12 Best Free-Standing Punching Bags of 2021 Reviewed

Combat sports like martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling has become a craze among people of all age groups for quite a few years now. They are not just appreciated for their fitness benefits but also as an art of self-defense and safety. Fitness enthusiasts and Combat sport leaners who are serious about this art know how vital a punching bag is for their training arsenal.

Free-standing punching bags are ideal for users who struggle to find hooks and points at their ceiling to hang a regular punching bag. It is relatively mobile and can be kept anywhere over a flat floor with some free room space. They are mounted over a base tank (plastic or rubber), filled with either sand or water (or their mixture) for enhanced stability, strength, and resistance. However, the bag crafting is similar to the regular hanging punching bags. When not in use, they can be rolled into any corner of the room.

There are different features to consider and a wide variety of options to choose from, so here we have reviewed 12 Best free standing punching bags to make it easier for you. Let’s start with the best of the Free-standing Punching bags amongst all.

1. Ringside Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

free standing punching bag

The Ringside Free-standing punching bag is a 76 inches solid strength building unit for professional and skilled users. It comes with a synthetic leather shell which is highly durable and would withstand rigorous use without getting damaged for long years. The shell is filled with shock-absorbing foam that makes striking painless and can be practised even with light gloves. Another feature that makes it more comfortable is the removable foam collar that is ideal for controlling the bag movement and vibration.

It has a plastic base tank that can be filled with both sand and water for increasing the stability of the bag. When filled adequately, it weighs around 270lbs. Its spring-loaded design ensures that the punching bag moves freely at all angles; ensuring it gets back to its stable position quickly. With a considerable height and 32 x17 inches diameter, it provides the users with a large and wide striking surface.


  • Wide enough striking surface, ideal for taller users.
  • Tremendous stability, considerably better.
  • High-quality crafting for enhanced longevity
  • Excellent shock absorption design
  • Removable foam collar
  • The base can be filled with both sand and water.


  • The sand/water filling funnel is tiny; hence it can get tricky while filling with sand.
  • Expensive.

The Ringside Free-standing punching bag is an ideal pick for martial artists of all or any skill level. It is impressively designed for enhanced performance, functionality, and longevity. The unit is by far the best free-standing punching bag by all means.

2. Century Wavemaster XXL Free-Standing Punching/ Training Bag

The Century Wavemaster XXL punching and training bag is 69 inches long and 18 inches wide that makes it ideal for practicing a variety of punches and kicks. It has a durable vinyl covering on the outside that ensures no wear and tears even with regular and intense training sessions. Its high-density tough foam filling on the inside provides a tough cushioning and ensures excellent shock absorption.

This free-standing training bag is filled with either sand or water at the base (plastic), which enhances the overall stability and maximizes the strength of the unit. It is designed well so that no water leaks from the bottom even during an intense workout session. The punching bag when filled completely weighs around 270lbs. Its thoughtful design ensures even distribution of pressure and enhances the user’s performance in the process.


  • Large and wide striking surface ideal for multiple martial art training.
  • High-quality crafting, most resistant to wear and tear even with regular usage for years
  • Broad enough base for improved stability and strength
  • Reasonably priced, value for money.
  • The base can be filled with both sand and water.


  • When filled with water, its base might move a little. Sand could be a safer and stable option.

The Century Wavemaster XXL free-standing training bag is a robust, high-quality unit ideally build for adults. It is a preferable option for seasoned trainers and would last long maintaining the quality and strength even with regular intense usage.

3. EverlastPowercore Free Standing Indoor Heavy-Duty Punching Bag

The EverlastPowercore Free Standing punching bag is a height-adjustable unit with adjustment points between 54 inches to 65 inches. Unlike various other units,it features a power transferring collar and a steel plate that can endure severe pressure and impact. It has a nylon outer cover filled well with a tri-disc foam structure that disperses the pressure evenly into the bag. It absorbs shock in the most realistic ways.

This free-standing punching bag can be filled with both sand and water. When filled completely, it weighs around 250lbs with water and 375lbs with sand. Its massive round base when in combination with the power transferring reduces down the sliding and tumbling movement and increases the overall strength and stability.


