How To Buy A Weight Bench – Complete Buyers’ Guide

Weight Bench

Bench presses are one of the most popular weight lifting exercises performed in the gym.

It is one great exercise that allows you to workout with the heaviest weights. It helps you to train your chest, arms and core, making you stronger and increasing your weight lifting abilities.

You of course need certain equipment to perform the bench presses. The most important equipment for performing the exercise, apart from the weights, is having a strong weight bench. You can find such weight benches in the gyms near you.

However, if you are planning to get a personal weight bench to workout at home, you might need to consider certain important factors.

Buying a weight bench becomes easier when you determine the following factors:

  • Your level of experience.
  • Your strength.
  • Your plan to use the equipment.
  • Exercises that you are going to do using it.
  • Frequencies or count of the number of sessions.

If you are willing to do strength training at home, having a weight bench is your best option. You just have to set it up right and train with the best equipment, ensuring complete safety.

Types of Bench Press machine (based on performance)

A bench press comprises of a weight bench with an attached bar rack. The rack is where barbell or dumbbells are kept. The weight bench is where you lie down to perform the bench press exercises.

The choice of weight bench is majorly influenced by how you are going to use it. It functions as the perfect equipment for weight lifting. Thus, as you look to purchase it, you must determine your plan of using the weight bench.

For using occasionally

If you are just beginning to exercise or looking to build muscles, you are only going to use the weight bench for 2-3 times a week. So, you do not need to go through the performance with the weight bench. You can look for the bench press that can be used occasionally.

For using regularly

For individuals planning to have 4-5 workout sessions a week, buying the weight bench designed for both occasional and regular workouts are recommended. This is essential, if you are going to work out at home on a regular basis.

For using intensively or for intense training

This type of weight bench is often found in the gym. It is recommended for advanced and high performance workouts performed by individuals that workout daily for at least an hour.

9 Essential Features To Look When Buying A Weight Bench

As you look to buy a weight bench, make sure you go through the essential features to ensure you buy the best equipment. The design should not be the only factor; here are some important factors that you should consider-

1. Performance

This is an essential part of the selection process. Remember as you exercise you are going to build up muscles and gain weight. Thus, it is important to choose a weight bench that is able to withstand maximum user load without affecting the performance. This shall be considered keeping different training positions in mind.

Additionally, check for the maximum weight or load the bar rest can support.

The weight bench you choose must be strong and sturdy. There are several cheap equipment available out there, therefore, be honest while making the selection.

Make a choice considering, what and how you are going to lift and ensure your weight bench is strong enough to support it.

Your current weight and what you might put-up after building muscles play an important role in making this decision. We will recommend you buying a bench press that supports at least 180-200kg.

2. Adjustability

Most common bench press positions are the flat bench presses, inclined bench presses and declined bench presses. In gyms, you may find separate stations to perform each of the exercise.

But, when you look to buy it for your own, adjustable bench is a better option.

Having an adjustable bench allows you to workout in all the three different positions. You can adjust the bench with varying degrees based on your needs or workouts.

This feature in a bench does make it beneficial and allows you to hit different areas of your pectoral (chest) muscles.

It also makes adjustability the most important feature to consider while buying the bench press equipment.

3. Space

Choosing a bench press that covers all your available space is definitely not a recommended option.

You must choose the weight bench depending on the space you have in your house.

Take the measurements of the equipment, both when folded and open to determine if it is suitable for you. This is beneficial, as because it allows you to create more space for other equipment. Also, when you complete your workout, you can put it at one corner, creating accessibility in the room.

4. Assembling and setting it up

Now, when you choose a bench press based on the available space. You simultaneously need to consider, how easy or difficult it is to assemble the machine.

Make sure, it is easy to setup and you do not get caught up in a hassle, every time you look to workout with it.

Every day, if you are spending your workout hours in trying to figure out how to assemble the equipment, it is not a good option.

