How To Get Bulky Chest – Things That You Need To Focus On?

Bulky chest

Let’s clear a few things out first, before we begin with the best ways to build bulky chest.

You will have to work hard to get it, you can’t simply imagine yourself having a big chest and have it the moment you open your eyes.

Getting a bulky chest is not Rocket Science but purely Technique, Will and Intent!!!

Mostly, people will start talking about doing chest building exercises, isolation exercises and so on to get a bulky chest. Yes, this is important, but first you will have to prepare your body to take up those weights and exercise routines.

When your body is in the right state and you are in the right frame of mind, you are able to get desired results for all your efforts.

Before Getting into Exercises

The most important aspect of increasing the size of your chest or getting a bulky chest is to eat more and get stronger.

You will have to build your body strong enough, so that it can take the pressure, as you start exercising.

    • This might sound harsh a bit, but you are less likely to get bulky chest if you are underweight.Therefore, eat well to gain weight. Have at least 3-4 meals a day keeping the carbs, proteins and other essential nutrients in mind. (1)
    • Look for the most effective exercises for increasing your overall strength and to increase muscle size. You can do squats, bench presses and other heavy weight compound exercises to gain more strength.
    • Training the legs is very important. Doing squats and deadlifts helps in increasing the release of essential muscle building hormones such as Testosterone and Growth Hormone. This can further induce chest growth, so it is recommended. (2 , 3)
    • Training is essential, but resting too is equally important.Remember your muscles don’t grow while you exercise or work out, but it grows while you rest. So, train hard for your chest muscles, but take proper rest to give your body the time to recover and grow bigger.
    • Following the right technique is considered as the most impactful factor of chest building. Complete the motion of every exercise you choose to do. When you focus on chest exercises, complete each and every rep at the point where you feel the pressure on your chest muscles. Increase or decrease the weight accordingly.

Above mentioned tips, were only given to help you get prepared for the chest building exercises. As you keep those in mind and then join the gym, you are surely going to get significant results.

Here are 5 best exercises to build a bulky chest

Simply stick to basics and doing it right shall give you desire results.

1. Barbell Bench Presses

Doing a wide grip barbell bench press is any day going to be the best chest exercise that one can recommend.

Load up the barbell with weights according to your strength. It is recommended that you begin with light weights and proceed from there on to heavy weights.

Simply lie back on a bench, having your feet on the floor. Hold the barbell and lower it down to your chest and then lift it straight above your chest.

Remember, here the motion is important, so the downward motion has to be explosive and the upward motion should be slow. This completes your one Rep.

It is recommended that you do at least 10 reps for warm up with heavy weights. You can adjust the weights according to your suitability and perform 5-7 reps per set of 2-3 sets per session to get best results.

2. Inclined or declined barbell bench presses

They are similar to regular bench presses.

But the benefit of incline or decline bench presses is the angle, it lays more emphasis on upper chest or lower chest respectively. This allows you to give your chest a more rounded look.

Do understand that doing the inclined or declined bench presses is not going to isolate the chest exercise to upper or lower chest. But doing these exercises you are able to put more effort on the respected areas to get better results with your effort.

Recommended reps: Doing 8-10 reps per set of at least 3-4 sets per sessions should be enough for every chest day workout that you do.

3. Push ups

Considered as one of the most basic exercises to build stronger shoulders and chest muscles, it is still ignored by many not believing it to be effective enough.

But remember, pushing up your own bodyweight is likely the best exercise to build strong chest muscles and get bulkier chest as well.

Lie down facing at the floor; place your hands on the floor right in front of your shoulders, legs stretched behind you. Now push your body up from the floor till your elbows get straightened and then lower your body again till your arms form a 900angle, which completes one rep.

It is recommended that you should do as many push ups as you can. Try doing 80-100 reps in as few sets as possible. You can also look to do weighted push ups to get better results for your efforts.

4. Dumbbells presses

Dumbbells presses are going to help you stretch your chest muscles to even lower.

It helps you to increase the amount of muscle fibers throughout your chest as compared to other pressing exercises.

For beginners, this can be a great exercise to focus on gaining chest muscles.

Lie down on a bench and grab the dumbbells and start by pushing it up and lowering it down till your elbows get in level with your shoulders, but focus on squeezing the pecs throughout. This will certainly help you to get stronger and bulkier chest muscles.

Recommended reps:  You can look to perform 10-15 reps for warm up for the first set and then lowering the reps with each set.

The trick here is to perform reps till you feel the muscle failure. This does have a positive impact on your biceps and triceps as well, but the chest muscles are benefited majorly.

5. Bar Dips

Once you have strong shoulders, it will enable you to do bar dips. It is considered as one of the best exercises to build strong and bulky chest. It helps you to get strong deltoids and have equal impact on lower chest and upper chest as well.

Grab the bars at the dip station, where your palms should be facing inwards. Drop yourself as low as possible and then push up. Here too the motion is important, focusing on the lower part of the motion shall help you to isolate the chest muscles and exert more pressure.

As you get lower make sure you move till your elbows form right angles and then push yourself up to complete one rep.

Recommended reps: It is generally recommended to perform the reps till you feel the stretch. But for beginners, doing 6-8 reps per set for at least 4 set per session shall be great.

You have the best tips to get a bulky chest, all you need to do is follow them and you shall have great chest muscles within weeks. Just make sure you keep the form right and eat well and you shall be there in no time!!!