  • Height adjustment options between 54 inches to 65 inches
  • Easy 360-degree navigation of the punching bag
  • Wide enough funnel on the base for easy sand/water filling
  • High-quality bag crafting for prolong usage
  • Power transfer ring collar for reducing sliding and absorbing higher impact
  • Affordable, value for money


  • Filling the base with water might not provide the required stability and resistance.

The Everlast Powercore Free Standing punching bag is a smart investment within this price range. It is compact, round, and can swiftly navigate to 360-degree for a realistic training session. This unit provides excellent resistance for an intense training session and can handle severe shocks and pressures.

4. Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster free-standing punching bag is an adjustable unit which can be set between 53.5″ to 65.5″ for four different height options. It has a poly shell exterior covering filled with high-density foam which provides a soft punching surface and enhances shock absorption. It is crafted to absorb high-intensity kicks and punches without affecting the shape of the bag.

This free-standing aerobic punching bag weighs 170lbs when you fill its base with water or sand entirely. With 10.5 X 22 inches diameter, it provides well for beginner level martial artists and kicks boxing learners. It is a double edge bag hence is more preferable for developing speed, improving foot placement, and increasing accuracy.


  • 4 height adjustment possibilities (53.5″inches to 65.5″ inches)
  • It has round edges which ensure easy movability
  • The base can be filled with both sand or water
  • Designed for beginners and learners
  • Stable and robust


  • The sand/water filling hole is very thin hence filling sand would take much time
  • Might feel narrow to some users
  • Cannot withstand intense pressure, not recommended for prolong usage.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is a milder and toned-down punching bag crafted mainly for learners and occasional users. It would last long with moderate usage and pressure. Moreover, within this price range, it is an affordable unit that provides value for money.

5. U’King Freestanding Punching Bag

The U’King free-standing punching bag is a high-quality unit that is designed to work on all floor types whether it is ceramic, wooden, and marble, or cement. With 12 suction cups at the base, the unit does not move anyway during the training session. It is 67 inches tall and thus, considered ideal for adults and teen users. It is a 30 cm (diameter) synthetic leather bag is filled with high-density EPE foam that provides an excellent striking surface and delivers realistic shock absorption functionality.

The base is crafted from high-quality, durable rubber and can be filled with both sand and water. By tilting it to the side, one can easily roll and relocate the entire unit with minimal effort. The punching bag and rubber base are encased with a stainless-steel tube stand layered with a 360-degree beefy tendon design for shock and noise absorption.


  • Suitable to use at any flat floor type
  • Designed for maximum shock and noise absorption
  • Highly stable unit with 12 suction cups at the base
  • Easy relocation by tilting and rolling out the entire unit
  • Ideal for an intense training session
  • Proactive, robust and durable punching bag
  • Affordable and value for money


  • No such cons reported

The U’King free-standing punching bag is one of the heavy duties, robust and stable unit that is ideal for beginners as well as seasoned MMA’s and kickboxers. Unlike other models in the range, it has suction cups and thus can handle intense pressure without getting even an inch displaced. Moreover, within this price range, it is a steal.

6. Twomaples Freestanding Punching Bag

The Twomaples Freestanding Punching Bag is a 69 inches solid unit ideal for teenagers, adult boxers, and martial artists. It comes with a patented Shock absorbing system, which consists of dual TPU absorbers and 4 springs, effectively reducing the shock and minimizing noise. To reduce the vibrations during intense training, you can remove the springs as well.

The punching bag has a 2mm Premium PU leather shell covering and is layered with high-density EPE foam that provides tough cushioning for an intense training session. The availability of the stainless-steel stand improves the strength of this unit.

This unit’s base tank is made up of ABS quality plastic material and can be filled with both sand (182lbs) and water (132lbs). It has 12 suction cups beneath that keeps the unit from moving or slipping off during the workout. The base tank can be tilted and rolled around for easy relocation of the unit.   


  • Wide striking surface
  • Good quality build-up
  • Tear resistance punching bag
  • Shock absorbing system patent design for practical and realistic results
  • Low noise production
  • Removable springs for minimizing vibration
  • A vast base tank which can be filled with both water and sand
  • Suction cups at the base for increased stability


  • No such cons reported

The Twomaples Freestanding Punching Bag is an excellent starter for learners and practice purposes. It is heavy enough for an intense training session. This unit provides all the required specifications for good home training sessions and would last for long years.

7. Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag

The Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag is a 69 inches unit supported with a stainless-steel tube and encased within multiple layer construction. It comes with a 2mm thickened PU leather striking shell, layered with eco-friendly fabric buffers and highly resilient EPE foam.

The crafting ensures that the bag rebounds to its shape efficiently between repetitive punches and withstands long term usage. It is equipped with Dual TPU absorbers and 4 springs that promote 360-degree navigation and absorbs shock and noise in the most realistic way.

It provides the user with adequate striking space with a considerable height and 19.6 x 10.2 inches diameter. It has an ABS quality base tank that can be filled with sand (182lbs) and water (137lbs). For increasing stability and stopping the movements, the base is equipped with 12 suction cups that support the punching bag. The round base can easily get tilted and rolled for easy shifting and relocation.


  • Multi-layered punching bag crafting for improved performance
  • Excellent stability with 12 suction cups
  • It can withstand long-lasting and intense usage.
  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • It can be filled with both sand and water.
  • Can be relocated easily
  • Designed for 360-degree punching bag navigation


  • Its suction cups work on selective surfaces only.
  • Some of its parts might get loosen up with time.

Dripex Freestanding punching bag is an ideal option for teenagers and beginners that want to practice kick-boxing and fitness exercises at home. With excellent shock absorption, heavy-duty crafting, and affordability, it is a steal to go for.

8. Power Systems PowerForce Freestanding Bag

The Power Systems PowerForce Freestanding 77 inches tall punching bag is ideal for boxers of all sizes. It comes with 3 height adjustment settings so that users can customize the length as per their requirement and comfort.

Beneath the foam collar, it is equipped with reliable springs which make the punching bag rebound faster. With the collar in use, the unit supports incredibly well for speed, footwork, and agility training. Both the punching bag and collar have durable leather covering with open-cell foam padding that remains soft on the skin but provides tough cushioning for a well-pressurized training session.

This freestanding unit has a plastic base tank that can be filled with water for 320lbs of resistance. The home usage free standing punching bag has a commercial quality design and thus, is considerably expensive than other models in the range.


  • 77 inches tall + 3 height adjustment settings
  • Commercial quality crafting
  • Extra-long and wide striking surface.
  • Removable collar for more flexible movement.
  • Tremendous shock absorbing power
  • A massive base provides a maximum of 320lbs of resistance.


  • Suction cups at the base would have increased the stability of the unit.
  • Expensive
  • It is extra tall and thus would require more room space for free flexibility.

The Power Systems PowerForce Freestanding punching bag is the tallest unit, it has height adjustability feature, can be adjusted for users of different sizes. It is crafted with heavy-duty, long-lasting material and is ideal for daily practice and seasoned martial artists.

9. Everlast New Omniflex Freestanding Punching bag

The EverlastOmniflex freestanding punching bag is initially a 67 inches unit that can be adjusted between 59 inches to 67 inches. Its outer cover is made up of synthetic Nevatear material known for its durability and toughness. The inner foam filling ensures improved shock and impact absorption. The bag isn’t hard on the hands but provides the required stiffness for a practical training session. Its Omniflex mechanism makes the bag swing freely with the punches and kicks but at the same time absorbs impact and reduces the base movement.

The plastic base tank of this freestanding punching bag can be filled with water or sand for maximum resistance of 130lbs. The unit in itself is strong enough to stay in place and not trip or slip over easily.  


  • Three height adjustment points
  • Perfect shock and impact absorption power
  • Tough and durable build-up with Nevatear material bag covering.
  • Spring-loaded for incredible flexibility.
  • Compact unit, ideal for small rooms
  • A massive plastic base can be filled with both sand and water.
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal and effective for experts and seasoned martial artists
  • Not very heavy duty as claimed

The EverlastOmniflex freestanding punching bag is a pretty speedy and flexible unit ideal for beginners and learners. It can be your preferable pick if you are looking for a standard, compact, durable, and affordable addition for your home gym.

10. Figolo Freestanding Punching Bag

TheFigolo Freestanding Punching bag is one of the most stable units that is recommended for its sturdiness and enhance stability even with immense pressure. It is equipped with 13 suction cups and 6 telescopic extension holders, which provides the user with a larger striking area and increases the unit’s strength.

