10 Best AB Roller of 2021 Reviewed

Having a Six Pack ABs is one of the most important features of a well-ripped body.

Crunches are considered as an effective exercise to build ABs and gain core strength, but if you are looking to do some intense core exercises, getting an AB Roller can be a good alternative.

There are of course individuals that claim AB Roller to being pretty lame fitness equipment, but it is an underrated fitness performer that can do wonders. Including an AB roller in your exercise routine can give better results in comparison to traditionalAB workouts.

What is an AB Roller? AB Rollers are wheels consisting of two handles, which work effectively for ABs workout combined with full body workout. It basically focuses on various muscle groups, by keeping ABs at the core of the exercise.

AB Rollers are generally very affordable, have very simple designs and are very easy to store and an interesting workout equipment to add to your gym.

Here we have reviewed and created a list of the 10 best AB rollers of 2021 that can help you achieve your dream goal. Go through the list and find the AB roller that best suits your needs and add it to your gym equipment.

1. Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro Roller

Ab Carver Pro

The Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro Roller is one of the most trending AB rollers in the market. It has a unique and patented design that focuses on improving the effectiveness of AB workouts and targets other muscles in the process.

The unique Carbon Steel Spring mechanism used in the AB roller that offers added resistance and assistance while workingout, makes it different from other AB rollers in the market.

The ABroller has Ultra-wide spherical wheel, which ensures stability and helps engaging all muscles by carving right, left and centre.This directly impacts in strengthening your core muscles that support your spine and hips.

Additional features include the ergonomic handgrips or handles that are padded and angled to stimulate arm and core muscles. These angled- high performance grips ensure comfort and stability during workout. The handles are detachable, making it easy to use and store.

The AB Roller also comes with high density foam knee pad to increase comfort while exercising with it.


  • Unique Carbon Steel Spring Mechanism: Offer resistance and assistance.
  • Ultra Wide Wheel for better comfort and stability.
  • Padded Ergonomic Handle angled to enhance core muscle engagement.
  • Detachable Handles: Easy to store and move.
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty.


  • The free knee pads are not effective for tall individuals.
  • Not recommended for people with more than 300 pounds.
  • Spring is not removable.

This best-selling AB roller can be purchased at an affordable price of 30-40$.

2. Fitnessery AB Roller for ABs Workout

The FitnesseryAB Roller is one of the most convenient and easy to use AB roller you can buy today. Built with superior quality, strong and durable material, it is best fit to strengthen your core muscles.

The wheel of the AB roller is made with strong stainless steel and heavy duty PVC that ensures durability. The Non-slip rubber used on the wheel gives the perfect grip for using it in any floor type. This makes it the perfect home gym equipment.

Additional features include the arms of the AB roller consist of soft EVA foam padding that offer added comfort and safety. Along with the product you also get a comfortable knee pad for support, a guide for fitness training and workout and a valuable nutrition eBook.

You get a life-time risk free money back guarantee on the product and it can be purchased for a very affordable price of 15-25$.


  • EVA foam; Extremely Comfortable Hand grips.
  • Non-slip rubber design for stability and safety.
  • Superior quality material: Strong and Durable.
  • Very Affordable.
  • Life-time Risk Free money back Guarantee.


  • Beginners might feel it a bit unstable to use.

Fitnessary products are known for their quality and if you are looking for a good AB roller to help you get six pack ABs, this is rightfully the best option. Do not forget, you get a knee pad, ABs workout eBook and a value nutrition eBook with the product for free. At such an affordable price it is a great deal!!!

3. VinsguirAB Roller for ABs Workout

The VinsguirAB Roller is another great AB roller that you can add to your gym.

This AB roller consists of 2 Round-version wheels, which is 8cm wide. This ensures stability while working out, as it does not wobble left or right unlike single wheel versions.

The TPR soft rubber covering on the surface of the wheel and the special grain design, ensure smooth movement, without hurting the floor. The strong-ergonomic hand grips are made with top grade stainless steel shafts and have a load bearing capacity of 440lbs. The handles have EVA rubber cotton padding for comfortable gripping.

The handles are detachable and the AB roller can be assembled with ease. Along with this, Vinsguir offers you a 180 Days Warranty and lifetime customer service on their product making it petty exclusive.


  • 2-Round Version wheels, offers convenience.
  • Ultra Wide Wheels, with 8cm width, better stability.
  • Top grade Stainless Steel, with 440lbs load capacity.
  • Non-slip TPR material ensure safety.
  • EVA rubber padded hand grips, improve comfort.


  • Can be used for front and back movement only, the design makes it difficult to use for carving left or right.

The Vinsguir AB roller is an excellent choice for individuals looking for quality and cost efficient product. This product can be purchased for 15-25$.

4. EnterSports AB Roller Wheel, 6-in-1 AB Roller Kit

The EntersportsAB Roller Wheel 6-in-1 Roller kit is one of the most versatile products on our list. EntersportsAB roller promises better balance, more flexibility, better agility and better performance.

