10 Best Weightlifting Belts of 2020 Reviewed

Weight lifting is one of the most popular exercises that fitness enthusiast or bodybuilders prefer to build strength. To get effective results with heavy weightlifting, maintaining proper form, building core strength and keeping the body stable is very important. This is where; Weightlifting Belts become an essential support.

Weightlifting belts help the lifters to maintain posture and prevent them from any injuries while performing heavy lifts. Weightlifting belt reduces stress on lower back and helps maintain stability, which counterbalances the force and reduces the pressure on your backbone while lifting weights.

Weight belts are available in different materials; you can buy them in leather, neoprene, etc. There are different features and quality that makes several weightlifting belts differ from one another. As there are different options to consider, making the right choice becomes difficult.

Here we have reviewed the 10 Best Weightlifting Belts of 2020 for you. While preparing the list we have considered the affordability, durability, material, quality and features of the fitness equipment in mind. The review aims to bring fitness enthusiasts closer to the products that shall work best for them. Read on to find out the best product that you would like to add to your gym.

1. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt

The Dark Iron Fitness offers you the bestselling leather weightbelt that you can add to your gym equipment.

It is made up with genuine leather, an extremely durable material. It doesn’t wear or tear/break even after rigorous use. Also, leather is considered as a better quality material than leather replicas, plastic, nylon, etc.

The material used for the weightlifting belt is very soft and flexible, which bends or folds when lifting weight, it relieves you from the pain and helps you to keep your focus on lifting weights. Using the Dark Iron weightlifting belt you can enhance 10% of your average weight lifting capacity.  It is also approved by the USAPL certification for use by professional body builders, which adds to its benefits.


  • Made up of Genuine Leather material, it doesn’t break, wear or tear.
  • It is very soft and flexible: it bends while lifting heavy weights eliminating pain.
  • There is an increase of 10% of average weightlifting capacity of the user, using the belt.
  • It is approved by USAPL for use by power lifters and professional weightlifters.
  • Best for heavy weightlifting, as it is found to be very effective even for lifting weights as heavy as 500-600lbs.


  • None. It is the bestselling product.

The DARK Iron Fitness provides you with a flexible, durable and effective weightlifting belt that works both for the beginners and professionals. Thus, irrespective of whether you are a beginner weightlifter or if you are a professional, this is the perfect option for you. This bestselling weight belt can be bought at a price range of 35-45$.

2. RitFit Weight Lifting Belt

RitFit is another top selling weight lifting belt that individuals prefer while performing heavy weightlifting exercises.

The RitFit weight belts are exclusively designed to offer stable and comfortable lower back support during weight lifting exercises. It is ergonomically designed with 6 inches wide foam core to ensure utmost comfort.

The weightlifting belt has a unique tricot fabric lining with soft edges, which makes it extremely comfortable to put on and perform weight lifting exercises. It has a Velcro strap with a wide foam core that makes it fit to your lower back perfectly.

The best thing about the RitFit Weight belt is that it is Waterproof and it is hand washable with Air Dry feature that makes it very easy to use and clean.


  • It is made up of extremely soft and comfortable wide Foam material.
  • 6” Wide Foam, it fits perfectly and comfortably to your waist.
  • It has Velcro strap for perfect fitting, with brushed tricot lining for utmost comfort.
  • The material is extremely soft and flexible, making it very easy to use.
  • Adjustable to fit perfectly to the lower back.
  • The weightlifting belt is Waterproof and hand washable.
  • Ensures Safety with improved biomechanics.
  • Available in different sizes, makes it accessible for every individual.
  • You have a lifetime warranty with the product, which adds to the benefits.


  • Even though the tricot lined foam material is a very comfortable material, leather is considered as more durable and comfortable.

The RitFit Weightlifting Belt is not limited to weight lifting only; it can be used for all kinds of Strength Training. Individuals looking for an all-round fitness product for support and stability, the RitFit weightlifting belts are the best choice. This affordable weight lifting belt can be bought at a price range of 14-25$.

3. Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Leather weightlifting belts is one of the most durable and comfortable fitness equipment that supports heavy lifting training.

