How Much Muscles You Can Gain In One Month?

How much muscle you can build in one month

A basic concept about how fast can you grow muscles, determines-

  • An average man can gain around 1-2 pounds of muscle per month, which is around 0.25-0.5 pounds of muscles per week.
  • Similarly, an average woman can gain around 0.5-1 pound of muscles per month, which is around 0.1-0.25 pounds of muscles per week.

Irrespective of how many articles you have read about gaining muscle mass quickly, there is a limit to how much muscle your body can actually grow.

Scientifically, there is no study that determines how much muscle an individual can grow in one month. It is simply because, each one of us have different genetics and have been working out for a different amount of time. Additionally, each of our body react differently to what exercises we do.

However, experts in the bodybuilding world have determined a realistic goal on how much muscles you can build in a month.

Primarily, how long you have been training for is going to affect how much muscles you can build in one month.

Considering this, beginners in their first year of training can gain briefly around 20-25 pounds of muscles, which is around 1-2 pounds of muscles per month. These are of course the newbie gains.

Muscle hypertrophy is the highest for the individuals working with weights for the first time.

Note: Muscle Hypertrophy is the growth in size of the muscles, due to high intense and resistance exercises.

In the successive second year, the muscle gains decreases to 10-12 pounds of muscles per year, it is around 0.5-1 pounds of muscles per month. Likewise, in the third year, you can gain around 5-6 pounds of muscles and in fourth year, 2-3 pounds of muscles respectively.

That’s Not All!!!

Keep in mind, in order to achieve anything mentioned above; you have to follow a Proper Training routine and the Right Diet.

This also concludes, if you have been training for 1 or 2 years, but have not been consistent with your training routine and have not been taking a proper diet. It might still be possible to pick up those newbie gains of 20-25 pounds of muscles per year, if you start doing it now.

You might come across people suggesting you can build around 10 pounds of muscles a month. This is not naturally possible with diet and workouts, but then there are bodybuilding steroids that you can look for.

Factors that influence how much muscle you can grow in 1 month

These factors do play an important role in finding out how things work for you. These can vary the results from one person to another.

1. Training experience

This is what we have already discussed. For a fact, if you are a beginner, you are going to build muscles much faster as compared to others. This means individuals doing weight training are going to build more muscles than average and excel rapidly.

Remember, as you get more experienced with training, the rate of muscle building decreases. For example, the rate at which you gain muscles the first year is halved the second year and keeps reducing more in successive years.

2. Muscle regrowth

Do keep in mind, if you had been working out in certain point of your life and have lost muscles? It becomes a lot easier for you to regrow muscles.

Muscle memory, here plays an important role and helps in the rapid growth of muscles.

3. Genetics

Genetics are the most important factor that determines how much muscle you can gain and how quickly can you build them.

Additionally, the hormone levels, muscle length and even the bone structure, influence your muscle building potential.

This is something we do not have control of.

This is the reason you may find individuals with premium genes are able to build muscles within a couple of weeks. However, there are others that are not genetically gifted and have to work harder to see the desired results.

4. Your Age

Age can be a great factor in how much muscle you can build in a certain period of time.

For an instance, if you are young, your hormones are kicking and it is comparatively easier for you to build muscles than a 40 year old individual.

Testosterone secretion is the highest during our 20s; it is the most essential bodybuilding hormone. Levels of testosterone start decreasing as we age, which affects growth of muscles directly.

We have mentioned this before, the growth rate of muscles decreases as you age and as your workout experience increases.

For an adult, 35-45 year old, it is only possible to gain 2-3 pounds of muscles per year naturally, with proper workout and diet.

5. Workout and Nutrition

These are the most important factors to consider. No matter the number of hours you spend in the gym, if you are not following a proper diet, you are not going to gain those lean muscles.

Prepare a good workout routine and be consistent with it, support it with the right diet and BOOM!!! The results will be visible in a month.

Right Nutrition not only helps to grow muscles quickly but also helps to sustain them.

6. Bodybuilding Supplements

Supplements become essential if you want to see quick and massive results.

How much muscles you can grow and how fast you can grow them? Doing it naturally, it is going to take some time. But with performance enhancing supplements, the results are quick and successive.

There are supplements that enhance the muscle building hormones and are recommended for building big and bulky muscles. However, you have to be careful with what you take in your body. So, make sure you have a thorough understanding about how supplements are going to be effective for you.

You will still have to train, in order to see the results.

It’s Ending

Be realistic with your approach now, as you have the information about how much muscles you can grow in one month and the factors that influence it. Having proper understanding of the factors helps you to ascertain your body’s true potential.

STOP!!! Believing on those that tell you, you can hit the 10 pound muscle per month mark within a 4 week plan. Either they are gifted with high quality genes or there is something wrong in it.

Keep things under your reach and control by finding the best workouts and nutrition that can help you to build muscles as quickly as possible.