How to Bulk Up Fast – 9 Important Things to Do

How to bulk up fast

Add more carbs to your diet focus on progressive training and follow a proper diet routine and you can bulk up in no time.

Gaining muscles and losing fats are an essential bodybuilding concept and then there is Bulking!!!

Bulking is an essential phase that bodybuilders go through in general when they want to put up big muscles. However, it is specifically recommended for skinny individuals that want to grow big quickly!!!

Diet and workout play a very important role in the bulking process. Thus, you have to make sure you focus on the right combination to see quick results.

There are certain important aspects that you need to focus on, while you look to get bulked up.

Here are the factors that you must consider for quick bulking

1. Increase your Carbohydrate Intake

Carb consumption is going to have an immense impact on how fast you are able to get bulked up.

When you look to gain muscles, protein has to be the most important ingredient.But, the importance of carbs increases, when you want to get bulked.

Increasing the carbohydrate consumption increases the carbohydrate storage in the muscle cells, also known as Glycogen stores. As in the bulking process, you are going to train with more intensity and heavier weights; the additional energy becomes very essential. You are able to perform more number of reps and even increase the amount of weight you can lift with each rep.

Keep in mind, muscle growth stimulation is the highest, as your body gets stronger.

2. Increasing the size of the meals

Where calorie deficit diet becomes essential for losing fat, a calorie surplus diet becomes essential when you look to get bulked up.

Thus, it becomes very important to add three big meals to your daily diet, without skipping any of them. Having a big breakfast, to get the boost of energy for the morning workouts, followed by a big lunch and dinner.

It is very important to get enough calories, carbohydrates and proteins to grow and get bulked.

If it is difficult for you to prepare a schedule for eating 3 meals every day, you can look for alternatives, such as preparing a shake for getting the carbs, proteins and the needed calories.

3. Eating has to be the go to bulking factor

If you want to get bulked up, your only focus has to be on eating and weight lifting. It is the easiest way to get bulked up quickly.

Skipping meals is a complete NO, if you want to get bulked up quickly.

You have to make sure you prepare a schedule, which allows you to have 3 big meals without skipping anyone of it. Make sure, you stick to it, so that you do not get too busy and forget to eat.

You cannot simply rely on small snacks throughout the day, if you want to gain mass.

The logic is simple Eat BIG and Get BIG!!!

4. Increase effectiveness of exercises

Modern day exercises are more focussed on burning fats, they have minimum rest periods and help exclusively to lose weight and preserve lean muscle mass. Of course, they are good for health, but not effective for getting bulked up.

In the bulking phase, you want to focus on exercises that help you to get big and workout accordingly.

You need to complete every set of workouts with proper rest in between sets. Allow your body to recover before going for another set. You have to make sure you complete the set of reps to get those gains.

For an instance, for isolation exercise like bicep curls, you can take a 1-2 minutes rest between sets, allowing the muscles to recover a little to perform the next set. Likewise, for compound exercises like squats or deadlift, a 2-3 minutes rest period is recommended for muscle recovery before proceeding with the next set.

Proper rest ensures every set you perform is completed with the same intensity and strength. This also allows you to increase the number of reps or set, as you get stronger.

Additionally, a research suggest, getting stronger enhances the muscle growth stimulation and assists in getting bulked up.

5. Feel the weights

For gaining muscle mass, it is often recommended to be explosive with your reps.

For bulking, the way you perform the rep is very important. This doesn’t mean picking up weights that are too heavy and start doing the reps rapidly, it will surely lead to muscle imbalances and injuries.

The eccentric and the concentric phase of an exercise are going to play the most important role in the bulking process. Be slow while you lower the weights, this is the eccentric phase. According to studies, the eccentric phase plays a more important role in muscle growth.

Note: Be explosive while you lift the weights, but be slow while lowering the weights.

6. Avoid regular cardio

You are required to consume more calories to get bulked up. The calories are used in doing more intense and heavy weight training.

Cardio exercises increase the calorie burning process. Thus, if you want to get big and bulky, doing regular cardio exercises are going to make it a lot difficult.

Being precise, if you are doing 3-4 cardio sessions per week, then you are practically burning more calories. This does help you to be healthy and burn the excess amount of fats, but works completely against your bulking goals.

Keep your cardio limited to 1 cardio day per week, if you are looking to get bulked. Running can be a great cardio workout, recommended once in a week, exclusively for bulking.

7. Prepare a good workout routine

Bulking doesn’t simply mean having big chests or big thighs, but the bulk has to be visible throughout your body.

In terms of an exercise routine, you can include whatever you want; making sure it comprises of heavy weight lifting. As mentioned before, the stronger you get the more your muscles grow and weight lifting is the best way to gain strength.

Remember, you have to work out all your muscle groups for proper bulking. There are people that prefer doing compound exercises for bulking such as push ups, pull ups, squats, deadlifts, etc. You can also add isolation exercises, to gain more muscles in particular areas.

Bodybuilders recommend working out every muscle groups at least twice a week.

Note: Working out a muscle group for once in a week is going to increase the rest period between two successive sessions for the same muscle group.

Muscle growth occurs only when you work out your muscles within specific time frame. Thus, 2 times a week is a recommended workout routine.

8. Progressive Overloading

This is an essential aspect of the bulking up process.

You either need to increase the weights, reps or sets of the workouts that you do, at a progressive rate. This not only stimulates rapid muscle growth but also prevents you from being in a plateau state for too long.

For instance, if you are working out with a 150pounds of weights, doing 8 reps of 3 sets each day, try to increase the weight to 160 pounds or the reps to 10 reps per set or increase the set count to 4.

Keep varying your rep ranges and weights progressively, to improve muscle growth stimulation. This is a very essential factor to see those exercise induced muscle growth in the body. It works effectively for the bulking process.

9. Creatine supplement

Creatine is the most popular bodybuilding supplement. There are many bodybuilders and nutritionists that recommend it for enhancing muscle growth.

Creatine along with proper training, enhances muscular strength and increases muscle mass. It is recommended at 5grams per day, for increasing muscle growth performance.

Moreover, not only it is very effective but also available at a very cheap price. Therefore, it becomes one of the easiest ways to gain muscles, simply add one scoop of creatine to your pre- or post-workout drink and feel the gains.

Remember, you still need to train hard and have proper diet if you want to get bulked up; consuming creatine alone is not going to do it for you.

Remember, you can only gain around 1-2 pounds of muscles per month. So, you have to keep a track of what you are eating and how much muscles are you pulling up every month. Anything more than the mentioned range is probably fat.

Keep a track of your body composition and the food that you consume, this shall allow you to prepare the right diet. It also helps  you to understand what you need to do to keep building muscles.

Follow the guide and you are already on your way to get bulked up and build big muscles.