This weightlifting belt is made with padded leather and it has a 4 inch wide weightlifting belt with an exclusive contoured design. The interior of the belt consists of cushioned foam anddouble stitching with suedeleather that enhances comfort of the user and increases the durability of the fitness equipment.

The genuine leather weightlifting beltis considered to offer better quality support and help maintain correct posture while lifting weights. The weightlifting belt is supported with heavy duty dual steel prong buckle that secures the belt perfectly to your lower back and keeps it stable.


  • Use of Padded Leather Ensures durability of the equipment.
  • The weightlifting belt has a Contoured Design.
  • Double Stitching on the Belt ensures enhanced durability.
  • Width of the belt is 4 inches, which ensures proper back support.
  • Interior Foam Cushioning with Suede Lining, increases comfort.
  • Heavy Duty dual Prong Steel Buckle that keeps the belt secure, stable and fit perfectly at one place.


  • There are issues like slip of or sliding during certain exercises. Keep in mind, the weight belt is available in different sizes, so make sure that you get the right size.

Harbinger padded leather weight belt is one of the beautifully designed and effective fitness equipment that you can add to your gym. If you are looking for sturdy fitness equipment that can withstand rigorous exercises routines, this is the best option. You can get this product at a very affordable price of 25-35$. You have a variety of sizes to choose from.

4. ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

ProFitness provides you a belt that is both effective for workout and weightlifting at home. It helps you to keep your postures and form stable and secured while doing resistance and lifting workouts.

You get a premium grade genuine leather weightlifting belt that is considered as the most durable and comfortable material. It has an adjustable 4”inch wide weight lifting belt that offers complete support to your lower back and allows you to workout efficiently.

Other features that make Profitness Weightlifting belt the best include: It has a strong double prong heavy duty buckle, the belt has double stitching to keep it secure and enhance durability. The leather used in the weightlifting belt is 5mm thick and soft, making it very efficient and effective.


  • The ProFitness workout belt is great for both weight lifting routines and regular exercises like squats.
  • Use of Genuine Leather makes the belt extremely soft to wear and very durable.
  • It has a 4” wide belt for back support, with a 5mm thick leather material, which makes it sturdy and strong.
  • The Double Prong Heavy Duty Steel Buckle combined with Heavy Duty Rivets;this ensures that the belt stays in place, even when you do rigorous exercise routines.
  • It is adjustable making it easier to use.
  • It can be used by both male and female fitness enthusiasts.


  • There are no cons. It is one of the best quality weightlifting belts.

ProFitness provides you with a premium grade workout belt that is extremely durable. It is useful for both men and women and works perfectly to for both workout routines and weightlifting routines. Whether you are a professional or just looking to start weight lifting, this is the best fitness equipment to protect and support your lower back during exercises. You can get this fitness product at a price range of 30-35$.

5. Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt

Element 26 provides you with a unique and innovative weightlifting belt design that makes the fitness equipment a desirable one.

The Element 26 weightlifting belt is manufactured using the 100% premium Nylon Material, which makes it very effective, comfortable and completely safe. Use of Premium-Nylon makes the belt better, as it doesn’t give any kind of discomfort that some people experience with other materials.

The Full-Metal Self-Locking System is a unique feature that makes the Element 26 different from other weightlifting belts. Unlike use of Velcro or Buckles that have the chances of snapping or getting worn out after regular usage, the self-locking technology is extremely durable, safe and completely secured.

The Element 26 has a completely parallel design, unlike other weightlifting belts that have contoured designs to focus more on lower back. But, here you get a 4” Wide Uniform Even Belt that offers complete support throughout the lumbar and abdominal area, enhancing stability during weightlifting.


  • Unique and Innovative design that offers more stability.
  • The Self-Locking Technology adds to the benefits, it allows you to focus completely on your workouts.
  • Made up of 100% Premium Nylon Material, it is extremely comfortable and durable.
  • 4” Wide Belt with a Uniform design, it offers support throughout the abdominal area.
  • The Element 26 Belt is also approved by USAPL to be used in competition by professionals.


