a budget of 299-310$.

Remember, it maximizes 50% of your gym space when not in use, so if you have a small gym room, this weight bench shall be a perfect fit for you.

7. Body Solid Flat Incline Decline Folding Multi Bench (PFID125X)

The Powerline by Bodysolid Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Multi-Bench is an ideal weight bench for home-gymworkout sessions.

It has a very sleek and compact designs, it is an easy folding weight bench that offers ease of storage. The built in wheels enhance portability of the weight bench. The weight bench you purchase is pre-assembled, you just need to unfold it and start training.

It is one of the best fitness equipment to combine with free weight exercises, easy to use with exceptional functionality. The assembled weight of the fitness equipment is 42lbs and with a powerful weight load capacity of 500lbs. The weight bench is designed with precise engineering and made of highest quality components, which make it strong and sturdy for supporting intense workouts.

The Powerline weight bench can be adjusted to 7 different starting positions, from decline to flat to incline. This makes it the perfect fitness equipment for barbell and dumbbell exercises. Moreover, your powerline weight bench frame is covered by Powerline 10-year in home cover, which gives warranty for the frame for 10 years.


  • Easy to use. No Assemble Needed.
  • Weight load capacity of 500lbs.
  • Easy Folding feature, folds down compactly when not in use.
  • 10-year in-home for frame covered by Powerline.
  • Ideal size fitness equipment that can be used by almost every individual.


  • Does not have support at the back of the knee, which can cause discomfort while doing decline sit-ups.

The Powerline by Body Solid weight bench is an ideal choice for individuals that have small gym storage and want to save time on assembly. It is compact and easy to store and you can simply drag it out, unfold and start training.

A weight bench with 10 year warranty for the frame with other exclusive features, can be purchased at a budget of 235$.

8. Marcy Impex Powder Coated Steel Home Gym Adjustable Weight Bench

This Marcy Multi-function weight bench is the most effective equipment to achieve your fitness goals.

This weight bench has an adjustable backrest, which can be fixed to 6 different positions that makes it versatile. The backrest adjustment design has a secure saw-tooth feature that can be used to adjust it to incline, flat or decline position.

The bench consists of top-grade high density foam padding, which offers utmost comfort to the users. The Marcy Weight bench frame is made up of powder-coated steel for durability and resilience and it offers a maximum weight load capacity of 600lbs.

With an added total leg developer, it works both as an upper body workout and lower body workout fitness equipment. The bench’s ergonomic design and dual position leg developer make it effective for leg exercises.

You also have foam rollers for comfort that have vinyl covering and powder coated finish to prevent wearing.

This Marcy Multi-function weight bench is portable and easily stored; it has transport handle and wheels for convenience. Consisting of all the above features, you can purchase this weight bench for an average price of 180-190$.


  • 6 Position Adjustment Feature, with easy adjustment.
  • Seat can be adjusted with switch pin to alter the height for better workout results.
  • Total Leg Developer, works best for both upper body and lower body workout.
  • Transport handle and wheels, increase portability.
  • It is a Space-Saving gym essential.
  • Affordable.


  • No Padding over bolts and caps causes discomfort during leg exercises.
  • Not recommended for heavy weight lifter.

This adjustable Marcy Multi-Function weight bench is a great bench for individuals looking for sturdy and well-designed fitness equipment. The transport handle and wheels make it easy to move around and the compact and sleep design make it easy to store. It is the most suitable weight bench you can have for both upper body and lower body workouts.

9. CAP Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

The Cap Deluxe Utility provides the user with all the necessary features and functions to workout effectively. This weight bench works effectively for heavy weight lifting exercises as well as bodyweight exercises.

The CAP Deluxe Utility Weight bench is a full size utility bench which comprises of all steel constructions. This works effectively for dumbbell training routines.

The Utility Bench has 7 different backrest adjustment and 3 different seat adjustments to fit your workout needs perfectly. The all steel-construction frame allows it to have a weight load capacity of 500 pounds inclined.

Additional features include, a pair of resistance band posts, it also has transport handle and wheels to make it easier to move.

The weight bench allows you to perform upper body and lower body workouts, by using free weights to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Fully adjustable- 7 backrest position and 3 seat positions.
  • Easy to move, availability of transport wheels and handle.
  • Weight load capacity of 500lbs.
  • Added resistance band posts.
  • Versatile.
  • Affordable.


  • Space between backrest and seat, makes it little uncomfortable.
  • Not recommended for heavy weight workout such as bench presses with barbells.

With CAP Utility weight bench, you get a decent product at an economic price of 240$. CAP does offer compact and sleek design, which makes storage of the equipment pretty easy. They are available in different colors; you can purchase the one you like. CAP products are sturdy and durable, which adds to its feature too.

10. Bigzzia Adjustable Weight Bench

Bigzzia is also one of the popular fitness equipment providers; its main focus is the quality of the material on their products and designs to offer something unique to their customers.

The Bigzzia Utility weight bench is a versatile adjustable weight bench; it has 7 backrest adjustment options to support multiple workout positions. The incline, flat and decline adjustable feature makes the weight bench ideal for upper body workouts.

The Bigzzia weight bench comprises of soft high density foam for maximum comfort, padding on the backrest and seat with 2” foam thickness. The ergonomic design prevents muscle fatigue and keeps the body secured while training.

The heavy duty steel construction frame supported by thickened pipe gives the weight bench a weight load capacity of 330lbs. Moreover, the foldable feature ensures easy assembly and makes the fitness equipment portable.

This adjustable weight bench is very budget-friendly and can be purchase for 89.90$.


  • 7 adjustable back positions.
  • Non-slip thick back pad.
  • Attached Resistance Bands.
  • Heavy Duty Frame ensures stability and safety.
  • Easy and fast Assembly and easily stored.
  • Weight load capacity of 330lbs.


  • Gap formed between two settings when bench is flat, does cause discomfort.
  • Weight load capacity is minimal, not recommended for users that lift heavy.

Bigzzia provides you with the best weight bench available at such an affordable price. Use of top-graded high quality material, ergonomic design and portability makes the weight bench the right choice for a home gym. Get your weight bench today and start your training sessions.

While reviewing and compiling a list of 10 best weight benches of 2021, we came across many options. We have tried our best to include the products on our list that are affordable and effective for workouts at the same time.

While buying a fitness product, the built quality and the feature play a very important role. The above list will surely provide you a weight bench that suits your needs.

Make sure you buy the Perfect Weight Bench for your gym. Right Here!!!