It is ultra-wide AB wheels, with a width of 3.2”, which ensure enhancedstability and balance. The AB wheel is made with strong and sturdy steel, combined with non-slip TPR and durable PVC. Hence, you are assured of complete safety and comfort. The strong fitness equipment has an incredible weight holding capacity of 600lbs.

The Entersports AB Roller Wheel 6-in-1 Roller kit also includes two resistance bands, one knee pad and a pair of push-up handle grips. These additional accessories have great impact on the effectiveness of the AB workouts and strengthening core muscles.


  • 3.2” Wide AB Wheel.
  • Strong Stainless Steel, Superior Quality.
  • Use of Non-Slip TPR and PVC ensure durability and comfort.
  • 6-in-1 Kit, Versatile workout Options.
  • Easy to Carry,
  • Noiseless experience with the use of professional technology design.


  • The knee pad that comes with it is comparatively smaller.

It is a 6-in-1 AB roller, you not only get a strong and strudyAB roller, but there are additional stuffs that you would love to add to your gym.

This AB roller can be bought at an affordable price range of 30-35$.

5. Epitomie Fitness BIO Core AB Roller

Epitomie Fitness BIO Core AB Roller is one of a kind product offered by the company to its customers. It is super sturdy and strong AB roller with a core consisting of a hollow metal tube, which gives it a heavy load bearing capacity.

The Epitomie Fitness AB roller wheel has a distinct feature, unlike many rollers with single ABs wheel; it has 2 wheels to enhance balance and stability. Moreover, the 2 wheels have two configurable settings; one, it can be set to ultra wide grips to increase stability and stimulate muscles gains and two, it can be brought close together to offer less stability and more resistance.

The AB wheels consist of Silicon rubber treads which support smooth and steady roll. There are anti-slip performance grips, which ensure you have a firm grip, even when you are sweating.

With Epitomie Fitness AB roller, you also get a BONUS Kneeling Mat, which supports you during the exercise.

This fitness AB roller can be purchased for a very affordable price range of 15-25$ and you get a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • 2 Wheel Configurations.
  • Silicon Rubber Treads.
  • High Performance Anti-Slip Grips.
  • Strong and Study Wheel Design.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee.


  • The Knee Mat is a little slippery, can be a concern.

The Epitomie Fitness BIO Core AB roller is one of the versatile AB rollers in the market. With 2 configurable wheel settings, non-slip handles and 100% lifetime Satisfaction guaranteed, it is a very safe and strong AB roller that you would love to have in your gym.

6. Bssay (LAFENI)AB Roller Wheel with Resistant Band

The LAFENI AB Roller is one of the best AB rollers that are preferred for intense workouts.

The AB Roller has ultra-wide wheels with a width of 3.7”, whichmakes it super stable.

The AB Roller is made up of sturdy stainless steel, it consists of non-slip TPR and highly durable PVC, which ensure safety and comfort during intense workout. The superior quality material, design of the AB wheel and the high quality, improved thick steel pipes make it strong. This allows it to have a hold up capacity of 600lbs.

The ergonomically designed hand grips offer utmost comfort during intense exercises. The use of non-slip rubber material on the wheel cover, ensure safety and comfort, while preventing any kind of damage to the floor or carpet.

With the AB Roller, you also get a pair of resistance band or rope and a knee pad for comfort and versatility during training.

The AB roller weighs only 1.3 pounds, which make it very lightweight and easy to carry. The simple assembly design makes it a handy fitness equipment for your home gym.


  • Ultra-wide AB Wheel, width of 3.7”.
  • Superior Quality material, Non-slip rubber cover and durable PVC.
  • Hold up capacity of 600lbs without wobble.
  • Lightweight, weighs only 1.3pounds.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • You will have to assemble it on your own. Follow the Instructions properly.

It is one of the most stable and durable AB rollers in the market. Available at an average price of 25-30$, it is a very cost-efficient fitness equipment for maximizing your workout range.

7. Syntus Upgraded 6-in-1 AB Wheel Roller

The Syntus Upgraded 6-in-1 Home Gym Set is a great choice for individuals looking for some quick exercise results. It is a versatile set,which makes it handy to work on core muscles and build overall strength simultaneously.

The AB Roller consists of upgraded 3” wide wheel, with a hold up capacity of 440lbs. The AB wheel is made with top quality stainless steel and consists of strong and durable PVC. The Non-slip TPR ensures resistance and comfort during workout.

The SyntusAB Roller has long handles, with each being 5.2 inches in length. They are ergonomically designed to offer better grip and comfort. The handles are slip-resistant and made up of polypropylene, which is a highly durable material to support maximum weight load capacity.

The Syntus 6-in-1 set includes a foam knee pad to support during workout, two push up handles with thick foam padding for comfort and adjustable jump rope with an extra replacement. This makes it a good set of home gym fitness equipment, which can be purchased at an affordable price of 20-30$.


  • 3” thick wheel roller.
  • Knee Pad made up of NBR material.
  • Wheel Handles of 5.2” for enhanced performance grip.
  • Detachable and portable.
  • 6-in-1 AB roller set with accessories.
  • Cost Effective.