  • The thickness of the belt is comparatively lower than belts made with other materials. This is where many individuals prefer the leather weightlifting belt.

Element 26 Weightlifting Belts are more comfortable, give better performance results and more durable. You get a unique Self-Locking Technology System that gives the weightlifting belt an edge. It is a great fitness equipment option for individuals that want the ease of getting ready for their lifting workouts quickly with assured safety. You can buy this product at a price range of 30-35$.

6. RDX Weight Lifting Belt for Fitness Gym

RDX Weightlifting Belt is the most popular leather belt that is preferred by several bodybuilders, powerlifters and fitness enthusiasts

The RDX belt is made with genuine leather/hide; you get Nubuck Oil-Tanned leather that is considered to be a more effective material. It is the best material, as it is scrap proof, slit proof and crack resistant.

The Weightlifting Belt comes with a top-grade Stainless Steel Buckle that ensures stability and durability to the Belt. The Belt is Dual- Stitched with suede leather that makes it tear and fissure resistant. The RDX Crossfit weightlifting belt has a 4 inch wide contoured design that ensures comfort for the user during weightlifting routines.


  • Geniune Leather material with velvet like surface making the belt very soft and smooth.
  • Top-Grade Stainless Steel Buckle for sturdy grip.
  • Contoured belt design, offer support to the lumbar or lower back while lifting weights.
  • More number of holes for better adjustability.
  • 4” wide Belt enhances comfort.
  • The belt is designed with wicks that help to absorb sweat.
  • Double Stitched suede leather ensures safety and durability of the belt.


  • Be careful with the size while buying the product, even with the adjustability feature you still need to look for the right size.

RDX CrossFit provides you with the weightlifting belts that are preferred for home gym exercises and also used by professionals. Considering the qualities and features of the belt, you get it at a very affordable price. If you want a weight belt that performs well and is cost efficient, this is the right choice. You can get the weightlifting belt at a price range of 25-35$.

7. Harbinger Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Weightlifting Belt is a combination of strength and durability; it is the best option you would like to add to your gym equipment.

The Harbinger Belt is made up of premium nylon material which is strong and flexible that ensures utmost comfort for the user and durability of the product maintaining effectiveness. The Belt is 4 inches wide with a uniform design to support the abdominal area and the lower back.

A unique quality of the Harbinger Weightlifting Belt is that along with the inner 4” wide belt, you also get a uniform support strap, which is 3” wide. This ensures maximum support in the abdominal region during weightlifting exercises. Use of nylon stitching 346 on the belt adds durability;it is a heavy duty thread. This too allows the weightlifting belt to be stable while exercising and keeps the support intact.


  • Premium Quality Nylon Material offers best support.
  • 4” Wide Belt with a uniform design combined with 3” support strap which also runs through the belt in a uniform way.
  • 346 Count Nylon Stitching, used for heavy duty stitching ensures durability.
  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Buckle that adds stability to the belt.
  • The Belt is Thick & Flexible, ensures comfort and proper support.


  • The Belt has a Velcro to strap it to your waist, which is not considered as the best locking system. There are other versions that have higher preference.

The Harbinger Weightlifting Belt is considered as one of the most affordable and effective weightlifting belt. If you are looking for budgeted fitness equipment, without compromising on the quality and features, this is the right option. You can purchase this product at a very affordable price of 15-20$.

8. ProFitness Weight Lifting Belt

ProFitness Weightlifting Belt is considered as the best fitness equipment that you would like to add in your gym arsenal. It is completely safe and effective equipment.

The ProFitness Weightlifting Belt is made up of 100% Genuine Leather; it is an extremely durable material for a weight belt. A benefit with this product is that, you get a Pre-Broken Belt, unlike other leather belts, where you have to get them in the right shape before using it.

The Weightlifting belt is 4” wide to offer better support for lower back during lifting. Built with 7mm thick leather and tapered design ensures more comfort. The Weightlifting belt has top grade leather on the outside combined with Suede leather inside for comfortable fit, stable and secured grip.It also has a Heavy Duty Double Cap Rivets with Double Reinforced Stitching and Top grade Double Prong Buckle, which distributes the pressure equally and enhances performance results.


