10 Best Smith Machines of 2021 Reviewed

Smith Machine

Weight lifting exercise is the most effective way of building muscles. And having a Smith machine makes weight lifting training a lot easier and safer.

Smith machine is the perfect gym equipment for individuals beginning to train with heavy weights. It is also equally beneficial for professionals, as it enables you to lift heavy weights without the need of any support and without injuring yourself.

With Smith Machine, there are different things to consider, the features it offers, versatility, affordability, comfort, etc. When you have so many things to consider and a number of options to choose from, it becomes difficult to make the right choice.

Here, we have reviewed and prepared a list of 10 Best Smith machines that you can add to your home gym. Our focus at Muscle Maxim is to help fitness enthusiasts find products that are most suitable for their needs and gives more effective results.Read on to find out what is the best smith machine that you should have.

1. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine MD-9010G

Marcy offers you the bestselling Smith Machine for your home gym. The features and reliability provided by Marcy, makes it stand out among other fitness equipment manufacturers.

The Marcy Smith Cage comprises of anheavy duty steel frame with powder coated finish, which makes it sturdy, strong and durable. It uses aircraft cable that has high tensile strength of 2000lbs.

The Smith Machine is a multi-purpose workout station; you have a smith bar, Olympic standard free weight stand, cable pulley system, a perfect combination of effective and versatile fitness equipment. To stimulate full-body workout, the smith machine offers a compact weight lifting exercise station for strength building exercises, cable setup for functional exercises and separate stations for exclusive lower body and upper body exercises.

Additional features- Adjustable weight bench, foot plate, standard weight plate storage, ankle strap, v-bar, pulley cable handle for rowing and lat exercises, etc.  The spotters or catchers can be put on front to use as support for free weight squat exercises, the adjustable bench is useful to perform bench presses, curl exercises and leg extension exercises as well.


  • Heavy-Duty All Steel frame construction with powder coated finish.
  • Multiple Workout stations, extremely versatile Smith Cage.
  • Aircraft cable with 2000lbs tensile strength.
  • It is very durable.
  • Lots of Features- Adjustable weight bench, cable pulley system for rowing, etc. Extra pad rest for curl exercises.
  • Ergonomic Design and Comfortable padding on the Utility Weight Bench.
  • The Smith Machine is very stable.
  • Separate stations for Curl exercises and leg developing exercises.
  • Marcy products are Trustworthy and Reliable, backed by more than 30 years in the fitness equipment industry.
  • Most suitable private gym station for a full body workout.


  • Assembling the fitness equipment is going to take a lot of time.
  • No pull-up bar.
  • The adjustable bench has to be positioned at the right place every time you plan to use it, this can be tiring.

Marcy has been one of the prominent fitness equipment manufacturers in the industry for more than three decades. The product quality and reliability is more than what you are looking for. If you want a gym station that offers you versatility in terms of workout routines, the Marcy MD-9010G is the perfect choice. This top selling complete gym station can be purchased at a great price of 2800-3200$.

2. Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine

Marcy SM-4008 is theall-in-one home gym equipment that is exclusively designed to help you tone and strengthen your body.

This Smith Machine is a cage, a combination of Smith bar, pull-up bar, cable crossovers and leg developer. The body is constructed with Heavy Duty steel frame, attached with aircraft cables with a tensile strength of 2000lbs. The unique combination helps to strengthen both upper body and lower body muscles.

The Smith Bar goes down to an optimum level, which not only makes it effective for bench presses but also support squats and deadlifts. You have spottersand bar catchers to exercise with free weights, which add to the versatility.

The adjustable weight bench increases the number of strength building exercises that you can perform. There are additional features like different number accessories to support cable pulling exercises; it includes hand grips, handle bars, wrist or ankle straps, etc. Along with the butterfly chest press and the pulley rowing exercise station, you get a complete gym at home.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction makes it very durable.
  • Made up with 14-gauge square steel tubing.
  • Different workout stations to target multiple muscle groups.
  • 2000lbs cable tensile strength.
  • Removable and adjustable utility weight bench.
  • Additional Pull Up Bar and butterfly station


  • Assembly can be a concern, it is going to be time taking.
  • Comparatively smaller in size.
  • Slight wobble during pull up exercises.

In comparison to the Marcy MD-9010G, this version of smith machine has an extra pull up bar and only comprises of 4 standard weight storage posts. Also, it is comparatively smaller in size but considered as a more affordable option. Thus, for individuals that have budget concerns and are comfortable with a little low walk-in space, they would love to have it. You can purchase this product at a price range of 1700-1800$.

3. ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500

ICON Fitness Weider offers a Smith Cage with an adjustable bench and multi-functional pulley system for full body workout.