  • The Push Up handle does wobble for heavy weight users.
  • The Knee pad is comparatively smaller.

Going with the price you pay, you get the value for your money. The AB Roller and the push up handles are detachable, very handy for storage and portability. Overall, it is a great product for people looking for additional accessories with a strong and sturdy AB roller.


A good AB roller is the one that is strong and durable. The Power Guidance AB Roller is one of the best AB Roller wheel effective for building core strength.

This AB roller is made up of top quality hard plastic and steel for better durability. The sturdy material gives it a good weight load capacity of 330lbs. This AB wheel surface is made of high density rubber, which prevents damage to the floor and makes it noiseless.

The ABroller has one wheel mechanism, with a width of 2” to offer improvedstability. It consists of a strong stainless steel tube that holds up the weight of the user and handgrips with EVA foam for comfort.

The Power Guidance AB roller is lightweight and easy to assemble, it is detachable into small parts making it easy to store and move. You also get a pair of push up handle bars for additional workout options, with slip-resistant thick foam grips for enhanced comfort. The package also includes an extra-thick knee pad that can be used during AB exercises for comfort.

The quality and features of the product is backed by Power Guidance guarantee and it can be purchase at a price range of 33-38$.


  • Strong Stainless Steel Tube, Durable PVC.
  • 2” Wheel width with single wheel mechanism, best for beginners.
  • Additional Push up handle bars and Knee Pad.
  • Detachable design makes it easy to store.
  • Extremely lightweight; easily portable.
  • Value for Money, With 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • There are no concerns with this AB wheel, except the single wheel mechanism is not liked by many.

For beginners looking for a basic AB roller, the Power Guidance AB roller is a good purchase. Combined with two push up handle bars and extra thick knee pad, this becomes a pretty decent home gym equipment to buy.

9. Odoland 3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit

This OdolandAB Wheel Roller Kit is a 3-in-1 kit; it has a 3 wheel AB roller, a resistance band and knee pad. A basic AB roller kit, you would love to add to your gym.

This AB Roller has an upgraded 3-wheel design for superior stability. The 3-wheel mechanism makes it easier to workout with resistance band for beginners. Being ultra-stable it works best for workouts that focus on obliques, as it makes it easier to carve left, right and centre with ease.

The 3-wheel mechanism gives the AB roller a hold up capacity of 600lbs. The AB roller is detachable, thus you can remove one wheel, as you get better with the products to enhance results.

The AB roller combined with resistance band and knee pad maximizes the results of the AB workouts, whereas can be used for other resistance workouts too.

It is lightweight and easy to carry; it comes with a storage bag, so you do not have to look for other storage options.


  • 3-Wheel mechanism with improved Stability.
  • Foam covered grips for comfort.
  • Resistance Band (with extended hand grips) and Knee pad.
  • Anti-slip grips on AB Roller.
  • Training Manual or Guide.
  • Reasonable Price.


  • Best Suited for beginners, while professional users might not feel the 3-wheel design to impact their workouts.

It is the best choice of AB roller for individuals that want to begin AB roll-in workouts. The 3 wheel mechanism offers great stability and helps you to understand the mechanism of using an AB roller. Combined with resistance band with extended hand grips and knee pad, the Odoland 3-in-1 AB Roller can be purchased at 34-39$.

10. Lifeline Power Wheel for Full Body Workout

The Lifeline Power Wheel is also known as the “AB Miracle Worker”. Even though it is an AB roller, it engages most number of upper body and lower body muscles. It basically works as a full body workout equipment to enhance strength building and increase performance.

The Lifeline Power Wheel has a patented design, which makes you place your hands shoulder width apart on the grips. This increases performance results and adds versatility of the workout.

The AB roller consists of a 13” heavy duty wheel, which increases the range of motion in comparison to regular AB rollers. This works effectively for upper body, lower body and core training.

The treads on the wheel promote multi-directional smooth rolling, making it easier to carve left, right and centre. The tire treads promote better traction and grips to the surface. The handle of the AB rollers have comfortable foam grips, to offer comfort to the users.

Another unique feature that the AB roller has is the pedals on the arms of the roller. It has adjustable and secure foot straps that open up more exercise option.

The feature filled, unique and patented AB roller can be purchased at a price of 45-55$.


  • Tire Tread promotes traction.
  • Wide handle grip for enhanced performance.
  • Pedal with straps to increase exercises motions.
  • Unique Wheel Design.


  • Straps are smaller in size.
  • Beginners might find it difficult to use, considering the big wheel design.

If you are looking for an AB roller that doesn’t only focus on AB, but functions as full body workout equipment, the Lifeline Power Wheel AB roller is the perfect option for you. The unique design and added features make it effective for upper body, lower body and core training exercises. The product can be purchase at a reasonable price and you get value for your money.

Here, we end our list of the 10 Best Ab Rollers of 2021. Keep in mind, the most important things to consider while choosing an AB roller is the durability, sturdiness of the material and stability. The list covers some of the most suitable fitness products that you can find in the market. Choose the Best product and Start your Workouts Today!!!