10 Best Stair Climbers of 2020 Reviewed

stair climber

Stair Climber, otherwise also known as Stepper, is innovative and effective workout equipment that you would love to add to your gym.

As the name suggests, stair climber, replicates the movement of stepping up and down on stairs. The Stair Climbers are resistance training equipment that can assist you with intense cardio training. This equipment is especially beneficial for individuals that prefer resistance training.

Stair Climbers are safe, efficient and very effective gym equipment. It helps you to tone your muscles and get the perfect physique with improved overall strength. It is preferred as great fitness equipment because it activates both upper body and lower body muscles and offers a ton of fitness benefits.

While buying this fitness equipment, you can find hundreds of options in the market. Thus, buying the right equipment can be a difficult task.At Musclemaxim, we want every fitness enthusiast to find what is best for them, we help you to decide which fitness equipment, is the most affordable, most effective and most suitable for you.

Here we have reviewed the 10 Best Stair Climbers of 2020 for you. We considered factors, such as portability, cost, sturdiness, flexibility, effectiveness and durability, while preparing the list. Our focus is to bring you closer to the product that is going to work best for you.

1. MaxiClimber – Original Patented at-Home Vertical Climber

MaxiClimber provides you with the best-selling stair climber fitness equipment that can be used for all fitness levels.

Maxiclimber is ergonomically designed multipurpose fitness equipment combined with weight resistance that contributes to full body workout. It is an Original and Patented Vertical climber; it mimics the motion of rock climbing or stair climbing, which needs the movement of both upper and lower body and stimulates the core muscles as well.

It is lightweight and comes with height adjustability feature, making it accessible for individuals with different heights. The MaxiClimber has a weight load capacity of 240 pounds and can easily be folded for storage. The fitness equipment delivered to you is pre-assembled, thus setting it up becomes very easy.

Another benefit that you get with MaxiClimber is the Companion Fitness App, which helps you to exercise effectively. It also has an automatic timer that records your workout progress.


  • Very versatile Fitness equipment, effective for full-body workout, toning and strength building.
  • Comes pre-assembled, very easy to set up, takes very little space.
  • It has an ergonomic design, very comfortable to work with.
  • Non-stick foam grips provide proper gripping and assured safety of your hands.
  • 5 different settings for height adjustment.
  • Bodyweight resistance training equipment (no additional weights), extremely safe for workout.
  • It has a weight load capacity of 240lbs.
  • Bonus Membership for the MaxiClimber Fitness App can be used by Android and iOS users.
  • It can be folded into a compact unit, making it very easy to use and store.


  • You get the bodyweight resistance equipment, you might experience stress on knees. Thus, individuals with knee injuries or undergoing rehabilitation are not recommended to use it.
  • The timer setting is below, so it becomes difficult to see it while working out on the machine.

MaxiClimber is effective bodyweight resistance fitness equipment and you exercise using your own body weight, this makes it a great cardio and HIIT training machine. It is very affordable and it can be purchased at a good price of 190-200$.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Stepper is one of the bestselling mini stepper that you can add to your gym.

This Mini Stepper is constructed with industrial grade steel with assured durability. It is supported by a hydraulics based mechanism for smooth stepping motion. It also includes foam padded removable resistance bands for proper non-slip gripping during workouts. The height of the equipment is adjustable; you can use the knob to adjust it at the comfortable height.

Additional features of the Mini Stepper, comprises of LCD monitor that displays Time, Speed, Calorie count, total reps, etc. It has large textured non-slipfoot plates for proper balance and stability and ensures utmost safety during intense workout sessions. The Mini Stepper is extremely portable and very easy to assemble and set up.


  • Top quality Industrial grade steel construction makes it very strong and durable.
  • LCD display to keep a track of your workout progress.
  • Hydraulics mechanism, best for body weight resistance exercises.
  • Textured, large, non-slip Foot pedals.
  • Removable resistance band for additional workout.
  • User weight capacity of 220lbs.
  • Compact in size, makes storage easier.
  • Convenient to assemble.
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • The resistance offered by the mini stepper is considerably low, if you are looking for something for heavy intensity workout with more resistance, you would like to look for other options.

Sunny Health & Fitness has been one of the most prominent fitness equipment providers. With the Mini Stepper, you get the efficient cardio-workout equipment, which can easily fit any gym. This fitness equipment can be purchased at a very affordable price of 50-80$.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine

The Twister Stepper Equipment is another product manufactured under Sunny Health & Fitness. It is considered as the best-choice product for cardio exercises and full body workout.