It has an adjustable weight bench with a weight load capacity of 300lbs. It has 6 parts foam leg developer that adds to the exercise versatility.The utility bench can easily be pushed into the area making it easier to use the fly station. This Smith Machine is exclusivelyequipped withpull down station, cable crossover station, curls and leg developer station, Smith bar station, Fly press station, rowing station, which makes it very versatile.

There are 4 weight posts for storage of the weight plates, spotters and bar catchers that make it easy to perform squats with free weights. The Smith Machine is 83” wide and 110” length, which provides ample walk-in space for squats. There are 11 bar catcher spots on the smith cage that allows you perform free weight exercise with ease.


  • Adjustable weight bench of 300lbs load capacity allows different users to workout with ease.
  • Strong and sturdy Smith machine, heavy duty construction.
  • Multi-functional Pulleys for cross over or pulling exercises.
  • Sturdy Footplate for convenient rowing exercises.
  • Stable four pillar design makes cable pull-up and pull down exercises more comfortable keeping the smith cage stable.
  • 4 standard weight storage posts.
  • The Smith Bar is around 20 pounds.
  • Cables have high tensile strength, allows working with heavy weights without any discomfort.
  • The weight bench has added arm rest; it allows exercises like preachers curls, which is very effective for biceps.


  • The cable pulling exercises might not be as effective, as because it doesn’t allow full range of motion.
  • The foam padded rollers for curl and leg developer exercises are shorter, which might bring the user into an awkward position. Keep this in mind while purchasing it.

ICON Fitness Weider 800 is one of the most effective smith machines. It offers a wide range of workout options and can be purchased at a very reasonable price. It is a great option to buy, if you are looking to have a gym setup but lack space. This product can be bought at a price range of 1300-1400$.

4. MiM USA Compact Smith Machine

MiM USA provides you a smith machine with an innovative design for smooth and efficient workout.

The MiM Smith machine has a compact design and comprises of a sturdy and strong frame. It consists of an adjustable weight bench and has parallel Guided rod for the Smith Bar. The frame of the equipment is perfectly welded and consists of a patented sliding support design.

It is a light weight machine and weighs 150lbs only; the weight bench has a maximum user capacity of 300lbs, while the smith machine has the load capacity of 600lbs. The weight bench is multi-functional, it has weight rack that has a patented sliding support design and allows you to perform curl exercises and leg extension exercises conveniently.

It has an innovative design that is more efficient and effective than the traditional smith machine design. It offers roller sliding support that helps the barbell to slide smoothly through the Guided Rod. This prevents the friction while sliding and allows you to workout smoothly and ensuring safety of the equipment.


  • It is design to offer complete safety to the user.
  • The smith bar slides on a Parallel Chrome Plated Guided Rod.
  • The weight bench has a Patented Sliding Support Design, completely safe for curls and leg extensions.
  • Strong and Sturdy frame construction, welded for lasting efficiency.
  • It allows you to do Squat exercises conveniently.
  • Adjustable weight bench enables you to perform more workouts.
  • The Barbell slides on the Guided Rod, this reduces friction and ensures smooth and safe workout.


  • Unlike other Smith Machines, that have multiple workout stations, this machine lacks cable pulley system, rowing station, etc. However, it does qualify for the features and quality it offers.

MiM USE Smith Machine is a great gym machine for a beginner, especially for the individuals that are starting with upper body workout. The Smith Machine and adjustable bench can help you build your chest muscles, arms and also support leg extension exercises. It is a handy machine and can be purchased at an average price of 1000-1150$.

5. MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo

The MiM USA Hercules 1001 Jumbo is a multi-functional gym machine. It has everything that you need to build the perfect body.

It is a Smith Machine Cage with Vertical Leg Press Option, pull up and chin-up station and a plethora of other things that you might look in a gym. The Hercules 1001 is a giant and strong machine; built with commercial grade steel and offers a lift time warranty on the frame. This Multi-functional workout station is a combination of all the fitness equipment in a gym.

It has a max user weight load capacity of 800pounds, while the assembled weight of the power cage itself is 680lbs. Additional features include solid weight rod, adjustable cable length, Chrome Plated sleeves or spots for plate storage, additonal Barbell Bar and Lat Bar Storage, Spring Clips, Rubber Stopper for smooth sliding, etc.

As you purchase the machine, you also get wide range of accessories that help you during the workout. This includes V-handle, ankle or wrist straps, pull down rope, push up bar, knurl bar, straight bar, sit-up attachments, etc.


  • Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Steel Frame, it is very strong, tough and durable.
  • You get an adjustable weight bench, with a weight load capacity of 350lbs.
  • Multiple work stations, Leg presses, pull up with different grips, chin ups, cable pulley system, etc.
  • Multiple weight plate storage options, you would not need additional rack.
  • Wide number of accessories, to support different workouts.
  • It is a huge power cage; you get a big walk-in space, where you can work out with free weights.
  • You have spotters and J-cups to support free weight exercises.
  • A Lifetime Warranty on the Frame, assured trust and reliability.