  • Made up of 100% genuine leather.
  • Contoured and Tapered Design to offer comfort.
  • 4” Wide with 7mm thick leather.
  • Double Reinforced Stitching with Double Cap Rivets, enhances durability.
  • Heavy Duty Double Prong Buckle keeps the belt secured and stable.


  • There are no Cons. Though, you might find it a little expensive, but the features and quality it offers is worth the value for money.

ProFitness Weightlifting Belt is one of the most comfortable and effective fitness equipment. It is a strong and durable weightlifting belt that means you have a weightlifting belt that stays with you for a long time. If you are looking for fitness equipment that is long lasting, you can buy this at a reasonable price range of 30-35$.

9. Hawk Fitness Dip Belt with Chain

Hawk Fitness Dip Belt is a unique weightlifting belt that is a combination of weight belt and a chain that supports dip exercises.

The Hawk Fitness weightlifting belt is made up with the top grade Neoprene material, it is strong and durable. The weightlifting also has strong heavy padding to make sure the weight belt withstands the weights during dip workouts.

It has a 36 inches long Adjustable Steel Chain that can be used for dipping or pull up exercises to add more resistance during routines. The weight belt has a unique design for the dipping belt, which can effectively be used for heavy weight lifting and high impact training, which can hold weights up to 300lbs.


  • A combination of weightlifting and dipping belt.
  • Made up of Best quality Neoprene material with foam inner padding to ensure comfort and durability.
  • 36” Adjustable Steel Chain with a weight capacity of 300lbs.
  • 6mm thick weightlifting belt with rounded edges for comfortable gripping.
  • Unique design of the Belt ensures that the weightlifting belt can withstand heavy weights.
  • You also get a lifetime replacement warranty with the weight belt, which adds to the quality.


  • There are belts that are made up of better quality material that are preferred over neoprene material. You would like to consider other options.

The Hawk Fitness weightlifting belt is a unique combination of weightlifting belt and a dipping belt, which can be bought at a very cost effective price. Thus, for individuals that want to have their weightlifting belt to be multi-functional, you can buy it at a very affordable price of 15-20$.

10. Iron Bull Strength Weightlifting Belt

Iron Bull Weightlifting belt provides you with the best quality fitness equipment to support both lower back and abdominal pressure during workout.

The Iron Bull Weightlifting Belt is made up of quality Nylon Material, which makes the belt fairly durable. It is a 6” wide nylon belt with a 4” wide reinforced back support to add stability and secured grip during workouts. It is best fitness equipment to support heavy weightlifting exercises.

The belt has a contoured and tapered design, with a wide front and back area to offer support to both abdominal and lumbar region. The side areas are narrow that adds to the comfort and freedom of movement.

Another feature that makes the weightlifting belt efficient is the Auto-Lock Fastening system. It consists of a roller buckle system that is simple to use and very effective for secure and stable grip.


  • Made with Premium Nylon Material.
  • 6” wide Belt with 4” reinforced Velcro strap for enhanced comfort.
  • Contoured and Tapered Design to ensure proper support to the abdominal area.
  • Double Stitching of material increases durability.
  • Wide Front and Rear Design and Narrow sides ensures comfort and freedom of movement.
  • It has a Unique Auto-Locking Fastening System; it is simple and effective way for a secured grip.
  • The Weightlifting belt is very durable.
  • You have different number of sizes and a variety of colours to choose from.


  • Considering the material of the weight belt, the durability can be a concern, as there are other versions with more lasting materials.

Iron Bull Weightlifting belt is considered as one of the most effective fitness equipment if you are planning to begin weightlifting. Even weightlifting professionals find this belt a great tool for support during lifting workouts. This sturdy weightlifting belt can be availed at a reasonable price of 30-40$.

Here, we complete the review for the best weightlifting belt that would be the best addition to your gym equipment. Making a decision is a difficult task but having the right information makes it a lot easier. Going through the review, you will be able to get an idea about what is best for you. And You Can Get your Weightlifting Belt Today!!!