The Twister Step Machine comes with a heavy duty steel construction that ensures the durability of the fitness equipment. This strong and sturdy product has a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs and works as the best muscle toning fitness equipment.

The Twister Step Machine has non-slip handlebars that assurebetter balance during workouts. You are not only able to do the stepping workout but perform the twisting exercise with the support of the sweat resistant handle bars.

This stepper fitness equipment has a digital monitor that displays your workout progress, time, calories burned, etc. The stepping height of the equipment is adjustable, along with the handle bar for proper balance. It also has textured non-slip oversized foot pedals that keep you safe during workout sessions.


  • Heavy-duty construction, strong and sturdy fitness equipment.
  • LCD Monitor Display, to track the workout progress.
  • The Stepper has handle bars that provide balance to the users during workout.
  • Twister mechanism, added workout versatility to strengthen core muscles and lower body.
  • Non-slip handle bars for better assistance during workout.
  • Oversized, textured, non-slip foot-pedals for comfort and safety.
  • Weight load capacity of 250lbs.


  • The resistance offered by the machine is pretty average, even though it helps to activate both lower body and upper body muscles.

Sunny Health & Fitness provides you with strong and sturdy fitness equipment. It is exclusively designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. This fitness equipment is backed by Sunny Health & Fitness’s trust and reliability and it can be purchased at a very affordable price of 100-125$.

4. ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer

Proform provides you with a unique blend of elliptical and stepper combination that allow you to perform both upper body and lower bodyexercises.

This HIIT Trainer Fitness equipment is made up with solid steel construction and comes with oversized levelling feet for stability during workout and ensures proper comfort. You get to train in a unique style with both stepper and elliptical machine.

The Proform Cardio Trainer has a 7 inch backlit display that records and tracks your workout progresses. It has 24 levels of smooth and silent magnetic resistance, which makes the equipment very durable and handy for full body workout. It has a user weight load capacity of 325 pounds with a 10-inch vertical path distance between steps to maximize the stepping movement and train with increased intensity.

Another benefit with ProForm trainer is the 30 day free trial membership of iFit program, you can connect your device to iFit and train yourself under a personal trainer and compete at a global level.


  • Solid steel frame construction with oversized feet stabilizer.
  • 7 inches backlit display, it records the workout progresses, including track distance, calorie burned, etc.
  • 30 Day Free iFit membership, with stream interactive training sessions.
  • Device holder and bottle holder, for convenience during workout.
  • Unique combination of stepper and elliptical movement, to workout both arms and legs.
  • Multifunctional, non-sliphandle bars for full body workout.
  • Best for HIIT training, workout with Silent Magnetic Resistance and Internal-enhanced Flywheel for smooth and noiseless workout session.
  • 24 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance.
  • User Weight Capacity of 325 pounds.
  • 10 inches of vertical path distance for maximized intensity.
  • It is a Smart HIIT trainer, which is compact in size and takes very less space for setup and storage.


  • There is no con, except the free iFit membership, it is free only for 30 days, after that you will have to pay for the membership that can add to the cost of the fitness equipment.

Proform Cardio HIIT trainer is one of the most effective, efficient and versatile fitness equipment. It is categorized in the elliptical stepper machine category. Combined with the iFit membership and the versatile features that the elliptical machine offers, you can purchase it at a reasonable price of 2250-2400$.

5. Bowflex Max Trainer Series

Bowflex is one of the most popular fitness equipment manufacturers and the Bowflex Max Trainer Series provides the most efficient stepper machine.

The series comprises of elliptical machines, but they offer you with a lot more workout variations that enhance fitness performance. The popular machines in the series are M3, M5 and M7, the perks and features vary accordingly.

With Max Trainer series, you get the benefit of an elliptical machine and the resistance and intensity of a stair climber. The Max Trainer has a calorie burn display that shows the amount of calorie burned each minute and helps to keep track of your workout results.

The Resistance levels vary in each version of the Bowflex series, starting from 8-20 levels of air resistance. You also get to enjoy interactive fitness Max Trainer app and Bluetooth connectivity feature that allows you to connect your device and train more conveniently.