  • You do not get weight plates with the Hercules 1001 Jumbo, which you will have to purchase separately.
  • One of the most expensive smith machines, but it is worth the value of your money.
  • Assembling the Smith machine is going to take a lot of time, considering the number of workout stations and accessories it has.

MiM Hercules 1001 Jumbo is the perfect gym equipment that you would love to have at your home. This Smith machine not only supports the beginner fitness enthusiasts but they also works best for the professional body builders. If you are looking for the perfect gym station and have a big gym room, this is the product for you. It can be bought at a price range of 5500-5800$.

6. NNI Fitness Commercial Smith Machine- 2020 Model

NNI Fitness introduces the new and upgraded 2020 Model Smith machine effective home gym equipment that you would love to have.

It is built with commercial grade steel; the frame is extremely sturdy and durable. It is a Multi-functional fitness machine with different work stations. It has a cable pulley station for crossover exercises and latexerices, power cage for bench presses with smith bar and free weights, etc.

The Smith Machine height is adjustable with 12 different levels. The cables used in the machine have high tensile strength of 2000lbs and have the 16 height adjustability options. It has a 1:1 ratio pull mechanism with 2×200 weight stand attached to the cable.

Along with this, you get a 5-way grip pull up bar, dip station with j cups, leg press attachment and safety spotters for support during squats. It has weight posts with a weight limit of 990lbs, whereas the bar has a weight limit of 770lbs, which is best for heavy weight lifting exercises.


  • Commercial Grade Steel Frame Construction.
  • Unique design with 12 height adjustability feature for the Smith machine.
  • 2000lbs high tensile strength for the pulley cables and the cross cables.
  • Cables have 16 height adjustability features.
  • 1:1 Pull Ratio with 2X200lb weight stack connected to the cables for effective workout.
  • You get a 5-way grip pull up bar.
  • Multiple Work Stations for versatile workouts.
  • Lots of accessories to workout different muscles groups.
  • The Smith machine is counterbalanced with the sealed bearing pulleys to ensure proper stability.


  • There are no adjustability bench or weight plates that you get with this product; there are other versions that include a utility bench in their package at similar price.

The NNI Fitness Smith Machine is a perfect gym machine for individuals that are looking for an upgrade to their gym. This is the best choice of Smith Machine, considering that you get something extra, the dip station and the 1:1 weight stack is not found in many. Besides the price of the Smith machine is reasonable once you go through the features of the equipment. You can purchase this product at a price range of 3000-3500$.

7. Body-Solid SCB1000 Pro Clubline Counter-Balanced Smith Machine

Body Solid Pro Clubline is considered as the most suitable smith machine that can help you with full body workout and can fit a gym with minimal space.

The SCB1000 is engineered and design to offer to quality and affordability. It is the best solution for individuals looking for multi-purpose effective workout machine with enhanced mechanics, sealed bearing pivot points, heavy duty construction and enhanced durability.

It is constructed with an 11 gauge steel frame, which makes itstrong, sturdy and stable. The superior quality components and innovative design gives the fitness equipment a maximum weight load capacity of 1000pounds.

The reverse pitch and extremely smooth vertical carriage, it ensures proper functioning and movement of the smith machine. The use of case hardened rods and club quality bearings offer smooth performance while working out even with heavy weights.


  • Wide enough space to adjust a weight bench for bench presses or walk-in space to perform squats.
  • Commercial grade fitness equipment with assured durability.
  • Super Smooth movement up and down the carriage.
  • Completely Safe and Guided motion to prevent any kind of injury and losing balance, without the need of a spotter.
  • 11 gauge steel frame construction, ergonomically designed to offer sturdy and stable equipment.
  • 6 Olympic weight plate storage posts.
  • Use of best quality components and superior design and a weight load capacity of 1000lbs make it the best equipment.


  • Unlike its smith machine counter parts, the SCB1000 doesn’t offer the utility bench in the package.
  • There is no weight plates included and the work stations are limited to smith machine and not what you experience with Smith Cage machines, in the same price.

Body Solid Series provides you with exclusively designed completely safe fitness equipment that forms the perfect part of your home gym. You can add an adjustable bench and the smith machine becomes versatile and you can perform different workouts. The features, durability and built quality the machine offers, make it the best fitness equipment. It can be bought at a price range of 3300-3500$.

8. Element Xenon Commercial Smith Machine

The Element Xenon Commercial Smith machine is a one dimensional exercise machine that focuses more on barbell exercises for full body workout.

The Xenon Fitness equipment is known for its quality and features and stands out among others. You get a commercial grade quality frame construction that’s most suitable for home gym needs.

The Smith machine is exclusively designed for smooth and balanced sliding through the Guided Rod. The barbell has a weight capacity of 850lbs, which makes it effective for beginner weight lifters. The design of the frame allows you to get in and perform squats with ease, using the guided rod for stability, without the need of a spotter.