The unit is 70.9 inches tall; hence is ideal for adults and teens of height between 4’9 feet to 7′ feet. Its wide plastic base tank can be filled with both sand (190lbs) and water (110lbs) for resistance and increased stability.

This freestanding punching bag has a high-density thick PVC leather shell layered with highly resilient EPE foam, a softcover, and an encased steel tube. It disperses the pressure evenly into the bag. It can combat severe pressure and still would regain its original self every time. The unit is equipped with an upgraded shock-absorbing system that provides it with more vital elasticity while reducing vibration and absorbing shocks strongly.


  • Excellentsuction power and stability
  • Tallenough for users up to 7 feet.
  • Well-crafted unable to wear and tear punching bag.
  • Excellentshock and noise absorption design
  • Thebase tank can be filled with both sand and water.
  • Reasonablypriced, value for money.
  • Itcan combat severe pressure; hence it is ideal for an intense training session.


  • The striking space is minimal due to less width of both the base and the punching bag.
  • The suction cups might not work well on a concrete floor

TheFigolo Freestanding Punching bag is one of the well-crafted and affordable units for your home gym addition. Its excellent shock absorption system and stable base are one of the best in the range. It is suitable for both beginners and seasoned trainers to use.

11. FITVENFreestanding Punching Bag

TheFITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag is appreciated for its unique 360-degree shock absorption technology. It is equipped with a Dual PVC TPU absorber and 4springs that ensure 15 to 45 degrees of fast rebound and excellent shock absorption. The spring design reduces the noise to the minimum, which would barely travel out of the room.

It has 12 suction cups at the base to improve its stability and increase some strength as well. The base tank can be filled with both sand and water for increasing the resistance (total 205 lbs with sand and160lbs with water).

The punching bag has three-layer crafting encased over a stainless-steel tube for a fast rebound experience. The outer shell comprises 2mm premium PU leather, layered with highly resilient EPE foam and fabric buffers. Its high-quality crafting can withstand long term onslaught without getting damaged. The unit includes a pair of 12oz wear-resistant, breathable leather gloves as well.


  • Tremendousshock and noise absorption mechanism
  • Suctioncups at the base for increased stability and keeping the unit in place
  • Itcan be filled with both sand and water; sand is ideal for getting maximumresistance
  • Multi-layerpunching bag crafting, difficult to wear out
  • Includesa pair of high-quality gloves as well


  • Fillings and could be tricky and time-consuming, would require a funnel and additional help.

The FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag is truly a heavy-duty unit with an excellent shock absorption feature. It provides users with 205lbs of resistance and thus is ideal for an intense training session. This 70-inch unit is suitable for both short and tall people (adults and teens).

12. InvincibleHeavy-Duty Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

The Invincible Heavy-Duty Freestanding punching bag is a 71 inches heavy duty training unit ideal for tall and skilled users.

With considerable height and width of 22X 18 inches respectively, it provides a vast striking space for various martial art and kickboxing techniques. It is designed to move freely around 180-degree angle and bounce back in quick succession. Its round plastic base tank when filled adequately with sand provides up to 339lbs of resistance. When not in use, it can be tilted and rolled out for easy relocation.

The TheInvincible punching bag has a synthetic leather shell crafting layered with durable shock-absorbing foam that can withstand years of regular usage without getting damaged. Its high-quality build-up makes the striking painless and absorbs the shock in a natural and required form.


  • Solidand durable construction
  • Wideand sizeable striking surface, ideal for multiple pieces of training
  • Easyrelocation by tilting and rolling out the entire unit
  • Providesgood resistance for intense workout sessions
  • Designedto move freely up to 180 degrees


  • Itdoes not provide adequate stability when the base is filled with water
  • Considering the features, you may find this expensive.

The Invincible Heavy-Duty Freestanding punching bag is one of the taller and wider units available in the range. It provides 339lbs of resistance when filled with sand adequately. It is an ideal pick for tall users and seasoned martial artists.

The rise in popularity of combat sports has made freestanding punching bags a common name in both commercial and home gym setup. Finding the right one can make a huge difference in reaching your fitness goals.

Choosing a unit depends on various factors, including building quality, stability, resistance, striking space, experience & fitness level. We recommend you to choose one that suits your requirements well. All the models listed in this article above are highly-durable and excellent on the performance front and thus you can trustfully rely upon them. Get your Free-Standing Punching Bag Today!!!