  • Strong and sturdy fitness equipment.
  • 8-20 levels of Air Resistance for different versions of Bowflex Max Series.
  • Resistance can be controlled by the rotating the dial.
  • Textured and Oversized Foot Pedals for more comfort.
  • Max Trainer promises to deliver effective cardio results in as less as 14mins.
  • Calorie Burn Display that displays calorie burned per minute.
  • Different modes and built in program to design your workouts accordingly.
  • Interactive Backlit Display feature.
  • It is lightweight and compact in size, takes very little space for setup and storage.


  • None. In fact it is very popular among customers that prefer resistance training.

For individuals looking to buy an elliptical machine but also prefer a stair climber, the Bowflex Max Trainer series is the best option. There are different versions of Bowflex series that you can purchase, the cost of Bowflex M3 ranges from 990-1110$, while other Bowflex series offer more features and cost more. Keep in mind,Bowflex is among the most trusted fitness equipment manufacturer and you are assured of the quality and durability of the product.

6. Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper

StaminaSpaceMate Stepper is an independent stepping action stair climber that works as the perfect resistance training equipment.

The SpaceMate stepper works with the hydraulics based mechanism that offers a smooth functioning of the machine. It has an independent stepper designthat adds to the intensity of the exercise.

It has a digital display that tracks the calorie burned, time, steps, etc. and tracks progress, it is operated by battery. The Stamina SpaceMate has 2independent hydraulics arms with adjustable resistance feature to add intensity during workout. It has a user weight load capacity of 250lbs.

The stepper machine can be folded by simply pulling a pin; it folds down into a compact size and can be stored with ease. The built-in rollers of the stepper machine make the equipment extremely portable.


  • The Stepper has an independent stepping action design.
  • It works with hydraulics mechanism.
  • It has adjustable hydraulics resistance that assist with smooth functioning during workout.
  • The handle bars are covered with foam for comfortable gripping.
  • It has a monitor display to keep a track of your workout progress.
  • The user weight load capacity of the stepper machine is 250lbs.
  • The equipment folds into a compact size, simply by pulling a pin, making storage easier.


  • None. It is one of the best resistance training equipment with independent arms, gives effective results.

Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper machine is one of the most effective fitness equipment that works with the hydraulics mechanism. It is the right choice for individuals looking for the perfect hydraulics stepping machine. This product can be purchased at a very affordable price of 150-170$.

7. ANCHEER 2 in 1 Vertical Climber Exercise Machine

Ancheer brings you a 2-in-1 exercise machine and it is considered as the most suitable home gym equipment for muscle toning workouts.

ANCHEER is a unique combination of exercise bike and vertical stair climber, it supports full body workout. The vertical climber machine is ergonomically designed keeping individuals of different body types in mind.

The exercise bike section has an adjustable foam seat (height can be increased using the knob), two pedals with straps for secure footing and adjustable resistance feature. The vertical climber mimics the natural climbing style, the footrest is textured for stability and the handle bars have foam cover for comfortable gripping. The climbing arms are adjustable, making it suitable for individuals with all heights to workout conveniently.

The ANCHEER vertical climber has a foldable design, it is very easy to assemble and can be folded for storage, takes very little space. It is one of the most affordable vertical stair climbers.


  • This vertical climber helps to activate all muscle groups and perform full body workout.
  • Made with Steel Alloy material, strong and durable.
  • The Stepper machine is ergonomically designed to suit different body types.
  • It replicates natural climbing movement, making the workout more intense.
  • 2-in-1 exercise machine, a combination of exercise bike and vertical stair climber.
  • Multi-functional display, to keep a track of your performance.
  • The climbing arms are adjustable, making it suitable for different users.
  • Rubbers pads to prevent slipping of the floor.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It has a foldable design; storage becomes a lot easier.


  • You might experience little wobble during workout.

ANCHEER Climbing machine is one of the most versatile fitness equipment. It is very convenient to use and easy to store making it very accessible. It is also recommended for heavy duty exercise. You can get this equipment at a price of 150-170$.

8. BEOUZO Fitness Stair Stepper

BEOUZO Stair Stepper is very convenient and useful exercise equipment, it is especially recommended for indoor exercises, as it does not require large gym space.

BEOUZO is small and effective fitness equipment with a unique design that allows the user to perform 3 different types of workouts. You can perform stepping exercises, twisting exercises, and stretching exercises.