Other features include, 6 weight plate storage posts, chrome plated Barbell. It is lightweight, which makes it easier to move it to the desired space for workout without any hassle. The lowest rank for the barbell is very low, which also makes it accessible for deadlift exercises.


  • Commercial Grade quality build up, which makes the equipment very durable.
  • 6 Weight Plates Storage Post.
  • The equipment is also fit for exercises like shoulder press and deadlifts.
  • Sturdy and Stable design.
  • It is lightweight, weights 355lbs, making it portable.
  • Using at home, you get a lifetime warranty on frame, 5 years on Parts and 1 Year on components.
  • Very Easy to Assemble.


  • You do not get the weight plates or a utility weight bench with the product, you will have to buy them separately.

Xenon Fitness Smith machine is the best option for home gym, if budget is not a concern and you are looking for durable fitness equipment. Backed by the quality and reliability XENON offers, you also get a bunch of warranty, which adds to the benefits. The product is expensive, it has a price range of 3000-3300$.

9. Marcy Pro Smith Machine- SM4903

This is another Marcy Fitness Product that can be the perfect addition to your home gym and helps you with full body workout.

The Marcy Pro SM-4903 is a Commercial Grade product that is considered as an All-in-One Workout Station. It has a power cage allowing you to perform free weight exercises, squat rack with Spotters, and adjustable utility bench for bench press exercises.

The SM-4903 is constructed with a Heavy Duty tubular Steel frame, with powder coated finish to make it corrosion resistant and increase its durability. It has a Cable Pulley System that allows you to perform crossover exercises, with accessories that come along with the product. The adjustable weight bench adds workout versatility and allows you to perform exercises like bench presses, curls or free weight exercise, etc.

Additional Features include, the multi-grip pull up bar to perform a bunch of upper body exercises. You have posts to attach resistance bands on either side to perform resistance exercises. You get weight plate storage option that keeps the weight plates above the floor preventing any kind of damage. You also have a dip station, which is very effective for upper body workout.


  • Commercial Grade top quality fitness equipment.
  • It has a Heavy duty tubular steel frame construction with powder coated finish to increase durability.
  • Multiple workout station, make it compete gym equipment.
  • Adjustable weight bench, which adds versatility to workouts.
  • Cable Pulley systems, which allows you to perform a number of pull down and pull up exercises.
  • Resistance band posts.
  • Weight plate storage options to keep weights conveniently.
  • Power cage to perform free weight exercises.


  • Assembling the equipment can be very overwhelming and tiring.
  • The height of the Bar Rack and the walk in space can be a concern for individuals taller than average.

Marcy Products are considered as the best quality fitness products. The SM-4903 is a combination of quality and versatility that fits the needs of beginner bodybuilder. The adjustable weight bench and additional accessories combined with a top quality Smith Cage makes it the perfect gym equipment. It can be purchased at a price range of 2500-3500$.

10. DYW Counter Balanced Smith machine

The DYW Smith Machine is compact and effective fitness equipment that can support full body workout.

It is made up of a heavy duty metal frame with a widened base, which makes the fitness equipment durable and stable. The Smith Machine has a multi-gear setup; hence you can adjust the height as per your needs. The support pillar for the Smith Bar is powder coated to prevent any kind of corrosion.

The fitness equipment offers you different workout stations, this include pull-up bar, squat exercises, bench presses, etc. There are accessories that you get with the product that makes it more accessible, like the weight plate posts to hold the weights securely, J-cups to hold the bar for shoulder presses, etc.

For squat exercises, you get a free squat protection rod, which is long and thickened, which makes it very safe to us. You also have rubber foot pad, to protect the floor, prevent corrosion or abrasion and make the fitness equipment more durable.


  • It has a heavy duty metal frame, which is sturdy and firm.
  • Multiple workout station that makes the Smith machine very versatile.
  • You get free squat spotters, which support squat exercises.
  • It has pull up bars that supports upper body workout.
  • Widened front, to make the equipment more stable.
  • Rubber Foot pad, to protect the floor and prevent corrosion or abrasion of the equipment.


  • There are no adjustable weight bench that you get with this product, nor do you get the weight plates. You will have to purchase it separately.

DYW Smith machine is one of the perfect smith machines for home gym. It is the best option for beginners that want to practice before opting for free weight exercises. Besides that if you have a small gym space and want a compact work station, this is the right choice. The price range for this product is around 2400-2800$.

Here we complete our list for the 10 Best Smith Machines of 2021. Keep in mind, our list consists of Smith Cages and Smith machines that offer a combination of different workout stations. The Review is made to bring out the best fitness products that are most effective and useful for a home gym. Get the Perfect Smith Machine for your Home Gym Today!!!