Therefore, choose a bench press that can be setup with ease and can easily be folded and kept aside when not in use.

5. Additional settings and upgrades

When you exercise, you grow as a bodybuilder. This also needs you to upgrade your equipment to ensure you can continue working out on it.

Weight bench does come in wide varieties; you can look for a basic weight bench or choose a weight bench that allows adding up multiple accessories. It increases the number of exercises that you can perform with the bench press equipment.

Consider the upgrades or accessories that are available for your weight bench, before purchasing it. It is recommended to choose a feature-filled weight bench, which helps you to work out all your muscles, by performing different exercises.

For an instance, you can look for leg extension attachment if you want to work out your legs, preacher attachment for curl exercises, lat-pull down attachment for shoulders and back exercises, moveable bar holders for squats, etc. However, these extras are not very essential for your workout needs, as you can still workout effectively without these accessories.

For individuals that are finding it difficult to invest in a completely featured equipment. It is recommended that you choose a weight bench that can be upgraded. This gives you an option of adding accessories later when needed.

6. Durability

An important factor to consider while buying a bench press is how often you are going to use it.

This will need you to buy a weight bench that withstands your weight, is comfortable for your height and matches your strength. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, it should be strong and rigid enough to handle your experience and weight lifting.

Look for the solidity the bench offers, the build quality of the bar rest and so on. Remember the more experienced you get with bodybuilding, the more often you are going to work out on it. Thus, it becomes important that the bench press is durable and withstands your pressure.Hence, choose the bench press equipment that is long lasting or durable.

7. Comfort and safety

As you are going to lie down on the weight bench, you must consider that it has enough space for you to rest comfortably. Irrespective of whether you do inclined bench press or declined bench press, you must be comfortable with your equipment.

Choose a weight bench that has a comfortable seat, which is adjustable according to your needs or the exercise you perform. You must also check that the shoulder stands are adjustable, which can be adjusted in height and size.

The cushioning on the weight bench should be considered. You must not opt for too soft cushion, as it might lead to muscle imbalances. Choose a cushion that allows you to maintain your posture and does not cause any pain on your neck, back or waist.

As far as the safety is concern, the build quality of the equipment is very essential. Do not choose a light bench press or the one that is poorly manufactured. Bad quality equipment often tend to wobble as you work out with heavy weights, this can be dangerous.

Additionally, look for the safety catches and spotters on your bench press equipment to ensure complete safety.

8. Price

The price of the equipment too matters a lot. It is advised to compare different bench press equipment to consider what is best for you. The motive behind buying an equipment is not running to the stores every second month for a new one. Therefore, choose the one that suits you the best and make sure you inquire about the price before you decide on it.

Of course we do not recommend buying a cheap one and compromise on the quality, but make sure you do not end up paying a lot for a good one.

The average price of a flat bench press can range from 80-100$, whereas you can find a good adjustable bench press equipment at an average price of 100-200$.

9. Warranty being offered

This is an important aspect to consider, find out how long and what does it cover. Check for the lifespan of the equipment and if the manufacturers allows fixing problems that might arise within a specific time period.

You must look for the warranty being offered before purchasing it, while shopping.

Benefits of buying a weight bench

  • Weight bench becomes the most essential addition to the gym equipment.
  • Helps to enhance muscle mass and strength.
  • Allows you to do compound exercises and work out a majority of your muscles.
  • It comes with wide variety of settings and thus can be used by everyone.
  • Allows performing different types of exercises, including isolation exercises.
  • Is foldable and compact, does not take a lot of space and can easily fit in a corner.
  • Can be assembled with ease, does not come with a complicated setup.

Lastly, remember while doing bench press exercises, it is recommended not to get overboard and start lifting very heavy weights. It is very important to maintain the posture, in order to prevent muscle imbalances and injury and to see desired results. Follow the instructions that come along with the bench press equipment. This shall help you to make the right choice.

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