The stepper machine is built with high-quality steel material and needs very little space. It comprises of the Hydraulics mechanism that ensures complete safety during workout. The machine has detachable resistance bands with foam covered handles, designed for comfortable gripping.

Other things included in the fitness equipment are a LCD display that runs on battery and keeps a track of row count, step count, calories, etc. It has Non-slip textured PVC pedals to prevent slipping and ensures complete safety. The height of the pedals is adjustable, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.


  • Made with High quality steel material, it is durable.
  • The detachable resistance bands add to workout versatility.
  • Perform 3 different exercises, twisting, stepping and resistance training.
  • European standard Hydraulic drive system makes the equipment very safe and stable
  • LCD display to track the workout progress, runs on battery.
  • Anti-slip, textured and oversized PVC foot pedals for secured foot placement.
  • Skid-resistant floor protectors to keep the equipment stable during exercise.
  • Takes very little space, recommended for indoor exercises.
  • Height adjustment feature, allows users to adjust the equipment according to their needs.


  • It is recommended for light exercises and resistance exercises online.

BEOUZO stepper is the best fitness equipment for the individuals that want to spend very less time in the gym and get a toned body. It is very convenient, effective and easy to use. This compact product can be purchased at an average price of 80-90$.

9. L NOW Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper

L NOW mini stepper is a great option for you, if you have a small gym space and want to have the compact and effective equipment for full body workout.

The Mini Stair Stepper is made with strong steel material that can be used conveniently at home. It is built with European Standard Hydraulic system and offers the best cushioning effect. The fitness stepper has resistance bands that add versatility to the workouts.

To track your workout progress, L NOW mini stair stepper has an LCD monitor that records the steps, time, calories burned, etc. The maximum weight load capacity of the equipment is 220lbs, works perfectly to offer stability during workouts.

The Non-Slip textured foot pedals ensure comfortable footing and safety during workout. The height of the stepper is adjustable and you can adjust it according to your needs.


  • Strong and sturdy steel frame assured durable construction.
  • Hydraulic Drive System, provide smooth stepping motion.
  • Weight load capacity of 220lbs, safe and secured fitness equipment.
  • Resistance bands make the fitness equipment versatile.
  • Small and compact size makes it convenient for indoor exercises.
  • LCD monitor display, tracks your steps, time and calories burned.
  • Anti-slip rubber floor protectors to stabilize the fitness equipment.
  • Non-slip textured and oversized foot pedals.


  • It is recommended only for lightweight users that prefer resistance training.

L NOW provides you with the best quality mini stair stepper, which is considered as the most effective fitness equipment.  It is a space saving and compact fitness equipment that can be purchased at a very affordable price of 60-70$.

10. Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Stair Stepper

Women’s Health Men’s Health Stepper is the most ideal fitness equipment to include in your home gym for full body workout.

With this Stair stepper, you get to experience an actual stepping motion than what you might experience in other steppers. This reduces the impact on the knees and elbows and increases the amount of calories burned.

With a weight load capacity of 250lbs and 3 levels of stepper height adjustment, you get a stable stepper platform. Along with this, it also has resistance bands with adjustable length feature and LCD display that records steps, time and calories burned, etc. which runs on battery.

This stepper machine has a smart Bluetooth technology feature with pre-loaded free MyCloudFitness App for both Android and iOS users. It helps to keep a track of your workout progress using your mobile devices.


  • High quality frame construction with assured durability.
  • 2 Resistance bands, the length of the bands can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • LCD Display to track the steps per min, calorie count, etc. it runs on battery.
  • Experience Actual step motion, rather than swivel or twist. It is effective and puts less pressure on your knees.
  • Smart Bluetooth Connectivity powered by MyCloudFitness App.
  • Very compact in size and takes very little space.


  • Nothing that is of concern, it is one of the ideal mini stepper fitness equipment.

Women’s Health Men’s Health stepper is one of the best home gym fitness equipment that stimulates both upper body and lower body muscles. This extremely handy product powered by MyCloudFitness App can be purchased at a reasonable price of 190-200$.

Here, we have reviewed the 10 Best Stair Climbers of 2020 that shall help you to make the right choice. Stair Climbers or Steppers are one of the most innovative and effective full body workout fitness equipment. The list consists of some of the best stair steppers that are affordable and worth the value of your money. Go through the review and make sure you choose the most suitable option for your home gym.